UCEA Annual Convention 2010-Oct-28 to 2010-Nov-01

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"It's Not Cheating If You Don't Get Caught": Analysis of High School Academic Integrity Policies
 Dukes, Daniel. and Ehrensal, Patricia A..

"That Fuego, That Fire in Their Stomach": Academically-Successful Latinas/os and Racial Opportunity Cost
 Venzant Chambers, Terah. and Locke, Leslie.

: Women’s aspirations to the superintendency: A change of heart
 Duwe, Karan. and Mendez-Morse, Sylvia.

“Deferred Enrollment: The Military as Distraction and Enabler in the Transition from High School to Postsecondary Learning.”
 Martinez, Eligio.

“I love these girls--I was these girls”: Women leading for social justice in a single-sex public school
 Mansfield, Katherine.

“Incentives Matter”: Schools At the Intersection of Markets and Accountability
 Jessen, Sarah.

“The first step in knowing who you are racially is being able to talk about it”: A case study of three White principals in predominantly African American schools.
 Toure, Judith. and Thompson Dorsey, Dana.

“To Provide Comfort to Our Community’s Children”: Applied Care from a Teacher-Led Charitable Foundation
 Marshall, Joanne.

“Uncovering Equity: An Examination of Hartford Magnet Schools As a Response to the Sheff Decision”
 Heinen, Ethan.

“What Is My Future Anyway? ” Educational Opportunity and the Deformed Choices of Impoverished Youth in the United States
 Anderson, Noel.

“Who Cares About These Kids?” A Case Study of the Impact of NCLB Policy on the Educational Opportunities of Impoverished Children
 Dellamora, Elizabeth.


A Case Study of Cultural Wealth Among Utah Chicano/Latino College Students
 Valdez, Trina.

A Comparison of Novice, Intermediate, and Veteran Educational Leadership Faculty Members
 McCarthy, Martha. and Hackmann, Donald.

A Critical Analysis of the Urban High School Reform Literature
 Green, Terrance.

A Critical Examination of Leadership for the Success of Students of Color: Educational Leaders as Cultural Straddlers
 Murakami Ramalho, Elizabeth.

A Critical Race Ethnography of the Consortium on Racial Equity in K-12 Education: Systemic Barriers to Racial Equity Leadership
 Allie, Angela.

A Dropout by Any Other Name…Increasing Graduation Rates by Reducing Standards
 Seals, Marcil. and Manthei, Paul.

A Failure of Social Justice: Persistent Resistance to Serving Diverse Populations in Arizona
 Frazier, Kimberly., Satterfield, James., Knoeppel, Robert. and First, Patricia.

A Foundation/School District Partnership’s Efforts to Promote Reform at the School-Site Level
 Donmoyer, Robert. and Galloway, Fred.

A Network of Partnerships: Observations of Leadership in a Frontier Turnaround School
 Ruff, William., Janich, Linda. and Erickson, Joanne.

A New Era of Desegregation: Linking Policy Design, Context, and Implementation in Integration Plans Based on Voluntary Choice and Socioeconomic Status
 Diem, Sarah.

A Partnership for Student Excellence: School Counselors and Principals in Urban Education
 Diodato, Sherylanne.

A Phenomenological Study of the Impact of Communicative Technologies on Classroom Technology Integration and Teacher Collaboration: Perceptions of Classroom Teachers
 Watkins, Nicole., Craige, Brenda. and Williams, Leslie.

A Public School's Alliance with a Nonprofit, School Improvement Corporation
 Shepherd, Julie.

A Purposeful Marriage Based on a Vision of Democracy: Disciplined Curriculum Leadership and Educational Administration Programs
 Allen, Louise. and Dentith, Audrey.

A Review of Three Decades of Doctoral Studies Using the Principal Instructional Management Rating Scale: A Lens on Methodological Progress in Educational Leadership
 Hallinger, Philip.

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Being a principal in twenty-first century China: Core leadership practices
 HU, Rongkun.

Belling the Cat: The Republic of Georgia's Experiment in School Governance and Distributive Leadership
 Bryant, Miles. and Khatiashvili, Tamar.

Beyond sanctions: Factors that influence academic policy implementation
 Kidd, Talesa.

Bridges and Barriers: Legislative Overactivity
 Dagley, Dave. and Dagley, Amy.

Bridging Transitions: Developing and Sustaining Success of the Assistant Principal
 McClellan, Rhonda. and Casey, Patricia.

Bridging the Divide: A University/School District Partnership Approach to Redefining Vice-Principal Leadership
 Armstrong, Denise. and Zaretsky, Lindy.

Bridging the School-Community Gap: Increasing Academic Performance in Partnership with Quality After-School Programs
 Good, Tyra.

Bridging the dropout gap: Principals perceptions of the relationship between student success factors and the essential elements of effective alternative schools
 Obleton, Eddie., Reames, Ellen. and Kochan, Frances.

Bridging, Buffering, and Information-Diffusion: A Multi-Faceted Look at School Permeability
 Boszilkov, George., Tarter, C. John. and Schumacker, Randall.

Building Bridges Between Teachers and Parents: The power of Looping
 Baran, Mette. and Jones, Janice.

Building Bridges and Connecting Communities: Adjusting Leadership Preparation for the Expanding Role of the Educational Leader
 Bass, Lisa.

Building Bridges and Paving Roads to Leadership: The Many Forms of University-School District Partnerships
 Wilson, Nicole., Angelle, Pamela. and Teague, Ginger.

Building Bridges between the University and Public Schools to Focus on Girls’ Lives and Learning: A Collaborative Qualitative Research Study
 Ridenour, Carolyn. and Hughes, Sheila.

Building Bridges through Post-Racial Educational Policies? :Implications for Educational Leaders in Brazil and the United States
 Bustamante, Rebecca. and Bass, Lisa.

Building Bridges to Business: How Organizational Management Fashions become School Leadership “Innovations”
 Peck, Craig. and Reitzug, Ulrich.

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Camp New DEEL: The Next Step in Building a Dynamic, Democratic Ethical Community
 Gross, Steven. and Shapiro, Joan.

Can Principals’ Emotional Intelligence Matter to School Turnarounds?
 Cai, Qijie.

Capital Matters: Paradigms, Prejudice, and Pedagogy
 Beachum, Floyd.

Case Study #1: Lute Ingall, Juarez Elementary School, Arizona
 Ylimaki, Rose., Bennett, Jeffrey., Fan, Jingjing., Bosworth, Kris. and Hendricks, Robert.

Case Study #2: Walt Miller, Maple Leaf Elementary School, Ontario
 Pollock, Katina., Winton, Sue. and Schoenfeld, Ryan.

Case Study #3: Ruben Ortiz, Romero High School, Massachusetts
 Johnson, Lauri., Sillman, Kathy. and Moskop, Bryan.

Case Study #4: Laura Martinez, Stephens Elementary/Mission Elementary School, Texas
 Murakami Ramalho, Elizabeth., Garza, Encarnacion. and Merchant, Betty.

Case Study #5: Cynthia Jones, Allen Elementary School, Indiana
 Crow, Gary., Scribner, Samantha., Nguyen, Thu Suong. and Lopez, Gerardo.

Case Study #6: Matt Donaldson, Rangel Preparatory School, New York City
 Orr, Margaret. and Byrne-Jimenez, Monica.

Challenges in Leading through Organizational Change
 Boerema, Albert.

Characterizing school districts’ principal hiring practices: Results from a descriptive survey of 730 districts across five Midwestern states
 Clifford, Matthew., Brown-Sims, Melissa., Condon, Chris. and Drill, Karen.

Charter Schools: The 65% Instructional Expenditure Ratio and College-Readiness
 Schulte, Don. and Slate, John.

Chinese principals’ leadership strategies in curriculum reform
 Li, Xiao Lei.

Clarity about Collaboration: Principals' Sensemaking of Teacher Interactions
 Heaton, Charles. and Reck, Brianne.

Close to Home: Sharing the Authentic Work of Professional Learning
 Sappington, Neil., Gardner, Dianne., Baker, Paul. and Pacha, Joseph.

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Data Rooms: Places for Evidence, Conversations, and Learning
 Patrick, Lynne.

Data-Driven Intervention: A High-School Case Study
 Cassity, Amanda., Gray, Julie. and Tarter, C..

Deliberative Dialogue: A Promise and a Challenge for Educational Administrators
 Mutchler, Sue. and Crawley-Shinault, Tallulah.

Democratic Accountable Leadership as Discourse and Action in Public Schooling
 Mullen, Carol.

Developing Counterspaces: Facilitating Culturally Responsive Leadership at the District Level
 Yamamura, Erica.

Developing Transparency: A Bridge between School Districts and Their Communities
 Cox, Christopher.

Developing a Conceptual Framework for Student Voice: Bridging Research to Research and Research to Practice
 Wilbur, Sharon. and Gammill, Shellie.

Developing a School-Based Youth Court: One Alternative to the School to Prison Pipeline
 Cole, Heather. and Vasquez Heilig, Julian.

Development of Research-Based Protocol Aligned to Predict High Levels of Teaching Quality
 Schumacher, Gary., Grigsby, Bettye. and Burt, Winona.

Dialogue as glue: Using productive conversations to develop school leadership teams
 Reames, Ellen.

Different Ships, Same Boat: Cross-Institutional Collaboration to Continuously Improve Educational Leadership Preparatory Programs
 McCarther, Shirley., Friend, Jennifer. and Watson, Robert.

Differentiated Accountability Program Reform in Florida: Exceptional Student Education and Differentiated Instruction, Professional Development, and Inclusive Leadership
 Simon, Marsha. and Black, William.

Differentiating Professional Development for Teachers: The Influence of Professional Growth Plans
 Allen, Lisa. and Hausman, Charles.

Disproportionate Representation of African American Males in Special Education: Parents Speak Out.
 French, Christine.

Distributed Leadership: Good Theory But What If Leaders Won't or Don't Know How to Lead?
 McKenzie, Kathryn. and Locke, Leslie.

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Ecological Perspectives of Latino/Hispanic Families in a Rural School Community: Urban School Issues in a Rural Setting
 Bennett, Jo., Grant, Natalie., Stout, Lance., Callis, Larry. and Siemens, Doug.

Educating Administrators for Societal Rebuilding: A Humanities-based Doctoral Program for Societal Reform and Transition
 Samier, Eugenie.

Educational Attainment of Filipino Students and Immigrants in an Era of Global Migration: A Comparative Study.
 Lew, Maria.

Educational Integrity and Leadership: Bridging Accountability Obligations and Professional Values
 Mintrop, Heinrich.

Educational Leaders and Multicultural Education: Critical Race Theory and Antiracist Perspectives in Education
 Pitre, Abul. and Douglass, Judith.

Educational Policy, leadership praxis, and the purpose of schooling
 Stevenson, Howard. and Tooms, Autumn.

Elementary Public School Administrators’ Ethical Reasoning in Considering “the Best Interests of the Student”
 Frick, William.

Elementary School Principal Emotional Intelligence and Collective Teacher Efficacy
 Pierce, Stephanie. and Pumpian, Ian.

Elementary School Principals in Low-Socioeconomic-Status Schools: A University-Based Research Program Associated with a Government Program Designed to Support Mandated Reform
 Archambault, Jean. and Richer, Chantal.

Elementary School Size and Hispanic Student Achievement in Texas: A 5-Year Analysis
 Zoda, Pamela., Slate, John. and Combs, Julie.

Embracing Love, Awe, and Responsibility as a Frame for a Praxis of Educational Leadership or “Laughing with the waters … I sever from all that I thought would suffice me”*
 O\'Malley, Michael.

Entrepreneurial Innovation among Principals and Teachers: Boundary Crossing to Build Systemic Capacity to Improve Learning for Every Student
 Hesbol, Kristina.

Equity at Risk: Implementing the AVID program on an Affluent High-Performing Campus
 Coburn, Kenisha. and Walker, Alicia.

Equity, implementation, and learning in urban schools: A framework for reducing the achievement gap.
 Watson, Sheldon. and Galarza, Teresita.

Ethical Decision Making and the Elementary Principal: A Mixed Methods Study
 Dockery, Crystal. and Klinker, JoAnn.

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Facilitating community participation in educational assessment: Study of ASER India and considerations for the US
 Stackhouse, Shannon.

Factors Impacting Principal Turnover
 Byrd, Jimmy.

Faculty Change in Implementing Case Methods of Instruction: Implications for A Signature Pedagogy
 Dexter, Sara. and Tucker, Pamela.

Failing Third Grade: Students Stories of Being Left-Behind
 Wells, Arlean.

Filling the Void: A Call for Educational Administration Preparation Specific to Early Childhood Leaders
 Arend, Lauren.

Florida's Definition and Subsequent Calculations of a Public High School Graduate: A Critical Race Theory Analysis
 Watson, Terri.

Fostering department chair instructional leadership capacity: Laying the groundwork for distributed instructional leadership
 Klar, Hans.

From Religious Garb to Business Suits: Examining the Ways Lay Principal’s in Catholic Secondary Schools Preserve the Identity and Advance the Mission of Catholic Education
 Rodriguez, Jesús. and Lee, Patrick.

From Self Stories to Collaboration: Constructing a Cross-disciplinary Framework to Explore Underserved Students’ Success Strategies.
 Talbot, Danny., Acker-Hocevar, Michele. and Bauman, Stephanie.


Gender and the Co-Superintendency
 Simmons, Juanita.

Global Trends in Higher Education Partnerships Intended to Study, Prepare and Develop Educational Leaders
 Jacobson, Stephen.


Have we been here before? Lessons learned from the diffusion of Kindergarten in the U.S. public schools.
 Brewer, Curtis.

Helping Educators "Do Data": Toward a Planning Framework for Data-Oriented Professional Learning
 Jimerson, Jo. and Wayman, Jeffrey.

High-Yield Instructional Leadership in Challenging Schools
 Knapp, Michael., Elfers, Ana., Gallucci, Chrysan. and Plecki, Margaret.

Honing Educational Leadership Practice in a Small, Rural School
 Reardon, Robert.

How Leadership Affects Teacher Quality and Educational Opportunity for English Language Learners
 da Silva, Catarina.

How National Policies Influence School Leaders’ Work in American and Chinese Schools?
 Sun, Anna.

How Principals and Middle School Mathematics Coaches Support Each Other In Assisting Teachers To Improve Mathematics Instruction
 Gibbons, Lynsey.

How Retention and High Stakes Testing Closes the Door to Educational Opportunity for Immigrant Youth
 Ferriera, Marybelle.

How are the Children?: The Professional Duty of Educational Leaders in Fostering School-Home Connections with African American Families
 Horsford, Sonya. and Holmes-Sutton, Tonia.

How does Gender affect the Emotional Intelligence displayed by the Principal?
 Cutbirth, Suzy. and Martin, Barbara.

How does the implementation of PLC’s in a High School change the Educators’ Behaviors and Students Outcomes?
 Magnusson, Mary., Martin, Barbara. and Bigby, Linda.

Humility in Perspective-Taking: How Can Leaders Learn from their Failures?
 Guilleux, Francois.

Hybrid Online Doctoral Program: Building P-20 Partnerships to Better Prepare Educational Leaders
 Manning, JoAnn., Campbell, Robert. and Alvich, Dori.


Identities and Understandings of Success: Latino and Latina College Students.
 Velez, Daniel.

Implementation of a Motivational Approach to Professional Development: Lessons Learned by Leaders of an Urban School District-University Partnership
 ginsberg, margery.

In the Shadows of New York, Chicago, and D.C.: Small and Mid-size Urban Districts and Their Strategies for Building Bridges and Creating Local Partnerships
 Boggess, Laurence.

Incentivizing K-12 student performance: The adoption of broad-based merit aid in four states
 Ingle, William. and Petroff, Ruth.

Inclusive Education and Social Cohesion: Implications for School Leadership
 Lee, Jeongwoo.

Inclusive Education as Moral Education
 Brock, Erin.

Incorporating Appreciative Inquiry for Change: A Superintendent’s Responsibility For Community Economic Development
 Taliaferro, James. and Klinker, JoAnn.

Influences on the Career Paths of School Leaders
 Farley-Ripple, Elizabeth., Raffel, Jeff., Jennifer, Welch., Mead, Hilary. and Sherretz, Kelly.

Innovative Collaborative Cultures: Bridges to Successful High School Reform
 Hill, Shannon., Blacklock, Jeff. and Huffman, Jane.

Innovative Teacher Evaluation
 Heinen, Ethan.

Institutional Isomorphism and Budget Contraction Decisions: School Divisions’ Approaches in Determining Responses to Fiscal Retrenchment
 Scott, Amy.

Instructional Leadership and Supervision: Exploring Tensions in District Walk-Through Protocols Utilizing Critical Discourse Analysis
 Neale, Jennifer. and Black, William.

Instructional Leadership in Charter Schools: Barriers, Obstacles, and Hurdles
 Bickmore, Dana. and Sulentic Dowell, Margaret-Mary.

Instructional leadership in a single-gender school for urban African American males.
 James, Marlon.

Integrating the desegregators: How equity leaders and a university partnered to bring order to a profession
 Kramer, Bruce. and Radd, Sharon.

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K-12 Schools and Data Driven Instruction: Has Change Occurred in Classrooms and the Main Office?
 Wieczorek, Douglas. and Theoharis, George.


Latina Academic Underperformance and Early College High Schools: A Social Justice Policy Solution?
 Locke, Leslie.

Latinas in Educational Leadership
 Lopez, Rosita.

Leader Identities: Ignored but not Forgotten for School Leader Practice
 Crow, Gary. and Scribner, Samantha.

Leader Preparation to Practice from the Voices of Teachers
 Korach, Susan. and Newman, Francine.

Leadership Actions and Teachers’ Collective Efficacy Beliefs
 Williams, Letitia.

Leadership Development for Practicing School Principals: An Evaluation of the Minnesota Principals Academy
 Gordon, Molly. and Wahlstrom, Kyla.

Leadership Preparation Policy and Practice: A Study of 16 Southern States
 Bussey, Leslie Hazle.

Leadership Responses to High-Stakes Accountability Policy in Title 1 Elementary Schools Serving Latino and English Language Learner Populations
 Torres, Kathryn.

Leadership and spirituality: The indivisible leadership of administrators as pastors
 Jones, Anthony.

Leadership for Collaboration: Sustaining Inter-disciplinary and Inter-organizational Partnerships
 Doyle, Lynn. and Ott, Carol.

Leadership for Learning
 Shakeshaft, Charol. and grogan, margaret.

Leadership to Empower Student Voice
 Pautsch, Catherine.

Leadership, Learning-Centered School conditions, and Mathematics Achievement: What Can We Learn from TIMSS?
 cravens, xiu. and Dong, Nianbo.

Leading for Learning: Leadership Practices of Effective School Boards
 Johnson, Paul. and Ingle, William.

Leading for learning: Building capacity and community by cultivating the arts
 Simons, Patricia.

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Male Superintendents' Perceptions of Emotion and Its Impact on Ethical Decision Making: A Phenomenological Study
 Azam, John (Bobby). and Klinker, JoAnn.

Market Reforms and School Innovation: Comparing Traditional Public Schools and Charter Schools
 Berends, Mark., Preston, Courtney., Goldring, Ellen. and Cannata, Marisa.

Media Portrayals of the Principalship and School Leaders
 Hauseman, David.

Mentoring Women in Educational Leadership Preparation: Findings from a Pilot Survey of UCEA Member Institutions
 Welton, Anjalé., Lee, Pei Ling., Mansfield, Katherine., Young, Michelle. and Tyler, Andrea.

Mentoring and Coaching for Beginning Urban Principals: Potential Links to Instructional Leadership Development
 Daresh, John.

Modeling Social Justice Educational Leadership: Self Assessment for Equity (SAFE)
 Karanxha, Zorka., Agosto, Vonzell. and Bellara, Aarti.

Moving From School Reform to Systems Change: Race, Disability & Access
 Theoharis, George., Hoffman, Stephen., Causton-Theoharis, Julie. and Cowley, Danielle.

Moving from the Sideline to the Center: Principals Imparting Self-Advocacy to African American Families
 Khalifa, Muhammad.

Multiple Partners and Radical Change: What Does It Mean to Collaborate Around Common Purpose?
 Trovato, Charlene.


NCLB and Teacher Trust: Survey Results from Washington State, 2003-2009
 Davies, Lois. and Goldman, Paul.

Navigating the Politics of Change in a Suburban School District: Improving Professional Learning for Teacher Leaders
 Boone, Mike. and Reichert, Emily.

Negotiating dialogue and collaboration: University faculty who do interdisciplinary work
 Rincones, Rodolfo. and Gonzales, Leslie.

Networks as a catalyst of reform
 Bradley-Levine, Jill.

New Tools for Developing, Promoting and Measuring Instructional Leadership in Public School Principals
 Fernandez, Kandyce. and Barnett, Joshua.

Non-traditional Leadership Preparation Programs and the Candidates they Attract
 Davis, Bradley., Giani, Matt. and Hutner, Todd.


On the Search for the Ethical Dimension in the Swedish Superintendency
 Norberg, Katarina., Johansson, Olof. and Nihlfors, Elisabet.

On the Shortcomings of Our Organizational Forms: With Implications for Educational Change and School Improvement
 Waite, Duncan.

Operational Theories of Leadership Development: An Examination of High School Culture
 Stroomer-Rowe, Kjellaug.

Opting Out as a Means of Exerting Control: Rethinking Approaches Toward Schooling-Resistant Middle School Boys
 Walker, Alicia. and Kramer, Benjamin.

Organizational Theories and the Development of Leadership Capacity for Integrated, Socially Just Schools
 Capper, Colleen. and Green, Terrance.

Organizational politics in schools: addressing three analytical challenges
 Wang, Frank.


P-20 Partnerships for Social Justice:The Process of Developing a Culturally Responsive Instructional Leadership Program
 Jacobs, Jennifer.

Parent-Educator Networks: Establishing Relationships for Home-School Collaboration
 Wanat, Carolyn.

Partnering with Schools to Improve Employee Internet and Technology Policies
 Decker, Janet.

Pay-for-Performance in Texas’ GEEG Pilot Program: Impact on Teachers and Learning Communities
 Meyers, Coby.

Performance-Related Pay: District and Teacher Characteristics
 Liang, Guodong. and Akiba, Motoko.

Perspectives of RTI in an Organizational Context
 Yates, Dr. James., Williams, Jacob., Shelby, Liz., Blount, Cyndi., Cadle, Susan., Sumbera, Meagan., Fugate, Katherine. and Altobelli, Joan.

Philosophical Foundations of Love: Ethical Systems that Inform Understandings of Love and Leadership
 Slattery, Patrick.

Politics of Geography and Class in Early Childhood Education
 Wright, Travis.

Postsecondary Access Networks in Segregated Versus Integrated High Schools: The Role of Race, Social Class, Political Structures and School Leadership
 Welton, Anjalé.

Power relations in China’s schools: A call for research
 Wang, Frank.

Preliminary Results of a Parent, University and School Consortium's Efforts to Increase Engagement of Minority Students
 Frontier, Anthony., Ellis, Pat. and Richards, Phyllis.

Preparation of Culturally Proficient Educational Justice Leaders within Political Environments
 Mirci, Philip. and Hensley, Phyllis.

Preparing Ethical, Diverse & Culturally Competent Instructional Leaders
 Barakat, Maysaa., Reames, Ellen., Kensler, Lisa. and Valentini, Lorri.

Preparing School Leaders for the Modern Superintendency
 Hollingworth, Liz. and Sullivan, Anne.

Preparing for the principalship: A comparison of two district-based approaches to leadership development
 Orr, Margaret. and Byrne-Jimenez, Monica.

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Re-connecting with Students: Lessons for Leaders about Trust, High Expectations, and Opportunities to Excel
 Reed, Cynthia., Kensler, Lisa., Gaines, Tenille. and Reames, Ellen.

Re-forming school leadership habits: Instructional leadership as social justice activism
 Radd, Sharon.

Redefining What It Means to Be a Teacher: An Examination of Teachers’ Roles and Responsibilities in Charter Schools
 Mavrogordato, Madeline.

Relational Aspects of Teacher Leader Preparation
 Bradley-Levine, Jill.

Relational trust: Bridging the gap in student voice participation
 Wilbur, Sharon.

Relationships between Student Engagement and Student Achievement: Differences across Elementary, Middle, and High Schools
 Valentine, Jerry. and Collins, Justin.

Relearning Leadership
 Hammel, Karen. and Brunner, C Cryss.

Resource Allocation in Charter and Traditional Public Schools: Is Administration Less Costly in Charter Schools?
 Arsen, David. and Ni, Yongmei.

Resource and Regime: A Conceptual Framework for Examining Urban District Partnerships
 Boggess, Laurence.

Rural community members and high superintendent turnover: Bridging the gap between communities and school leaders
 Kamrath, Barry. and Brunner, C Cryss.


San Antonio v. Rodriguez: Understanding Texas School Finance History Through a Latino Critical Race Theory Framework
 Atwood, Erin.

Saving a Community’s School: Local Politics, New Partnerships, and Lessons for Leaders
 Reed, Cynthia., Stewart, Keith. and Kochan, Frances.

Savvy Participant or Implicated Advocate?: Democratic Theory and Practices of School Leaders
 Brewer, Curtis. and carpenter, bradley.

School Choice, School Organization, and Teacher Turnover
 Cannata, Marisa.

School Consolidation in Oklahoma
 Cobb, Richard. and Lockridge, Courtney.

School Leader's And The Social Reproduction Theory
 Hill, Melotta.

School Leaders Moving from Autonomy to Global Interdependence: Community Redefined
 Fine, Janis.

School Principals: Illuminating the behaviors and practices of effective school principals in challenging public school contexts.
 Vogel, Linda., Masewicz, Sophia. and Cray, Martha.

School Principals’ Challenges: Student Problem Behaviors and Disciplinary Practices
 Han, Seunghee.

School and District Leadership on the Ground: Perceptions of Texas Principals and Assistant Principals
 Crawley-Shinault, Tallulah. and Mutchler, Sue.

School climate and student success: An examination of the effect of climate on standardized tests
 Kearney, Wowek. and Smith, Page.

School-Community Connections: Who and what influences the decision-making of school administrators?
 Casto, Hope. and Sipple, John.

School-university social order: Exploring stakeholder perceptions of applying a translational approach to school-university partnerships
 Mackey, Hollie., farmer, eric., Cardona, Stephanie. and Brelsford, Jeannette.

Schooling and Social Capital in Contexts of Homelessness
 Miller, Peter.

Searching for a Needle in a Haystack: Social Justice Orientation of Aspiring Leaders
 Agosto, Vonzell. and Karanxha, Zorka.

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THE PARETO EFFICIENT POSSIBILITIES (PEP) RATIO: A Heuristic Examination of a New Measure of Economic Efficiency for Public Education
 Rolle, Anthony.

Taking Action in Schools: Cases of Equity-Centered Teacher Leadership
 Jacobs, Jennifer.

Teacher Attitudes Regarding What Should Be Included in a Performance Pay Model by School and Teacher Background
 Galloway, Amy., Hausman, Charles. and Phillips, Kristie.

Teacher Leadership in Mexico: A Matter of Emotional Intelligence
 González Villa, María del Rocío. and Suárez, Vicente.

Teacher Training Programs, Violent Incidents, and School Characteristics.
 Han, Seunghee. and Won, Seoung Joun.

Teacher leadership through advocacy in bilingual classrooms
 Palmer, Deborah., Rangel, Virginia., Gonzales, Richard. and Morales, Vanessa.

Teachers who bully: Implications for leadership and learning
 Zerillo, Christine. and Osterman, Karen.

Teaching Graduate Students to Write Reviews of Literature Using the Interactive Literature Review Process
 Combs, Julie., Bustamante, Rebecca. and Onwuegbuzie, Anthony.

Teaching and Enforcing Ethics for Educators
 Pijanowski, John.

Technology, Organizational Structure, and Educator Data Use
 Cho, Vincent. and Wayman, Jeffrey.

The Achievement Gap – Sources and Resources to Provide More Equal Opportunities for all Students and Teachers
 Stroomer-Rowe, Kjellaug.

The American High School in a Rural Context: Rural School Leaders and Purposes of Schooling
 O\'Neill, Michaela.

The Analysis on the Causal Model about Career Attitude Maturity of Middle School Students for Career Education
 Nam, Sojung., Aung, Seng Mai., Jung, Joo Young., Shin, Hyun-Seok. and Kim, Jin Mi.

The Bridge that Gun Free Schools Act of 1994 Built: An inquiry into the role of law enforcement in schools
 Irby, Decoteau. and Thomas, Christopher.

The Collective Construction of a Professional Culture: Middle-Class White Women Teachers in a Diverse Elementary School
 Yoon, Irene.

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Uncovering Systemic Flaws in the Monitoring of English Language Learners
 Kramer, Benjamin.

Understanding How UCEA Institutions Prepare K-12 Principals for Equitable Leadership for LGBTIQ Youth, Staff, and Families
 O\'Malley, Michael. and Capper, Colleen.

Understanding Superintendent Self-Efficacy Influences on Instructional Leadership and Student Achievement
 Whitt, Ken.

Understanding and Using Formative Assessments: Promoting Innovative Partnerships in Jefferson County Public Schools
 Heyburn, Sara., Altman, Parker. and Fleming, Paul.

Urban Principals’ Perspectives on Job Satisfaction and Professional Development
 Aberli, Thomas. and Browne-Ferrigno, Tricia.

Urban School/Community Reform Initiatives
 Scanlan, Martin. and Miller, Peter.

Using Feminist Phase Theory to Portray Women across Generations: The Full-Time Graduate Student and Educational Leader
 Beaty, Danna. and Peters, April.

Using Studies of Reliability Seeking Organizations to Help Principals Transform Low Productive Schools into High Reliability Organizations
 Fulmer, Connie. and Nizami, Amir.

Using TIL as a Predictor of Principal Leadership
 Muth, Rodney., Browne-Ferrigno, Tricia., Fulmer, Connie., Bellamy, G. Thomas. and Silver, Michael.

Using VAL-ED Assessment Data to Develop School-Wide Strategies for Improving Student Achievement
 Fulmer, Connie. and Trajtenberg, David.

Using a Discourse Community Model to Increase Understanding of the Importance of School Climate
 Parker, David. and Henderson, James.

Using artmaking to prepare school leaders for social justice oriented work
 Boske, Christa.


Validating the Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning (CALL) Measure
 Condon, Chris. and Clifford, Matthew.

Variations in Leadership Practice amongst Various Organizational Forms
 Wong, Lok-Sze.

Voices of Success: Understanding the Experiences and the Factors that Nurtured the P-20 Trajectories of Academically Successful Latina/o Students
 Alfaro, Daisy.

Vouchers, Legal Strategies and New Coalitions
 Sutton, Lenford. and King, Richard.


War Stories and Wisdom Stories: How Nonlinear Career Paths Inform the Work of Women Professors of Educational Leadership
 Alexander, Ann., Jorissen, Kathleen., Tonnsen, Sandra. and Jacobs, Jacqueline.

We do what we’re told: How assistant principals practice leadership and how they wish they could
 Militello, Matthew., Fusarelli, Bonnie., Alsbury, Thomas. and Warren, Thomas.

What Do Schools Have to Do With it? School Factors
 Huggins, Kristin. and Venzant Chambers, Terah.

What are the Effects of Induction and Mentoring on Beginning Teacher Turnover? A Propensity Score Matching Approach
 Weathers, John. and Hsu, Hsien-Yuan.

What influences principal perception of academic climate? A nationally representative study of the direct effects of perception on climate.
 Urick, Angela. and Bowers, Alex.

Who’s on first? The complex nature of principal succession planning in urban school districts
 Reed, Latish., Swaminathan, Raji., Schneider, Gail. and Wallace, Leigh.

Why Women Leave
 Robinson, Kerry.

Will mayors define different goals for education reform due to their role as developer-in-chief?
 Weitzel, Peter.

Women Faculty in Educational Leadership: Collaborative Feminism at Work
 Sherman, Whitney.
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