UCEA Annual Convention 2009-Nov-18 to 2009-Nov-23

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Impact of an authentic campus experience on rural parents: Implications for the development of partnerships
 Ellis, Shelly. and Gammill, Shellie.

Implications of a Teacher Pay-for-Performance Program
 Shepherd, Julie.

Improving Leadership Preparation Programs’ Theory to Practice Linkages
 Tucker, Pamela., Dexter, Sara. and Scott, Amy.

Improving Leadership for Learning by Developing a Cohesive Leadership System
 Ikemoto, Gina., Augustine, Catherine., Gonzalez, Gabriella. and Russell, Jennifer.

Increasing Student Achievement by Creating Technology-Enriched Learning Communities
 Williams, Leslie., Atkinson, Linda., Cate, Jean. and O\'Hair, Mary John.

Increasing school autonomy: Using policy inducements to impact schools’ relationships with the central office.
 Mayer, Anysia., Cobb, Casey., Donaldson, Morgaen., Tucker, Shuana., James, Marlon., Kass, Vanessa. and Irizarry, Jason.

Individual Academic Optimism of Secondary Teacher: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis
 Fahy, Patrick., Wu, Hsin-Chieh. and Hoy, Wayne.

Innovative Public Engagement Practices and Partnerships: Lifting Stakeholder Voices in Education Accountability Policy
 Knoeppel, Robert., Brewer, Curtis., Wills, Monica., Lindle, Jane., Witte, James. and Pargas, Roy.

Innovative Teacher Evaluation
 Heinen, Ethan.

Institutional Barriers to School Reform – How Persistent Structures Influence School Reform
 Willis, Chris.

Instructional Leadership As Practiced By An American and A Chinese Principal
 Sun, Qian.

Instructional Leadership and Assessment for Learning: A Case Study
 Hollingworth, Liz.

Instructional Leadership in a High-Poverty High-Performing Rural School
 Stephens, David., MacGregor, Cynthia. and Watson, Robert.

Intentional Succession Planning: Lessons from Two Districts with Comprehensive Systems to Support Leadership Transition
 Russell, Jennifer. and Sabina, Lou.

International Professional Development: Globalizing Leadership Capacity
 Orozco, Ph.D., Linda.

Intersecting Policy and Professional Development: District Office Leadership for Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice
 Theoharis, George. and Frattura, Elise.

Introduction to the Session
 louis, karen. and Leithwood, Kenneth.

Investing in Collaborative Partnerships to Support Student Success: The Leadership Lessons of Sustaining School-Linked Family Services
 Rodriguez, Gloria. and Okhremtchouk, Irina.

Investing in Leadership: The District’s Role in Managing Principal Turnover
 Mascall, Blair. and Leithwood, Kenneth.

Is Co-teaching a Benign or a Liberating Practice?
 Burrello, Leonard., Friend, Marilyn. and Rhyne, Jane.

It Begins From Within: Conceptualizing a ‘Catalytic Perspective’ for School Leaders
 Boske, Christa.
UCEA Annual Convention 2009-Nov-18 to 2009-Nov-23
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