UCEA Annual Convention 2009-Nov-18 to 2009-Nov-23

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Race Still Matters: An Analysis of Paradoxes in an Urban Middle School
 Beachum, Floyd.

Re-Examining Social Responsibility
 Begley, Paul., Goddard, Tim. and Leeman, Yvonne.

Reclaiming the education doctorate: Three cases of processes and roles in institutional change
 Perry, Jill.

Redesigning a Leadership Preparation Program based on the Performance-based Preparation Model in England
 Tighe, Ronda. and Berry, Jami.

Reexamining the Research: Leadership for Educational Equity and Excellence
 Beachum, Floyd. and McCray, Carlos.

Reflecting on innovative practices and partnerships: An interdisciplinary doctoral program in educational leadership with the potential of closing the achievement gap
 Normore, Anthony. and Cook, Lynne.

Reflections on a New DEEL Graduate Course: Profiles in Democratic Ethical Leadership
 Gross, Steven.

Reflective Practice in Educational Leadership: Implications for Improving Student Learning
 Barnett, Bruce. and O\'Mahony, Gary.

Relationships matter: Action research and leadership for social justice
 Jacobs, Jennifer. and Yamamura, Erica.

Reshaping Structures and Cultures for Teaching and Learning: Challenges and Opportunities for High School Leadership Reform Mark Blitz University of Wisconsin-Madison
 Blitz, Mark.

Reshaping a School Crisis Response Culture: Evolution of a Crisis Management Team
 Liou, Yi-Hwa.

Rethinking Leadership at the speed of change: Principal self-efficacy, learning organizations and their influence on student achievement
 Evans, Andrea., Hesbol, Kristina. and Crane, Corinna.

Revisiting Linear, Relational, Organic, and Prophetic Conceptions of Principal Instructional Leadership: Exploring a Grounded Theory
 Reitzug, Ulrich. and West, Deborah.

Revitalization of the Community Learning Center of an Urban Appalachian PreK-12 Public School
 Miura, Yoko.

Rose at Twenty: Reflections on Two Decades of Reform
 Knoeppel, Robert. and Wills, Monica.

UCEA Annual Convention 2009-Nov-18 to 2009-Nov-23
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