UCEA Annual Convention 2011-Nov-16 to 2011-Nov-21

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"Making Do:" An Exploration into the Politics of Public School Administrators’ Implementation of Access and Equity Policy Mandates
 Black, William. and Shircliffe, Barbara.

(Re)Framing the Politics of Educational Discourse: An Investigation of the Title I School Improvement Grant Program of 2009
 Carpenter, Bradley.

(The Lack of) Evaluation of Educational Administration: A Decade Review of Research (2001-2010)
 Parylo, Oksana.

'Turnaround' Charter School: Administrator and Teacher Perspectives on Leading Change
 Friend, Jennifer. and Riggs, Jesse.

‘Being-for’ to /as Border Cross(ing): What Students of Color Think About Effective School Leaders
 Douglas, Ty-Ron., Mendoza Beasley, Jennifer., McCamish, Cayce. and Rios, Juan.

“From the Frying Pan into the Fire:" Strengthening Urban Principal Succession Planning Supports
 Peters-Hawkins, April. and Reed, Latish.

“The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same”: A Qualitative Study of School Turnaround and Special Education Students in an Urban High School
 Pazey, Barbara., Vasquez Heilig, Julian. and Sumbera, Meagan.

“They Throw Rocks at Us and Call Us ‘Oreos’ and ‘Dykes’”: Student Voices Cry Out for School Administration Intervention
 Mansfield, Katherine.

“Yea, but why you gotta close OUR School?” Understanding Community Perspectives of Resistance Through Critical Race Theory
 Khalifa, Muhammad., Jennings, Michael., Briscoe, Felecia., Oleszewski, Ashley. and Abdi, Nimo.


A Case Study Investigation of School Leadership and Learning Teams and Their Impact on Teacher Change of Practice and Sustainability
 Watkins, Nicole., Williams, Leslie. and Snodgrass, Sara.

A Comprehensive Principal Development Program for Minnesota
 Raskin, Candace., Hartung, Kimberly. and Greupner, John.

A Distributed Approach to Leadership Development: How Leaders Construct Conceptual Frameworks for Practice
 Yoak, Eric. and Abdul-Jabbar, Mustafa.

A District-operated, Academically Supported Approach to Principal Development
 Bellamy, G. Thomas. and Portin, Bradley.

A K-16 Education: Changing the Way Universities Teach Classroom Teachers to Teach
 Clemson, Christen.

A More Critical Pedagogy: Could It Reduce “Dropout” Rates of Disadvantaged Male Latino Students? The Student Perspective
 Halx, Mark.

A New Urgency for the Vice Principalship: Ethical Decision-making
 Rintoul, Heather.

A Sociopolitical Examination of Efforts to Create LGBT-Affirming School Spaces and Implications for School Leaders
 Poirier, Jeffrey. and Mattheis, Allison.

A Tale of Two Forums: One Professor’s Path to Improve Learning Through a Common Online Teaching Tool
 Nash, John.

A Theoretical Rationale for the Development of Leadership Constructs to Administer Demographically
 Madsen, Jean.

Access to Postsecondary Education: What Should Leaders Know about Who Is Accessing Two-Year and Four-Year Institutions?
 Alexander, Celeste., Reyes, Pedro. and Giani, Matt.

Accountability Shocks and How They Influence Principal Turnover and Quality in Texas
 Young, Michelle. and Fuller, Ed.

Activist Pedagogy as Praxis for Preparing School Leaders
 Jorissen, Kathleen.

Adapting an Innovative Program Model: Understanding the Role of the Local Context and Environment in Leadership Program Development
 Perry, Jill Alexa.

Adequacy and Accountability in Public Education Finance: A Critical Analysis of Texas House Bill 3
 Jackson, Katie. and Lemke, Melinda.

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Being “Cussed Out” as a Source of Racialized Conflict in White Leadership Interactions
 Ford, Brynnen.

Bilingual Education and the Reauthorization of ESEA
 Gonzalez, Concepcion.

Bridging Texas Principal Preparation Programs to McREL’s 21 Leadership Responsibilities
 Styles, Delesa.

Bringing Learning Theory and Organizational Theory to Professional Learning Communities: A Conceptual Framework
 Van Lare, Michelle. and Brazer, S. David.

Bringing Student Behavior into the Professional Learning Community Discussion: A Descriptive Study
 Hallam, Pam., Wall, Gary. and Caldarella, Paul.

Bringing the Future to the Present: A Look at the Leadership Academy Model
 Breckner, John., WIlson, NIcole. and Tooms, Autumn.

Building Capacity vs. Triage: An Investigation of Collective Efficacy, Social Context and Teachers' Work
 Salloum, Serena.

Building Engaged Relationships: Researchers and Pre-School Parents in Action Inquiry
 Arvizo, Joel.

Building Instructional Capacity of Science Teachers Through Strategic Management of Human Capital
 Mosley Linhardt, Heather.


Can Literacy Coaching Provide a Model for Organizational Learning in Schools?
 Kruse, Sharon. and Zimmerman, Belinda.

Can Strong Teacher Communities Reduce Teacher Turnover?: Results from a National Survey of High Poverty Teachers
 Weathers, John. and Hsu, Hsien-Yuan.

Cause for Concern: The Judicial Silencing of Student Speech in the Stealth March Back to the Pre-Tinker Era
 Oluwole, Joseph.

Challenging Educational Leadership: When Preparation, Policy, and Practice Collide
 McMahon, Brenda. and Armstrong, Denise.

Changes in Principals’ Leadership Practice in Response to Coaching and Teacher Feedback
 Guthrie, J. Edward., Goff, Peter. and Goldring, Ellen.

City Lines, County Lines, Color Lines: Patterns of School and Housing Segregation in Four Southern Metros, 1990-2010
 Siegel-Hawley, Genevieve.

Co-Constructing Collective Understanding in School: Principal and Student Use of Discursive Digital Reflection
 Janson, Chris. and Parikh, Sejal.

Coaching Administrative Interns: An Application of Learner-Centered Leadership Principles in a Leadership Preparation Program
 Danzig, Arnold.

Coaching School Leaders: Experiences of Administrators and Coaches
 Silver, Michael.

Community Schools: Reducing the Access Gap to Quality Supportive Services
 Mirabal, Frank.

Comparative Perspectives on Leadership Preparation for Organizational Learning, Instructional Leadership, and Culturally Responsive Practice
 Ylimaki, Rose. and Jacobson, Stephen.

Conducting Applied Research at School Sites for the Public Good: A Cross-Case Analysis of Three Scholar-Practitioners
 Collay, Michelle. and Winkelman, Peg.

Confronting One’s Ethical Position Regarding Individuals with Disabilities: A Forecasted Journey toward Social Justice Leadership
 Pazey, Barbara.

Consejos and the Journey to Law School: A Case Study of an Academically Successful Family
 Alfaro, Daisy., O’Reilly-Diaz, Karen. and Lopez, Gerardo.

Constructing Self as Leader: Case Studies of Women Who are Change Agents in South Africa
 Mogadime, Dolana., Mentz, PJ. and Armstrong, Denise.

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Data Driven Decision Making as Innovation: Using Diffusion Theory to Better Understand Adoption
 Nash, John. and Hopper, Steven.

Data Use to Lead Strategic Change: Examining Principal Behaviors that Improve Math in High Poverty Schools
 Hesbol, Kristina., Evans, Andrea. and Smith, J..

Data, Detracking, and Differentiated Instructional Practices
 Salisbury, Jason.

Data-Related Professional Learning in Three Districts: What Teachers Need vs. What Teachers Get
 Jimerson, Jo. and Wayman, Jeffrey.

Deaf Cultural Influences on School Organizational Culture and Leadership: A Case Study of a State School for the Deaf
 O\'Brien, Catherine.

Defining Content in Leadership Development for Social Justice: Who gets a voice?
 Boske, Christa.

Democracy and Values in Public Schools: A Case Study of Founding Members of The Visioning Institute of Texas
 Hindman, Janet. and Klinker, JoAnn.

Developing Effective Leaders Through Authentic Job-Embedded Professional Development
 Wilbur, Sharon. and Dean, Sharon.

Developing Leadership Capacity for Complex Initiatives: Insights from the Implementation of a TIF Grant Program
 Malen, Betty., Rice, Jennifer., Bivona, Lauren., Bowsher, Amanda., Hoyer, Kathleen., Hyde, Laura. and Sutter, Jessica.

Developing Principles for Developing Principals: One District’s Process for Designing Leadership Development Policies
 Hall, John.

Developing School Leaders' Instructional Leadership Through Content-Specific Professional Development
 Berebitsky, Dan., Henrick, Erin., Larbi-Cherif, Adrian. and Boston, Melissa.

Developing the Consciousness for Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: School Leaders Making Meaning of Culture, Race and Power
 Allie, Angela., Good, Tyra., Stokes, Helga., Hopson, Rodney. and Generett, Gretchen.

Developing the Reflective Practice of Ethical School Leaders
 Allen, Ann Sundstrom., Buskey, Frederick. and Jorissen, Kathleen.

Differences in the Implementation of Learning Communities: A Case Study of Two Districts
 Angelle, Pamela. and Teague, Ginger.

Diffusion Model as a Framework for Coding and Evaluating Data
 Storey, Valerie., Perry, Jill Alexa. and Reid-Thomas, Deidre.

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ETIPS Leadership Cases: An Innovative Instructional Tool for Developing Administrative Decision Making
 Dexter, Sara. and Tucker, Pamela.

Easing the Transition to High School: Site Specific Freshmen Transition Programs
 Salisbury, Jason.

Educational Administrators Facing the Loss of Special Educators: A Literature-Based Model for Understanding Attrition
 Tyler, Teresa. and Brunner, C Cryss.

Educational Data Use and Computer Data Systems: Policies, Plans, and the Enactment of Practice
 Cho, Vincent. and Wayman, Jeffrey.

Educational Leadership Faculty as Technology Leaders: What Support Will They Need?
 Howell, Marcus., Reames, Ellen. and Andrzejewski, Carey.

Educational Leadership: How Superintendents' Socio-Economic Background Impacts Decision Making
 Carr, Marsha.

Educational Sustainability: Sustaining Success a Decade after a Takeover
 Carr, Marsha.

Education’s Identity Crisis: The Future of "Race," Student Identification, and Education Policy in a Multiracial Society
 Horsford, Sonya. and Grosland, Tanetha.

Educator Leadership for College-Readiness in the Accountability Era
 Winters, Dana.

Educators’ Conceptions and Enactments of Socially-Just Pedagogy
 Generett, Gretchen.

Emerging Regional Research University-School Partnerships with Rural High Schools: A Case Study
 Carlson, Cameron. and Turner, Vince.

Enhancing Collaborative Learning Communities and Instructional Leadership Through Teaching "Highlight Clips"
 Sterrett, William. and Garrett Dikkers, Amy.

Enriching Your Online Teaching in Educational Leadership Using Web 2.0 Applications
 Shinsky, E. John. and Hans, Stevens.

Ethical Decision Making for School Leaders: Lived Experience, Race, and Gender
 Minnis, Joan. and Fauske, Janice.

Evaluating Recruitment Process in Light of Student Program Outcomes
 Smith-Jones, Yovnne.

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Factors Facilitating or Hindering the Planning, Implementation, and Sustainability of Alabama’s Redesigned Principal Preparation Programs
 Tatum, Karen. and Reed, Cindy.

Factors Influencing the Implementation of District Led Curriculum Reform in a Suburban School District in Connecticut
 Welch, Carter. and Mayer, Anysia.

Falling Flat: Certification as an Insufficient Indicator of Teacher Quality
 Hanna, Patricia. and Gimbert, Belinda.

Family, Fit & Focus: Early Career Lessons of a Black Female Scholar
 Reed, Latish.

Florida Redesign Case Study
 Mountford, Meredith., Maslin-Ostrowski, Patricia. and Shockley, Robert.

Forecasting the Future: Ethical Decision-Making in Contexts Influencing the Education of Undocumented Students
 Crawford, Emily.

Forecasting the Future: Examining Relationships Between Enabling Structures, Academic Optimism and Student Achievement in High Poverty Schools in the South
 Anderson, Karen., Kochan, Frances. and Messick, Penny.

Forecasting the Role of Enabling School Structures and Trust on Practice in Professional Learning Communities
 Gray, Julie., Tarter, C. John. and Mitchell, Roxanne.

Fostering Actionable Theory in the Research and Leadership Development of Doctoral Candidates
 Collay, Michelle., Winkelman, Peg. and Lee, Ginny.

Fostering Organizational Learning: The Need to Focus on School Culture That Matters
 Louis, Karen. and Lee, Moosung.

Four-Stage Review & Revision of the Cooperative Superintendency Program for Executive Educational Leaders
 Olivarez, Ruben.

From Chair to Podium: A Narrative Experience of an African American Female Emerging Scholar’s Entry into the Academy
 Grant, Ed.D., Cosette.

From Ground to Distance: The Impact of Advanced Technologies on an Innovative School Leadership Program
 Korach, Susan. and Agans, Lyndsay.

Funding Reform: A Policy Analysis of Ohio’s School Finance Initiatives
 Packer, Chad.


Gaming the System: AYP as an Indicator of Persistently Low-Achieving School Performance
 Hochbein, Craig., Mitchell, Amanda. and Pollio, Martin.

Gauging Ethical Deficits in Leadership and Student Discipline: An Analysis of Fourth Amendment Case Law
 Torres, Mario.

Generational Influence on Women Faculty in Educational Leadership Programs: Evolution of Self and the Impact on Future Leaders in Educational Administration
 Beaty, Danna. and Peters-Hawkins, April.

Giving Voice to the Women Who Have Departed: Implications for Leadership Preparation and Practice
 Robinson, Kerry.

Grassroots Leaders: Reclaiming "Native Leadership" as Content for Enhancing Formal Leadership Preparation
 English, Fenwick. and Ehrich, Lisa.


Have I Got a Story to Tell You!: Constructing Professional Identities in an Educational Leadership Program
 Nganga, Christine. and West, Deborah.

Hernandez and Its Enduring Legacy of Racism: Developing & Applying a Critical Race Policy Research Framework and Methodology
 Aleman, Enrique.

How Advanced is Advanced Placement? Exploring the Conditions for College Success Through a Leadership Lens
 Mayer, Anysia. and Esposito, Craig.

How Coaches' Beliefs Influence Their Instructional Leadership
 Mangin, Melinda. and Dunsmore, KaiLonnie.

How Communities of Practice That Promote School Improvement Emerge Within a Neighborhood Educational Opportunity Zone
 Scanlan, Martin. and Miller, Peter.

How Do Districts’ Leadership and Teaching Assessment Tools/Processes Shape Principals’ Visions of What Counts as High Quality Instruction?
 Smith, Thomas., Munter, Charles., Katterfeld, Karin. and Gibbons, Lynsey.

How School Leaders’ Beliefs and Philosophies of Education Are Shaped by Accountability Structures
 Childs, Joshua.


Identity and Research of an Emerging Scholar: Exploring Themes of Scholarship
 Mackey, Hollie.

Ideological Contestation In Urban Spaces: A Review of the Leadership Practices of African American High School Principals During Pre-Brown That Inform Contemporary Urban Leadership Preparation Programs
 Green, Terrance.

Immersive, Interactive, Web-Enabled Computer Simulation as a Trigger for Learning
 Mann, Dale., Reardon, Robert., Becker, Jonathan., Shakeshaft, Charol. and Nicholas, Bacon.

Implementation of a Coaching Program for School Principals: Evaluating Coaches’ Strategies and the Results
 Huff, Jason., Preston, Courtney. and Goldring, Ellen.

Implementing State Policies Locally: Evidence of High Leverage Policies in Five States
 Cobb, Casey., Donaldson, Morgaen. and Mayer, Anysia.

In the Name of Honor: Swedish School Leaders’ Experiences of Honor-related Problems
 Norberg, Katarina. and Törnsén, Monika.

Increasing Organizational Effectiveness: An Examination of Teacher Leadership, Collective Efficacy, and Trust in Schools
 Angelle, Pamela., Niles, Cedelle., Norton, Elizabeth. and Nixon, Theresa.

Innovative Features of a Doctor of Education Leadership Program
 Printy, Susan.

Instructional Rounds: Authentic Experience in a Problem-based Learning Program
 Reardon, Martin.

Instructional Supervision in Cyberschools: The Observation and Evaluation of Virtual Teaching
 Farley, Gregory. and Lare, Douglas.

Internal Accountability and the Role of Autonomy: A New Direction for School Leaders
 Kozar, Veronica.

International Lessons for Comprehensive Community Education Reform
 Miller, Peter., Díaz-Gibson, Jordi., Miller Balslev, Gitte. and Scanlan, Martin.

Internship v Virtual Simulation
 Wright, Harold.

 Gunzenhauser, Michael.

Investigating the Relationship Between Academic Optimism and Conceptualization of Mentoring
 Riegel, Lisa.


K-12 Education-Business Collaboration: Motivation, Moral Purpose, and the Role of the Superintendent
 Bennett, Jeffrey., McKee, Tiffany. and Martin-Zuniga, Staci.

K-12 Schools and Data Driven Instruction: Has Change Occurred in Classrooms and the Main Office?
 Wieczorek, Douglas.

Kentucky Redesign Case Study
 Browne-Ferrigno, Tricia.

Knowledge Management: A Strategy for Data Driven Decision Making in Educational Leadership
 Diaz, Sebastian. and Ice, Phil.


LGBT Bullying: Are Leaders Prepared to Handle Incidents That Lift Their Students Off Solid Ground?
 Ranieri, Marcia.

Latino Student Success in High School: The Ethics of Caring, Accountability, Academic Support, Inclusive Communities
 Peterson, Deborah.

Leaders Coaching Leaders: Coaches' Perspectives on Their First Year as a Cognitive Coach
 O\'Doherty, Ann., Gooden, Mark. and Orr, Margaret.

Leadership Coaching: Secondary School Principals' Perceptions
 Ovando, Martha N.. and Greenwalt, Michael.

Leadership Style and the Employment of Power Bases as Mediators Between Uncertainty, Risk and School Outcomes: A Bridge over Troubled Water
 Nir, Adam. and Hameiri, Lior.

Leadership That Builds Teacher Social Capital
 Minckler, Cheri.

Leadership and Authority: How prepared are aspiring principals to change roles?
 Guilleux, Francois.

Leadership for Afterschool and Community Schools: Initial Findings from a Pilot Capacity Building Initiative
 Groth, Cori.

Leading Authentic Democratic Spaces: Empowering Student Voices in Jewish Schools
 Rusch, Edith. and Yussman, Yonatan.

Leading for Equity: New Challenges for School Leaders in China
 Qian, Haiyan., Walker, Allan. and Kwan, Paula.

Leading for Learning: Preparing School Leaders to Align Early Childhood and K-12 Education Systems
 Hood, Lisa., Hunt, Erika., Tozer, Steven. and Perone, Anthony.

Leading the Improvement of Instruction: What Do We Know, and Why?
 Neumerski, Christine.

Learning About School Leadership in Interorganizational Partnerships
 Patrizio, Kami. and Hickey, Michael.

Learning to Navigate the U.S. School System: A Case Study of Three Immigrant Mothers in a Parent-Leadership Program
 O\'Reilly-Diaz, Karen.

Learning-Centered Professional Community and Mathematics Achievement: Cross-National Evidence and Progress in the United States
 Cravens, Xiu. and Dong, Nianbo.

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Managing for Social Justice: How School Leaders Use Everyday Tasks of Administration to Create Equity
 Radd, Sharon.

Measuring Principal Performance: How Rigorous Are Commonly Used Principal Performance Assessment Instruments?
 Condon, Chris. and Clifford, Matt.

Measuring Success by Being There: Case Studies of Site Visitation for School Improvement and Accountability
 Beabout, Brian., Chiasson, Mary Shannon., Causey-Konate, Tammie., Cambre, Belinda. and Porter, Betty.

Methodology for Comparing Four Pedagogical Practices
 Montrosses, Bianca.

Middle-level School Leaders: Potential, Constraints and Implications for Leadership Preparation
 Gurr, David., Drysdale, Lawrie. and Goode, Helen.

Misinterpreting School Reform: The Dissolution of a Dual Immersion Bilingual Program in an Urban New England Elementary School
 Mayer, Anysia. and Warhol, Larisa.

Mission vs. Mandate: How Charter School Leaders Address Performance-Based and Market-Base Accountability Demands
 Blitz, Mark.

Monthly Salary Return to Education Degrees: Teachers and Non-Teachers, 1993 and 2003
 Bajaj, Aarti.

More than Surviving: The Persistence of African American Administrators in Higher Education’s PWI’s
 Wolfe, Brandon.

Multiple Partners and a Shared Goal: Quality Leaders for the Region
 Orr, Margaret.


NCLB and Its Impacts on Charter School Administrators Serving Majority-Minority Student Populations in Georgia
 Davis, Donnie.

Need Versus Speed: Was the Distribution of Stimulus Funds for School Facilities Based on Equity or Capacity to Administer the Bonds?
 Davis, Thomas.

Networked for Instructional Leadership: Ties Between First-Year Principals, Their School-Site, District and Organizational Environment
 Rigby, Jessica.

New Jersey Redesign Case Study
 Doolittle, Gini.

New Openings: Reframing Education as a Democratic Self-Organising System - Implications for Leadership Preparation and Development
 Woods, Philip.

Nine Pieces of Eight: Untangling History, Context, and Themes in District-level Exceptional Education Leadership
 Burrello, Leonard., Kleinhammer-Tramil, Jeannie., Semon, Sarah., Hicks, Tyler. and Toson, Amy.

North Carolina Redesign Case Study
 Phillips, Joy.

Not Cut Out for This Job: Generations, Change and the Career Transition from Teacher to Principal
 Stone-Johnson, Corrie.


On the Meanings and Functions of Silence: Middle-class White Women Teachers’ Socialization of Students of Color in School
 Yoon, Irene.

One Way or Another: Paralleling the Experiences of Deaf and LGBTQ Individuals
 Goldwyn, Shana. and Coyne, Dave.

Ongoing Reform in an Education Doctorate
 Zambo, Ron., Buss, Ray. and Zambo, Debby.

Organizational Theory & Educational Leadership: A Proposal for Synthesis
 Goldman, Paul. and Acker-Hocevar, Michele.


PBIS/RTI Paradoxically Supports Deficit Discourses by Inclusive School Leaders
 Bornstein, Joshua.

Paper 1: Curriculum Leaders Inspiring Neo-Progressive, Democratic Education in a Conservative Era
 Ylimaki, Rose.

Paper 2: Leading for a Deepening Democracy: Beyond the Standards
 Hackney, Catherine.

Paper 3: Problem Solving Fidelity Through the Collegial Study and Practice of Seven Inquiry Prompts
 Henderson, James.

Paper 4: Evaluation of Teacher Leader Candidates: Evaluation Practice Conceived as an Educative Experience Making Teacher Leader Candidates Morally Answerable Rather than Technically Accountable
 Gornik, Rosie.

Parent Responsibility: A Social Network Approach
 Curry, Katherine.

Parental Expectations and Satisfaction with Charter Schools: Evidence from a Midwestern City School District
 Saatcioglu, Argun. and Bajaj, Aarti.

Participatory Action Research for Social Justice: Transforming a Signature Pedagogy into Activist Leadership
 Buskey, Frederick. and Allen, Ann Sundstrom.

Perceived Influences of Principal Preparation Programs on Israeli Graduates who Voluntarily Choose Not to Pursue a Principalship
 Oplatka, Izhar. and Dudley, Elizabeth.

Perceptions and Responses to Cultural Diversity in Diverse Urban Schools: Will future leaders be ready to bring about positive change?
 Singh, Kathryn.

Perceptions of Academic Success and Readiness for Policy Implementation: Lessons for Leaders
 Bronson, Carroll. and Frontier, Anthony.

Portraying Homelessness in the United States
 Murphy, Joseph. and Tobin, Kerri.

Preparing Ethical Leaders: Examining the Implications of Ethical Dilemmas in Case-Based Pedagogy
 Jenlink, Patrick. and Embry Jenlink, Karen.

Preparing Globally Competent Leaders for the 21st Century: One Doctoral Institution’s Initiative
 Jones, Janice., Baran, Mette. and Kiefer Hipp, Kristine.

Preparing Instructional Leaders: A Model
 Brazer, S. David. and Bauer, Scott.

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Recent High School Immigrants’ Program Placement and Their Academic Performance in Texas Schools: What Do We Know and What Do We Need to Know?
 Lee, Pei-Ling.

Reclaiming Failing Schools: Building a Research-based Framework for School Turnaround Evaluation: A Tridimensional Comprehensive Approach
 May, Judy. and Sanders, Eugene.

Reflections on the Design and Implementation of Doctoral Programs in Educational Administration
 Peters-Hawkins, April., Williams, Sheneka. and Houck, Eric.

Reform of School Leadership Preparation Programs: How responsive have programs been?
 Bauer, Scott. and Robey, Philip.

Reframing Equity Policies to Examine the Costs of Academic Success for Students of Color: A Racial Opportunity Cost Analysis
 Venzant Chambers, Terah.

Reframing Quality Teachers and Principals Through the Reauthorization of ESEA
 Barela, Mark.

Reframing the Politics of Demography and Diversity in Schools: A Case Study of District-Led Reform and School (Dis)Integration in the West
 Horsford, Sonya.

Reframing the Praxis of School Leadership Preparation Through Digital Storytelling
 guajardo, miguel., Guajardo, Francisco., valadez, monica., Rodriguez, Gregory. and Cantu, Yvette.

Reimagining Preparation: Future Administrators as Both Successful School Leaders and Effective District Followers
 Owens, Michael.

Reimagining the Urban in Canadian Schools
 Daniel, Beverly-Jean.

Reliability and Validity of the Independent School Teacher Development Inventory
 Murray, John.

Rendering Educational Administration Students’ Knowledge of Key Leadership Practices Through Digital Practicum Data
 Dexter, Sara., Tucker, Pamela. and Hitt, Dallas.

Research on Assistant Principals: A Review of the Literature
 Oleszewski, Ashley., Shoho, Alan. and Barnett, Bruce.

Resilient Leadership in a High Poverty Elementary School
 San Nicolas, Edward.

Resisting Reality: Recognizing the Rules and Roles of Racism in Schools
 Beachum, Floyd.

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San Antonio v. Rodriguez: Using History and Latino Critical Race Theory to Understand Texas School Finance Policy
 Atwood, Erin.

Sandhills Leadership Academy (SLA)
 Peters, Donna. and Simeon, Jim.

School Board Leadership & Policymaking in Changing Political Environments
 Frankenberg, Erica. and Diem, Sarah.

School Brand Management: The Policies, Practices, and Perceptions of Branding and Marketing in New York City’s Public High Schools
 DiMartino, Catherine. and Jessen, Sarah.

School Districts Special Education Obligations: How Charter School LEA Status Impacts School Districts
 Salazar, Timothy.

School Leaders and the Development of Collaborative Data Practices: Phases of Development Work
 Cosner, Shelby.

School Leaders at a Crossroads: Accountability and Innovation
 Cozzolino, Marzia. and Bichsel, Jillian.

School Leaders, Sustainability, and Green School Practices: An Elicitation Study Using the Theory of Planned Behavior
 Kensler, Lisa., Nguyen, Dieu. and Wang, Ting.

School Leadership, Social Justice, and Action Research: Implications for Preparation Programs
 Furman, Gail.

School, Academy, Community Partnerships: Harnessing the Power of Democratic Design Spaces for the Improvement of Schools
 Dostilio, Lina., Perry, Jill Alexa. and McCown, Rick.

School-Wide Professional Community and International Assessment: Seeking a Deeper Understanding beyond the East-West Comparison
 Cravens, Xiu., Fleming, Paul., Dong, Nianbo., Qian, Haiyan., Walker, Allan., Kwan, Paula. and Chen, Peiying.

Searching for Effective Teaching Behaviors in the Hiring Process
 Grigsby, Bettye., Vesey, Winona. and Schumacher, Gary.

Segregation and educational leadership in the United States: Historical trends, the current situation, and future projections
 Brooks, Jeffrey. and Witherspoon Arnold, Noelle.

Separating the Professional from the Unprofessional in Educational Leadership
 Scanlan, Martin.

Service-Learning for Teacher Sense of Efficacy and Servant Leadership Development in Future Teachers
 Stewart, Trae.

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Teach For America and Educational Leadership: A Framework for Understanding TFA Career Aspirations, Alumni Networks, and Political Activities
 Scott, Janelle. and Trujillo, Tina.

Teacher Education Reform and NCATE: The Ideological Debate over Teacher Education Reform
 Dietz, Laurel.

Teacher Efficacy and Cultural Competence: Unlocking Teacher Beliefs for Social Justice and Equity in Classrooms
 JohnBull, Ranjini.

Teacher Leader Development Within the Context of High School Reform
 Bradley-Levine, Jill., Romano, Gina. and Perkins, Tyonka.

Teacher Leaders' Perceptions of Skills, Problems, Support, and Benefits Associated with Teacher Leadership
 Gordon, Steve.

Teacher Leadership in Deregulated Schools: Facilitators and Impediments
 Donaldson, Morgaen., Mayer, Anysia., Cobb, Casey., Welton, Anjalé. and LeChasseur, Kimberly.

Teacher Leaders’ Developing Beliefs About Leadership
 Bradley-Levine, Jill.

Teacher Perceptions of Principals' Confidence, Humility, and Effectiveness: Implications for Leadership Development, Recruitment, and Selection
 Oyer, Brenda.

Teacher-Principal Relationships in a Conflictual Reform Environment: Leadership Preparation and Negotiating Professional Identities
 Scribner, Samantha., Whiteman, Rodney. and Crow, Gary.

Teaching Statistical Literacy in Educational Leadership Programs
 Pijanowski, John., Taylor-Medeiros, Jennifer. and Casey, Erin.

Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century: A Study of District Level Technology-Focused Reform
 Ottinger, Greg. and Uline, Cynthia.

The Arkansas Leadership Academy Master Principal Program: Using Reflective Practice and Peer Learning Support Networks
 Bengtson, Ed., Airola, Denise., Peer, Diana. and Davis, Debbie.

The Assistant Principalship: Racial Dynamics of Socialization into Leadership
 Nieuwenhuizen, Lisa.

The Concerning Legal Landscape of Virtual Schools
 Bathon, Justin. and Richardson, Jayson.

The Construction of Risk and Threat in (and around) a Diverse Urban Elementary School
 Scribner, Samantha. and Nguyen, Thu Suong.

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Uncovering the Leadership and Accountability Discourse in the Southeastern United States
 Werts, Amanda., Brewer, Curtis. and Carpenter, Bradley.

Understanding Homelessness in America
 Murphy, Joseph. and Tobin, Kerri.

Understanding the Factors That Influence Legislative Decision-Making on Education Issues
 Canfield-Davis, Kathy.

University-School District Collaboration: Politics and Promise
 Robinson, Kerry.

University-School Partnerships for Leadership Preparation: Chaos Theory as a Paradigm for Informing the Work
 Chance, Patti.

Unlearning Racism: Implications for the Preparation and Socialization of School Leaders
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Unlocking Black Box Models of Leadership Effectiveness: Exploring Alternative Research and Policy Metaphors
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Validation Study of the School Leader Dispositions Inventory
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Validation of an Ideological Leadership Measure in Elementary Schools
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Value-Added Accountability: Understanding Equity and Growth Measures in the Texas Accountability Ratings
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Variations in Principal Perceptions of Accountability
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Visions of Inclusion Enacted: Clarifying Meaning and Addressing Constraints Toward Inclusive Practices at Two High Schools
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What Does Racism Have to Do with Leadership? Countering the idea of Color-Blind Leadership: A Reflection on Race and Growing Pressures of Principalship
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What Does School Success Mean for a Faith-based School?
 Pollock, Katina. and Winton, Sue.

What We’ve Learned and How We’ve Used It: Learning Experiences from the Cohort of a High-Quality Principalship Program
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What’s Educational Leadership Without an African-Centered Perspective? Explorations and Extrapolations
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When Districts Drive Leadership Preparation Partnerships: Lessons from Six Urban Districts’ Initiatives
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When Evaluation Speaks: Building a Model Toward Effective, Sustainable Reform
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Wrestling with Accountability and Capacity: Stories of the Evolution of Elementary Inclusive Programs
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You’re a Black Female. . . but a Foreigner: Transcending "Other” by Building Bridges in Pursuit of Social Justice
 Jean-Marie, Gaetane.
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