UCEA Annual Convention 2009-Nov-18 to 2009-Nov-23

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Defining Indian Education: Empowering the Indigenous Voice
 Johnson, Wayne. and Krumm, Bernita.

Deliberative Capacities of Educational Leaders: Exploring the Possibility of Influence at the State Level.
 Brewer, Curtis., carpenter, bradley. and Young, Seth.

Democratically Accountable Leadership: Tensions, Overlaps, and Principles in Action
 Mullen, Carol.

Designing public school diversity policy post Seattle: In search of a legal logic of action
 Torres, Mario. and Qin, Lixia.

Despised by Women; Devalued by Men: Blurring the Lines of Race and Gender in Leadership. A Black Woman Scholar Reflects on her Journey Researching “Great Men” Leaders
 McClellan, Patrice.

Despite working in a highly multicultural environment teachers continue to maintain deficit attitudes to diversity within their classrooms (Australia)
 O\'Bree, Meredith.

Developing Capacity for Democratic Ethical Curriculum
 Furman, Gail.

Developing Micropolitical Competencies through Issue Memos
 Jorissen, Kathleen.

Developing Professional Learning Communities in Rural Districts
 Horton, James.

Developing Visionary Leaders: A Qualitative Investigation of Principals’ Views
 Hemmen, Janene., Edmonson, Stacey. and Slate, John.

Developing critical consciousness through teacher leader preparation: A university and district partnership
 Bradley-Levine, Jill.

Developing laboratories of practice: An interim assessment of a redesigned internship in a university-school districts partnership
 Crawford, Jon., Wasonga, Teresa. and Howell, Charles.

Developing leaders and districts: An interactive analysis
 Orr, Margaret., Byrne-Jimenez, Monica., Lemons, Richard. and Lachman, Andrew.

Diamonds in the rough: How personal experience, professional knowledge, and environment shaped first year experiences of four deans
 Kramer, Bruce. and Enomoto, Ernestine.

Different roads lead to teachers' organizational and professional commitment
 Bogler, Ronit. and Nir, Adam.

Differing Perspectives: How Teachers and Principals View the Use of School Data
 Militello, Matthew., Jackson, Karen. and Wang, Yuling.

Diffusion of innovation: Systemic transformation of bilingual and special education service delivery
 Zehrbach, Gareth. and Scanlan, Martin.

Discharge or Dropout? The Influence of School-Level Process, Structure and Leadership on Different Typologies of Dropouts
 Bowers, Alex. and Sprott, Ryan.

Discovering a Sense of Place in Rural Appalachia
 Thompson, Aaron., Sageser, Monica., Lyttle-Burns, Ann., Moore, Margaret., Sageser, Shannon., Skepple, Rose. and tippins, jonda.

District Entrepreneurs and Policy Synergy: Privatizing Teacher Training and School Management in Chicago
 Boggess, Laurence.

District Leaders and Private Partners: Bridging for Instructional Reform in Urban Schools
 Boggess, Laurence.

Do Decentralized Schools Distribute Leadership?
 Donaldson, Morgaen., Cobb, Casey., Mayer, Anysia., James, Marlon., Tucker, Shuana., Irizarry, Jason. and Kass, Vanessa.

Do Statewide Healthcare Plans That Include School Employees Control Costs?
 Davis, Thomas.

Downward Spirals, Boiled Frogs, and Catastrophes: Examining the Rate of School Decline
 Hochbein, Craig.
UCEA Annual Convention 2009-Nov-18 to 2009-Nov-23
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