UCEA Annual Convention 2009-Nov-18 to 2009-Nov-23

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Lack of Human Connections amongst Today’s Students: Fostering the Unmet Socioemotional Need of Belongingness
 Gaines, Tenille.

Leaders Support for Effective Instruction
 Goddard, Yvonne. and Goddard, Roger.

Leadership Along the P-20 Pipeline: Connecting Schooling Contexts and Campus Communities to Improve Student Learning
 Horsford, Sonya. and Dancy, T. Elon.

Leadership Conditions as One Element of a Cohesive School Leadership System
 Gonzalez, Gabriella. and Augustine, Catherine.

Leadership Preparation for Global Learning: Matching Good Intentions with Good Practice
 Fine, Janis.

Leadership Responsibility
 Ärlestig, Helene., Bishop, Pamela. and Starratt, Robert.

Leadership Supports for Evidence-based Teacher Professional Learning Communities
 Cosner, Shelby.

Leadership and Parental Involvement: How Sudanese Immigrant Parents Participate in the Education and Upbringing of their Children in the U.S. Educational and Cultural System
 Telli, Godfrey.

Leadership for College Readiness: Examining Superintendents’ Perspectives
 Yamamura, Erica. and Saenz, Victor.

Leadership for Improved Algebra Teaching & Learning: The Importance of Leadership Content Knowledge
 Carver, Cynthia.

Leadership for Learning at the High School Level: Leveraging the Role of Department Chair as Instructional LeaderCarolyn J. Kelley University of Wisconsin-Madison
 Kelley, Carolyn.

Leadership for Learning in 21 OECD Countries: Four Recommended Policy Levers and Follow-up Impact Survey
 Moorman, Hunter.

Leadership for Learning, Learning for Leadership: building bridges in principal preparation
 Trovato, Charlene. and Guilleux, Francois.

Leadership for School District and Business Partnerships: A New Institutional Analysis
 Bennett, Jeffrey.

Leadership for Student Learning
 Cate, Jean., Atkinson, Linda. and Slater, Janis.

Leadership for lifelong learning: The Center for Leadership Studies
 Angelle, Pamela. and Anfara, Jr., Vincent.

Leadership practices: collaboration between schools, community and partner organisations in England
 YAKAVETS, Natallia.

Leadership, Flow, and Optimal Teaching Experience: Leading for Learning
 Beard, Karen. and Hoy, Wayne.

Leadership, Learning, and Collaborative Partnerships
 Billingsley, Bonnie.

Leadership, Learning, and Inclusive Schooling
 Crockett, Jean.

Leadership, Learning, and Professional Standards
 Boscardin, Mary Lynn.

Leadership, Learning, and Social Justice
 Skrtic, Thomas.

Leading Learning Focused Teacher Leadership in Urban High Schools Bradley Portin
 Portin, Bradley.

Leading Learning for All Students: School Leaders’ Conceptualizations of Fairness Inside Their Schools
 Feldman, Sue.

Leading New Teacher Learning: Developing a Theoretical Framework on the Principal’s Role in Teacher Induction
 McGraner, Kristin.

Leading and Learning in Diverse Educational Contexts: Advancing Culturally Proficient Leadership through Intellectual Teamwork
 Horsford, Sonya. and Rusch, Edith.

Leading for Innovative Practice: Melding Theories of Organizational Change, Adult Learning, and Conditions of Learning
 Mirci, Philip., Burmeister, LaVern. and Hensley, Phyllis.

Leading for Learning: A Social Capital Perspective on Professional School Communities in a Districtwide Literacy Initiative
 Liou, Yi-Hwa.

Leading for Learning: An Investigation of Superintendents Shaping Relationships into a Shared Symphony to Attain Exemplary Academic Outcomes
 Kelly, Victoria. and Petersen, George.

Leading for learning: Scholar-practitioners use social justice principles to guide research
 Collay, Michelle. and Lopez, Jose.

Leading learning: enhancing the learning experience of university students through the anxiety audit
 Maringe, Felix.

Leading the Induction of Middle School Mathematics Teachers: The Role of District and School Leadership
 McGraner, Kristin. and Boswell, Courtney.

Learning Focused Teacher Leaders and School Instructional Teams
 Russell, Felice. and Portin, Bradley.

Learning and Leading Democratically: Pedagogical Considerations, Democratic Dispositions, and the Preparation of Democratic Leaders
 Jenlink, Patrick.

Learning and Leading With Their Lives: Critical Perspectives From a University-District Partnership Within a Hispanic Community
 shefelbine, janet., abrego, chuey. and abrego, michelle.

Lessons Learned: Transitioning from K-12 to the Professoriate
 Erickson, Deborah., Hensley, Phyllis. and Kinsey, Gary.

Lidèchip ki devlope apati de konfli (Leadership birth from conflict): Rethinking “Leadership” Theory and Praxis
 Baptiste, Moise.

Life Events and Principal Understandings of Power and Purpose: Implications for Principal Preparation Programs
 Angel, Roma.

Looking at Leadership Change in Urban Schools from a Dynamic Perspective
 Sanders, Nicole d.

Looking for Social Justice: Multiple Perspectives as Methodological Instrument in a Study of School Leaders for Social Justice
 Radd, Sharon.
UCEA Annual Convention 2009-Nov-18 to 2009-Nov-23
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