UCEA Annual Convention 2009-Nov-18 to 2009-Nov-23

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Parents Involved and Race-Conscious Measures: The Case of Nine
 Oluwole, Joseph.

Parents, principals and teachers:Negotiating messages about academic achievement in two elementary schools in Florida
 Rutledge, Stacey.

Partners in Pedagogy: Urban School Leaders, Teachers, Students and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
 Halx, Mark.

Partners in Progress? Teacher Unions, Education Reform and Social Partnership in England
 Stevenson, Howard.

Partnerships and Internships: How Partnerships between Districts and Universities during Internship Development and Implementation can Increase Learning Gains
 Reyes-Guerra, Daniel. and Mountford, Meredith.

Perils and Promises of the Principalship: Novice African American Female Principals in Urban Schools
 Jean-Marie, Gaetane.

Perspectives on the Principal's Role as Instructional Leader: A Review of the Literature
 Katterfeld, Karin., Colby, Glenn., Cobb, Paul. and Smith, Thomas.

Playing Without a Coach: Distribution of Instructional Leadership in a High School Science Department
 Nordin, Timothy.

Positive “Intrasection” of Race and Class: Instituting an Insurgency Model for a Radicalization of Praxis
 McCray, Carlos.

Post-Punctuation Politics: The Evolution of Charter School Policy in North Carolina
 Lewis, Wayne. and Young, Tamara.

Power and Collaboration-Consensus/Conflict in Literacy Leadership: Status Quo or Change?
 Ylimaki, Rose. and Brunner, C Cryss.

Pre and in-service teacher beliefs about children from diverse backgrounds: Why what teachers believe (still) matters (Australia)
 Zyngier, David.

Preparing Chinese School Leaders: What really works?
 Huang, Tiedan. and Barber, Margaret.

Principal Influence and Faculty Trust: The Organizational Hand that That Fits The Efficiency Glove
 Flores, Adrian., Smith, Page. and Merchant, Betty.

Principal Influence, Academic Emphasis and Collegial Leadership: Links to Student Achievement in Middle Grades Schools
 Coleman, Howard. and Roney, Kathleen.

Principal Leadership Practices in Chinese Schools: A Tale of Two Chinese Societies
 HU, Rongkun.

Principals Fostering the Leadership Capacities of Department Chairs: A Strategy for Urban High School Reform Hans Klar University of Wisconsin-Madison
 Klar, Hans.

Principals as Leaders of Instructional Teams
 Samuelson, Cate., Dareff, Scott. and Portin, Bradley.

Principals’ Leadership in New Teacher Induction: How do Principals Support Mentor–Protégé Relationships?
 Rhodes, George., Lindle, Jane. and Washington, Rachelle.

Principals’ Perceptions Regarding the Role of the Professional Development and Appraisal System in Teacher Supervision
 Steve, Busch., MacNeil, Angus. and Robinson, George.

Principals’ Perceptions of Visionary Leadership: A Qualitative Investigation
 Hemmen, Janene., Edmonson, Stacey. and Slate, John.

Principals’ Perceptions of the Impact of Student Discipline on Student Success
 MacNeil, Angus., Busch, Steven. and Roesler, Deborah.

Principals’ Reactions and Attitudes toward Receiving Feedback
 Taylor Hanes, Katherine.

Problematizing Efforts to Realize Professional Learning Communities in School Organizations.
 Johnson, Bob.

Professional Learning Communities for Urban High School Academic Success: A Case Study
 Huggins, Kristin., Scheurich, Jim. and Morgan, James.

Program Evaluation for Strategic Planning and Resource Management: A Concurrent Approach for Effectiveness Evaluation.
 Kim, Yong-Lyun.

Project Lead: University of Texas Pan American Partnership with South Texas School Districts
 Hernandez, Rosalinda. and Guajardo, Francisco.

Public Pedagogy as Educational and Community Leadership
 O\'Malley, Michael.

Putting School Reform in its Place: Toward a Social Geography of Policy Implementation
 Holme, Jennifer. and Rangel, Virginia.
UCEA Annual Convention 2009-Nov-18 to 2009-Nov-23
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