UCEA Annual Convention 2009-Nov-18 to 2009-Nov-23

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Hiding Behind Democracy and Sacrificing Equity
 McKenzie, Kathryn.

Hollow Hope: Urban School Leaders Unveiled
 McNeal, Laura.

Honky Leadership: White Administrators in a Black School
 Brooks, Jeffrey.

How Accountability Initiatives affect Principal Leadership
 louis, karen. and Robinson, Viviane.

How Are Principals Living their Professional Standards? A Study of Principals’ Practices
 Militello, Matthew., Fusarelli, Bonnie., Alsbury, Thomas. and Warren, Thomas.

How Does District Principal Evaluation Affect Learning-Centered Principal Leadership? Evidence from Michigan School Districts
 Sun, Min. and Youngs, Peter.

How Does the Organizational and Policy Context of Schools Influence New Teachers’ Visions of High-Quality Math Instruction?
 Smith, Thomas., Tobin, Kerri., Hochberg, Eric. and Bose, Enakshi.

How Effective Rural Superintendents Conceptualize Balance Among Personal, Family, and Professional Life
 Klatt, Roger.

How Leaders Build Systems of Support for Classroom Teachers Working with English Language Learners
 Elfers, Ana. and Plecki, Margaret.

How Leaders Invest Staffing Resources for Learning Improvement
 Plecki, Margaret., Lochmiller, Chad., LaSota, Robin., Knapp, Michael., Castaneda, Tino. and Halverson, Thomas.

How Leadership Teams Members’ Roles and Responsibilities Influence Teachers’ Learning Environments and Perceptions of School Leadership and Initiatives
 Dexter, Sara.

How One Historically Underperforming, Rural, Predominantly African American High School Achieved Academic Success
 Maxwell, Gerri. and Scheurich, Jim.

How School Administrators and Teachers Respond to School Choice Policies
 Kim, Wang Jun. and Youngs, Peter.

How White Female Elementary Teachers Construct Their Perceptions of Black Male Students in the Elementary Classroom
 Woods, Leigh.

How White Female Teachers Construct Their Perceptions of Black Male Students in the Elementary Classroom
 Woods, Leigh.

How does the leadership behaviors of the school principal influence the participation of Latino immigrant parents?
 Miguel, Alicia., Martin, Barbara. and Bigby, Linda.

Hybrid Online Doctoral Program: Innovative Practices and Partnerships
 Manning, JoAnn., Campbell, Robert., Alvich, Dori. and mccormick, kathy.
UCEA Annual Convention 2009-Nov-18 to 2009-Nov-23
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