UCEA Annual Convention 2009-Nov-18 to 2009-Nov-23

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Ecological Sustainability: A Blind Spot in Educational Leadership Learning and Practice
 Kensler, Lisa.

Ecological and Social Justice: A Framework for Leading for Sustainability
 Shields, Carolyn. and Kose, Brad.

Educating Vulnerable Girls: Understanding Challenges in a Girls Center of Excellence in Kenya
 Ongaga, Kennedy. and Ombonga, Mary.

Education Sin Fronteras: Understanding Undocumented Immigrant Latina/o Students’ Experience of School Membership
 Rodriguez, Jesús.

Educational Leaders Empowering Students to Become Global Citizens
 Murakami Ramalho, Elizabeth.

Educational Leadership and African-American Student Alienation during the Transition to High School
 Brooks, Jeffrey.

Educational Leadership: A Glocal Perspective
 Brooks, Jeffrey. and Normore, Anthony.

Educatonal Leadership Faculty, Student and Practitioner Perceptions of Cultural Responsiveness
 Gordon, Steve. and Ronder, Erin.

Effects of Surname and Type of Job Experience of Applicants on Screening Decisions of Female and of Male Middle School Principals for an Assistant Principal Position
 Young, Ila. and Sever, Wesley.

Embracing New Traditions in Education by Invoking the Ethic of Community
 Bass, Lisa.

Emotional Intelligence, a Necessary Component of Educational Leadership Programs, as Perceived by Professors of Educational Leadership
 Sanders, Sarah., Johnson, Shirley., Robles-Pina, Rebecca. and Steve, Busch.

Encouraging social justice coherence through cultural autobiographies: Innovative, provocative reflections on racial identity
 Mendez-Morse, Sylvia. and Valle, Fernando.

Engaging Education Leadership Students in Micropolitical Simulations of School and Community Dynamics
 Brown, Kathleen.

Entrepreneurial Leadership: Energising innovation in an inner city academy in England
 Woods, Philip. and Woods, Glenys.

Ethical Challenges in Educational Leadership
 Lopez, Rosita.

Evaluating school principals: A pilot study. Feedback for improved leadership performance and student academic outcomes.
 Israel, Marla. and Kokkinis, Anastasia.

Evolution of University-District Collaboration to Develop Leaders for Second Order Change
 Korach, Susan.

Examining Practices within the Graduate Classroom: What Are We Not Addressing About Race and Racism and Why?
 carpenter, bradley.
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Examining teachers' decisions to violate academic policies: The role of ethical paradigms and values
 Kidd, Talesa., Torres, Mario. and Madsen, Jean.

Examining the Effects of Collaborative Leadership and School Capacity Building on School Academic Improvement
 Heck, Ronald. and Hallinger, Philip.

Examining the Formal and Informal Education Networks of Homeless Parents: Implications for Leaders
 Miller, Peter.

Examining the Shifting Terrain of Homeless Education and Leadership Practice
 Miller, Peter., Schreiber, James., Keener, Dana. and McGuirk, Lindsay.

Exploring Cultural Dimensions of Distributed Leadership in a State School for the Deaf
 O\'Brien, Catherine., Maxcy, Brendan. and Nguyen, Thu Suong.

Exploring How Teacher Leaders Learn to Facilitate School Improvement
 Byrne-Jimenez, Monica.

Exploring Leadership Identity Through Collaborative Learning in a Preparation Program
 O\'Doherty, Ann., Goodnow, Lisa., Gooden, Mark. and Young, Michelle.

Exploring the Career Trajectories of Educational Practitioners
 English, Fenwick. and Mullen, Carol.

Exploring the Learning Experiences of Aspiring School Leaders: Implications for Urban School Leader Development
 Byrne-Jimenez, Monica., Lemons, Richard., Orr, Margaret. and Lachman, Andrew.

Exploring the Relationship between Teacher Feedback and Leadership Effectiveness
 Bickman, Leonard., Goldring, Ellen., Smith, catherine. and Lambert, Warren.

Extending Transfer of Learning Theory to Transformative Learning Theory: A Model for Promoting Teacher Leadership
 Harris, Sandra., Lowery-Moore, Hollis. and Farrow, Vicky.

Extending the conversation: Advocating for an inclusive and pragmatic approach for social justice leadership
 Chen, Elke. and DeMatthews, David.

External Factors Associated with Declining School Performance
 Hochbein, Craig.
UCEA Annual Convention 2009-Nov-18 to 2009-Nov-23
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