UCEA Annual Convention 2009-Nov-18 to 2009-Nov-23

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Tackling Florida Educational Leadership Standards
 Black, Willliam. and Karanxha, Zorka.

Teacher Beliefs and Practices in the United States and China: A Comparative Analysis
 Grant, Leslie., Xu, Xianxuan., Stronge, James., Little, Catherine. and Sun, Yaling.

Teacher Expectations and Principal Behavior; Responding to Teacher Acquiescence
 Khalifa, Muhammad.

Teacher Networks and the Role of the Mathematics Coach: How Institutional Factors Influence Coach Centrality
 Gibbons, Lynsey. and Garrison, Anne.

Teacher Orientations towards DDDM
 Park, Vicki.

Teacher Perceptions of the Impact of a Standards-Based Evaluation Process on Their Teaching Performance
 Schumacher, Gary.

Teacher Professional Learning Community: Understanding Its Relationship to School Choice and School Conditions
 Cannata, Marisa. and cravens, xiu.

Teacher Professionalism in the Era of Accountability
 Kim, Suyun.

Teacher Trust of Mentor Scale Development
 Mitchell, Roxanne., Celano, Fino. and Tarter, C..

Teaching with attitude: Characteristics of teachers who work with linguistically diverse students
 Ray, Juliet.

Technological Change and Youth Digital Media Culture: Leadership Challenges in an American High School
 Peck, Craig., Mullen, Carol., Lashley, Carl. and Eldridge, John.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of District-University Partnerships for Preparing Future Principals: Multiple Perspectives from Cohort Stakeholders
 Fulmer, Connie.

The Birds and the Bees Go to Washington: The Federal Role in Sex Ed
 Norman, Scott.

The Borrowing Of NAEP In SOUTH KOREA
 Lee, Jun-Hee., Sohn, Heekwon., Shin, Won Hak. and Jeon, SangHoon.

The Challenges of a Declining School
 Orr, Margaret.

The Culturally Competent Administrator: Oregon's Experience in Developing Administrator Standards and Evaluation Rubrics
 Sherman, Kim.

The Cycle of Fear: A Model of Lesbian/Gay/[Bisexual/Transgender] Educational Leaders' Lived Experiences
 deLeon-Denton, Mary. and Brunner, C Cryss.

The Echo of School Reform: Implications for School Leaders
 Tucker, Janice.

The Effect of Out-of-School Suspension on the Academic Achievement of Secondary Students
 Hausman, Charles., Burkhardt, Kathy. and Phillips, Kristie.

The Effects of Troops-to-Teachers on Student Achievement: Innovative Practice with Positive Results
 Owings, William., Kaplan, Leslie. and Nunnery, John.

The Ethic of Care in Educational Leadership: The Perspective of African American Women Leaders
 Bass, Lisa.

The Eye of the Storm and MississippI Gulf Coast Education: The Role of Community
 Martinez, Sylvia., Brown, Shelmon., Carne, Glenda., Lamphere, Mike., Samuels, Dena. and Weathers, John.

The Gender Dynamics of Educational Leadership Preparation: A Feminist Post-structural Critique of the Cohort Experience
 Brooks, Jeffrey., Kensler, Lisa., Cabezas, Christy. and Killingsworth, Molly.

The Impact of Principals’ Distributed Leadership on Instructional Practice in Slovenia: A Global Comparison
 Wiseman, Alexander. and Sentocnik, Sonja.

The Impact of Principals’ Time Devotion on Student Achievement: Findings from Urban Elementary Schools in the U.S.
 Han, Seunghee. and Won, Seoung Joun.

The Impact of School Supervision on Leadership Practices: The Case of One Elementary Public School in Mexico
 Gorosave, Gema., Slater, Charles. and Garduño, Jose Maria.

The Impact of Social Isolation on the Job Satisfaction of New Principals
 Bauer, Scott., Brazer, S. David. and Stephenson, L. Edward.

The Importance of Contexts: How Principals Make Sense of Teacher Quality and Hiring
 Ingle, William., Rutledge, Stacey. and Bishop, Jennifer.

The Interrelationships between Principal Leadership and the Teachers They Serve in Charter and Traditional Public Schools
 Goldring, Ellen., Mavrogordato, Madeline. and Goff, Peter.

The Intersection of Transformational Leadership and Data Use
 Goodnow, Lisa. and Wayman, Jeff.

The Journey of Educational Leaders toward Cultural Competence
 Hansuvadha, Nat. and Slater, Charles.

The Key Role of Student Data in Long-Term Acheivement Gains in Two British Local Authorities involved in the High Reliability Schools (HRS) Project
 Stringfield, Sam.

The Landscape of the Rural Principal's first Year
 Cray, Martha.

The Many Faces of Power: Correlates of Network Centrality
 Young, Tamara.

The Practice of Racism Among "Social Justice" Educators in Perpetuating the Racial Achievement Gap
 Young, Evelyn.

The Principal Sees Race and Equity in Everything Big and Small: A Critical Lens for Closing the Achievement Gap and Creating Excellent Schools
 Theoharis, George.

The Principal as an Instructional Leader Within the Context of Effective Data Use
 Deike, Mary.

The Principal’s Role in Fostering Collaborative Learning Communities through Faculty Study Group Development
 Mullen, Carol.

The Principal’s Role in Supporting Teacher Leadership and Building Capacity: Teacher and Administrator Perspectives
 Burke, Kelly. and Basom, Margaret.

The Racial "Opportunity Cost" of Academic Success for Students of Color: Is it Worth it?
 Venzant Chambers, Terah., Huggins, Kristin., Locke, Leslie. and Fowler, Rhonda.

The Relationship Between Achievement Gains and Instructional Conditions in Schools of Choice and Traditional Public Schools
 Berends, Mark., Goldring, Ellen., Peñaloza, Roberto., cravens, xiu. and Stein, Marc.

The Relationship between Principals’ Mathematics and Science Content and Pedagogical Content Knowledge and their Attitudes towards the Implementation of Communities of Instructional Practice
 Hauptli, Meghan., Pineau, Kristina. and Lang, Laura.

The Role of Cognitive Dissonance in Sustaining Policy Implementation
 Weathers, John. and Slizewski-Meagher, Sandra.

The Role of Ethical Checking in Courageous School Leadership
 Buskey, Frederick. and Pitts, Eric.

The Role of Instructors in the Construction of a Safe Space in Women’s Studies Classrooms at a University in the United States
 Toraiwa, Tomoka.

The Role of Leadership in Forging Community-School Partnerships: The Case of a Conversion Charter School
 Hubbard, Lea. and Hands, Catherine.

The Structural Analysis of the Effects of Principal Leadership on Student Achievement
 KANG, KYONG WAN., Chu, Huijung., Jung, Joo Young. and Lee, Jun-Hee.

The Ties of Change: A Longitudinal Exploration of the Social Networks of Leaders
 Daly, Alan.

The changing face of effective school leadership: The birth of the neo-bureaupolitical engineer
 Sanders, Eugene. and May, Judy.

The practice of co-creating leadership in high and low performing high schools
 Jarrett, Ehren., Wasonga, Teresa. and Murphy, John.

The superintendent of schools in the USA: Findings from AASA Studies
 Bjork, Lars.

The ‘Dead Ends’: Reconsidering the Influence of Community to Improve Student Learning
 Boske, Christa., McEnery, Lillian. and Spieghts-Binet, Jennifer.

Thinking about instructional leadership: An exploration of educational leaders’ perceptions, values, and beliefs of a specialized body of knowledge in reading as it relates to their baseline knowledge.
 Goldwyn, Shana., Lang, Laura. and Connor, Carol.

Three Frames of African American Leadership: An Analysis of Three African American Female Principals
 Reed, Latish.

Tools of social justice leadership: Educational entrepreneurship skills, boundary practices, and boundary spanning
 Scanlan, Martin.

Toward Racial Literacy in Educational Policy and Leadership
 Horsford, Sonya.

Toward a New Conceptualization of Community Schools: The Role of Cross-Boundary Leadership in Reforming Public Schools
 Jean-Marie, Gaetane., Ruffin, Verna. and Burr, Kevin.

Towards Building a Code of Ethics: Israeli Mentors’ Ethical Dilemmas
 Shapira-Lishchinsky, Orly.

Tracking the Development of a University-District Leadership Preparation Program Partnership
 Crum, Karen., Myran, Steve. and Bowmaster, Rick.

Transforming Principal Preparation: From Ed. Admin to Leadership for Social Justice
 Nelson, Sarah., Aguilar, Israel. and Nino, Juan.

Transitioning from a Low-tech Environment to a High-tech environment: Narratives of Students and School Leaders
 John, Vikas.

Translational Leadership: Building Districtwide Capacity through Innovative Partnership & Practice
 Alsbury, Thomas., Militello, Matthew., Fusarelli, Bonnie. and Jackson, Karen.

Trust in instructional supervision relationships during times of high stakes-high accountability
 Singh, Kathryn.

Turnaround Schools: A Case Study of Turning Around a Low-performing, High-Poverty, High-Hispanic School into a High-Performance
 Reyes, Augustina. and Rodriguez, Linda.

Twenty-Something Gay Men: A Comparison of High School Experiences
 Bailey, Dustin.
UCEA Annual Convention 2009-Nov-18 to 2009-Nov-23
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