UCEA Annual Convention 2012-Nov-12 to 2012-Nov-18

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“Change We Can Believe In?”: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Federal Educational Leadership Policies
 Carpenter, Bradley. and Diem, Sarah.

“In the meanwhile”: An Urban High School Principal Moves Towards Best Practice in School Leadership
 Reed, Latish. and Swaminathan, Raji.

“The Future Is Ours:” How (Undocumented) Leadership Matters—Fostering Safe Spaces for Undocumented Student Leaders
 Bravo, Francisco. and Rodriguez, Jesús.


A Bricolage of Voices: Lessons Learned from Feminist Analyses in Educational Leadership
 Sherman, Whitney.

A Common Disorientation: A Comparative Analysis of Principals in North Carolina and Kenya
 Ongaga, Kennedy., Sterrett, William. and Ombonga, Mary.

A Comparison of Four Models of Teacher Leadership
 DeHart, Corey. and Angelle, Pamela.

A Critical Practice Analysis of Response to Intervention
 King Thorius, Kathleen., Maxcy, Brendan., Macey, Erin. and Cox, Adrienne.

A Hierarchical Approach to Examine Personal and School Effect on Teacher Motivation
 Wei, Yi-En. and Gimbert, Belinda.

A Lonely Journey: What a Pilot Study Tells About Leadership Experiences of Asian American Female School Administrators
 Liang, Jia. and Peters-Hawkins, April.

A Model of Shared P-20 Leadership in a Middle College Program
 Shepperson, Tara. and Wallace, Teresa.

A Multiple Case Study of Learning Teams and the Impact on Change of Practice and Sustainability
 Watkins, Nicole. and Williams, Leslie.

A New Generation of Leaders: Young Women Principals
 Grogan, Margaret. and Sherman, Whitney.

A Phenomenological Study of Superintendent Entry Experiences: Programmatic Implications for University Preparation Programs
 Sutton, David.

A Principal's Glance Inside a STEM Writing Studio
 Brocato, John. and Brocato, D..

A Quantitative Analysis of the Production, Selection, and Career Paths of Texas Public School Administrators
 Davis, Bradley.

A Social Justice Conundrum: Implications for School Leaders
 Aguilar, Israel. and Nelson, Sarah.

A View from the Inside: School Turnaround Enabling Factors and Persistent Obstacles
 Airola, Denise.

A longitudinal study of women secondary principals in Texas
 Marcynski, Jean. and Gates, Gordon.

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Beyond Public Relations: Preparing School Leaders for Authentic Family and Community Partnerships
 Auerbach, Susan.

Beyond the Colorblind Perspective: Race Conscious Leadership Preparation in Britain and the United States
 Johnson, Lauri. and Campbell-Stephens, Rosemary.

Building Bridges from High Poverty Communities, to Schools: Addressing Poverty through *Exceptional Educational Leadership
 Bass, Lisa. and Faircloth, Susan.

Building Capacity for Curriculum Change in Persistently Low-Performing Arizona Schools: Findings from a Statewide Project
 Bennett, Jeffrey., Ylimaki, Rose. and Dugan, Thad.

Building Professional Community on Social Media for Educational Leadership Practitioners: A Social Network Analysis
 Wang, Yinying.

Building Strong Leaders: The Role of Non-traditional Leadership Preparation in Developing Inclusive and Instructional Leaders
 McCotter, Suzanne., Bulkley, Katrina. and Bankowski, Cynthia.


Campus Administrators’ Knowledge of Special Education and Social Justice Issues Involved in Educating "All" Students
 Lucker Keffer, Josie. and Rincones, Rodolfo.

Can the Technology Standards Provide a Path Forward?
 Richardson, Jayson., Flora, Kevin., Bathon, Justin. and Lewis, Wayne.

Center for Engaged Leadership - Administrative Leadership Team Institutes
 Wilson, Barbara. and Raskin, Candace.

Center for Engaged Leadership – The Superintendent Leadership Cohort
 Krull, Melissa.

Center for Engaged Leadership: Institute for Engaged Principal Leadership
 Raskin, Candace. and Wilson, Barbara.

Classroom Walkthroughs From District Initiative to Implementation at the Elementary School Level
 Scott, Margaret. and Bosworth, Kris.

Cognitive Validity Testing in the Development of CALL, the Comprehensive Assessment of Leadership for Learning
 Blitz, Mark. and Salisbury, Jason.

Collective Leadership Models in Educational Research: Towards a Focus on Theories of Action
 Nordengren, Chase.

Communication Competence and Trust In Leaders
 Sutherland, Ian.

Comparative Analysis of International Leadership Preparation Programs: Implications for Globally Minded Leadership
 Easley II, Jacob. and Tulowitzki, Pierre.

Comparing The Powers That Be: A Comparative Study of Political Oversight in Education
 Dietrich, Joseph.

Competition in schools: A multifocal approach
 Jabbar, Huriya.

Creating a longitudinal growth matrix for school leadership programs using standards as benchmarks in evaluation
 Hearn, Jessica.

Creating and Sustaining Integrated Networks of Practice in Neighborhood Educational Opportunity Zones
 Scanlan, Martin. and Miller, Peter.

Creating high quality internships in suburban and small city districts
 Orr, Margaret.

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Dare to Make a Difference: Successful Principals Who Explore the Potential of their Role
 Drysdale, Lawrie., Gurr, David. and Goode, Helen.

Data Driven Practices that Promote College Readiness in Urban High Schools
 Salisbury, Jason.

Data-Based Decision Making & Ethical Leadership: Implications for School Leaders in the High-Stakes Accountability Era
 Childs, Joshua. and Gunzenhauser, Michael.

Deaf Cultural Influences and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Leadership in a School for the Deaf
 O\'Brien, Catherine. and Scribner, Jay.

Democratic Leadership within the New Tech High School Model
 Bradley-Levine, Jill.

Describing the Principal Engaged with Policy
 Werts, Amanda.

Developing Instructional Leaders through an Assistant Principals’ Academy: A School District-University Partnership
 Gurley, Keith. and Anast-May, Linda.

Developing Moral Literacy and Ethical Leaders: Incorporating Ethical Dilemmas in a Case-Based Pedagogy
 Jenlink, Patrick. and Embry Jenlink, Karen.

Developing Professional Learning Communities Through Enabling School Structures, Collegial Trust, Academic Emphasis and Collective Efficacy
 Gray, Julie., Kruse, Sharon. and Tarter, C. John.

Developing Turnaround Leadership for High-Poverty, Persistently Underperforming Arizona Schools: Findings from a Statewide Project
 Ylimaki, Rose., Dugan, Thad., Brunderman, Lynnette. and Bennett, Jeffrey.

Developing a Conceptual Framework for Leadership of Common Core State Standards Implementation
 Filippi, John.

Developing an Espoused Theory of Data Use in Alternative Leadership Preparation Programs
 Bulkley, Katrina., McCotter, Suzanne. and Bankowski, Cynthia.

Developing equity-oriented leaders: One educational leadership preparation program examines this on-going process
 Guerra, Patricia., Martinez, Melissa., Nelson, Sarah. and Jacobs, Jennifer.

Development of Self Efficacy to Lead for Learning in Aspiring School Leaders
 Mawhinney, Hanne.

Digital Inequities in K-12 Virtual Education: Implications for Educational Leaders and Policymakers
 Wang, Yinying. and Decker, Janet.

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EduLead: A Paradigm Shift in Leadership Development
 Shields, Thomas., Cassada, Kate. and Berry, Risha.

Educational Administrators Expressed Perceptions of Students with Disabilities
 Williams, Jacob. and Yates, James.

Educational Leadership for Math and Science: A Study of Five High Schools in Washington State
 Huggins, Kristin., Lochmiller, Chad. and Acker-Hocevar, Michele.

Educational Lifelines for At-Risk Students: Exploring Equity in Alternative Schools
 Hemmer, Lynn. and Uribe, Patricia.

Effective School District Consultants: A Conceptual Framework for Helping Districts Achieve Systemic Reform
 Bussey, Leslie., Mohammed, Meca. and Welch, Jennie.

Effective School Leadership for Elementary Science Education
 Alarcon, Maricela. and Rodriguez, Mariela.

Empowering Communities Through Data to Participate in Educational Reform
 Torres, Kathryn. and Carpenter, Bradley.

Engaging Exclusionary Lines of Community within Principals’ Understandings of Partnerships
 Parrish, Tasha.

Engaging School Staff in Difficult Conversations about Race as Related to Student Discipline Disproportionality
 Woods, Scott.

Enhancing Schooling in High-Poverty Schools by Strengthening Network Dynamics
 Marion, Russ., Reese, Kenyae., Klar, Hans., Brewer, Curtis. and Griffin, Sarah.

Essential Leadership for Dual Language Programs
 Monroy, Joanie., Crawford, James. and Conner, Marjorie.

Evaluating Leadership Preparation: An Analysis of USDE Program Evaluation Proposal
 Sanzo, Karen. and Scribner, Jay.

Evaluating the Influence of Critical Social Theory in a Scholar-Practitioner Doctoral Program
 Collay, Michelle., Winkelman, Peg. and Fenno-Smith, Kyzyl.

Evaluation Matters: A Q Methodological Examination of Preparing Leaders to Support Diverse Learners
 Diem, Sarah., Carpenter, Bradley., Militello, Matthew. and Janson, Chris.

Examining Academic Optimism as a Mediator between Enabling Structures and Student Achievement
 Anderson, Karen., Kochan, Frances., Kensler, Lisa. and Reames, Ellen.

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Faith Community / Public School Partnerships: A Conceptual Framework
 Scanlan, Martin. and McCray, Carlos.

Feedback Systems and School Capacity: A Review of Recent Evidence on Efforts to Improve Instruction
 Hougan, Eric.

Finance Equity, Student Achievement, and Justice. A Five State Analysis of Equality of Opportunity
 Knoeppel, Robert., First, Patricia., Della Sala, Matthew. and Ordu, Chinasa.

First Links: Exploring the Interplay of Authority and Leadership in a School Chain
 Eddy Spicer, David.

Fostering Leadership Capacity in High Schools: An Exploratory Study of Distributive Leadership for School Improvement
 Huggins, Kristin. and Klar, Hans.

From School Incident to State Law: Politics in Action
 McCarthy, Martha.

From the Outside Looking In: Developing a Sustainable Partnership between University Preparation Programs and School Districts
 Tareilo, Janet. and Hendricks, Stacy.


Getting to the Heart of Efficacy and Agency in Leadership
 Webster-Smith, Angela.

Great Expectations: The Impact of Racial and Ethnic Segregation on Diversity Among Rural High School Students
 Thompson Dorsey, Dana. and Burt, Janeula.


Healing the Heart of Educational Leadership
 Lashley, Carl. and Woody, Aaron.

Hearing the Caged Birds' Song: Using "Racial Literacy" and "Racial Opportunity Cost" to Give(Hear) Voice
 Horsford, Sonya. and Venzant Chambers, Terah.

High School Accountability Measures for College Success
 Byrd, Jimmy. and Johnson, Casey.

Holding Teachers Accountable: Principals’ Perceptions of the Alignment of Value-Added Metrics with Teacher Evaluations
 Childers, Keisha.

How American School Districts Used Incentive Pay Programs to Recruit and Retain Teachers: An Empirical Study
 Liang, Guodong.

How Principals Exercise Transformative Leadership in Disadvantaged Areas
 Archambault, Jean. and Garon, Roseline.

How can educational leaders learn to become more holistically democratic?
 Woods, Philip. and Woods, Glenys.

How do you know you are doing a good job?
 Svedberg, Lars.

Hybrid Course Model and Student Interactions: Educational Leadership and the Role of the Instructors
 Farris, Dwight.


 Siskin, Leslie.

Important Competencies for the Selection of Effective School Leaders: Principals' Perceptions
 Cavazos, Arturo. and Ovando, Dr. Martha.

In Whose Best Interest? How Educators Respond to Immigration Enforcement Near School Property
 Crawford, Emily.

Incorporating Mindfulness into Educational Leadership Programs
 Patrizio, Kami. and Mallory, Walt.

Influence of Ethics Training on Moral Reasoning Among Pre Service Education and Social Work Students
 Salopek, Michelle.

Initial Construct Validation of the Schools and Staffing Survey Scale for Teacher Autonomy (SASS-STA)
 Gwaltney, Kevin.

Innovation Leaders Academy: Sustaining innovative in high need districts
 Alsbury, Thomas.

Innovative Partnerships to Promote Parental Engagement in Charter Schools
 Henrick, Erin. and Smrekar, Claire.

Insider Principal: The Promises and Pitfalls of Internal Leadership Succession
 Rivera-McCutchen, Rosa.

Inspiring Neo-Progressive Education in a Conservative Era: Leadership Struggles and Possibilities
 Ylimaki, Rose., Fan, Jingjing. and Martin-Zuniga, Staci.

Institutional Entrepreneurship in an Emergent Discursive Field of Ranking World Class Universities
 Mawhinney, Hanne.

Instructional Leadership and High Impact Literacy Capacity-Building: A Conceptual Framework for Elementary Principals
 Kalogeropoulos, Mary.

Integrative Knowledge e-Portfolios Allow Leadership Voices to Emerge
 Rieckhoff, Barbara.

Interdisciplinary, community-engaged research: Can we make it work?
 Eckman, Ellen. and Scanlan, Martin.

Interdistrict Choice and Charter Schools in Arizona: Understanding the Dynamics of Public School Choice
 Powers, Jeanne. and Topper, Amelia.

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Just the Facts Ma'am: Learning About Curriculum Leadership in an Accountability Context
 Stone-Johnson, Corrie. and Patrizio, Kami.


Keys to Sustainable Communities? Principals’ Longitudinal Influences On Their School-wide Professional Communities
 Huff, Jason. and Cravens, Xiu.


Leaders Processing Emotion: A Model for Sustainable Leadership
 Gardiner, Mary., Tenuto, Penny. and Yamamoto, Julie.

Leadership Does Matter for Fully Functional Academic Teams in Schools
 Albritton, Shelly. and Webster-Smith, Angela.

Leadership Matters: Changing the Future of Educational Leadership in Urban Spaces through a Pneumatic/Pragmatic Collaboration
 Dantley, Michael.

Leadership Preparation Programs Make a Difference
 Freeley, Mary Ellen. and Gagliardi, Karen.

Leadership Preparation for Assistant Principals
 Driver, Barbara. and Robinson, Kerry.

Leadership Preparation for Social Justice: Embracing Identity Tensions
 Nganga, Christine.

Leadership Reality Check: How Humble Superintendents Help Students Achieve More
 Hough, Kimberly.

Leadership for School Improvement in the Border Context: Inherent Tensions for Collaboration and Democratic Capacity
 Bennett, Jeffrey.

Leadership in Action: Evidence-Based Leadership Development
 O\'Doherty, Ann.

Leadership, Policy,and Politics: Advocacy Leadership for Shifting Contexts
 Hale, Sarah.

Leadership, Principal Preparation and Race
 Gooden, Mark. and O\'Doherty, Ann.

Leadership's Role in Promoting Success Among Freshmen of Color in Urban High Schools
 Salisbury, Jason.

Leading Budget Cutbacks: How School Districts with Shrinking Revenues Manage Competing Spending Priorities
 Spain, Angeline.

Leading Demographically Diverse Teacher Teams: Principals’ Ability to Mediate Differences between Teacher Groups
 Madsen, Jean., Mabokela, Reitumetse. and Davis, James Earl.

Leading School Turnaround: The Lived Experience of Being a Transformation Coach
 Snowden, Denise.

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Madrasas or Privately-funded Islamic Faith-based Schools in Mali and Social Justice
 Boncana, Mohomodou.

Mapping the Path from Organizational Theory to Distributed Leadership
 Goldman, Paul. and Acker-Hocevar, Michele.

Mayoral Control and Civic Capacity in New York City Schools
 Lewis, Tiffanie.

Measuring Professional Practice: A Study of an Alternative School Leader in Action
 Shepperson, Tara. and O\'Bryan, Gregory.

Mentoring Advice from Women Higher Education Leaders
 Tripses, Jenny., Ballenger, Julia. and Searby, Linda.

Mentoring Future Scholars: The Socialization of Latina Doctoral Students
 Rodriguez, Mariela.

Mission Possible
 Parker, Dr. David.

Mobilizing for Battle: War Discourses in School Organizations
 Ehrensal, Patricia. and Nixon, Helen.

Money, Power, Principals, and PR: Examining New York City School Accountability System Implementation Efforts, 1970-2008
 Peck, Craig.

Multiple Measures Are Great - But Can We Get to Reliable and Consistent Judgments of Teaching Quality?
 Newton, Xiaoxia.

Multiple Stakeholder Decison Making In Professional Learning Communities
 Brazer, S. David. and Smith, Robert.


Narratives of New Principals: Facing Challenges and Finding Support in Urban Schools
 Magee, Constance. and Slater, Charles.


Opinions Matter: The Intersection of Larger Social Contexts and the Implementation of Performance-Pay Programs
 Brown, Jessica., Alexander, Celeste. and Reyes, Pedro.

Organizational Design in Support of Professional Learning Communities
 Bauer, Scott. and Brazer, S. David.


Parent Perceptions of Parent Social Networks and Parent Responsibility
 Curry, Katherine., Holter, Alexandra. and Sanchez, Enrique.

Partnering with Districts in Principal Preparation: Benefits of Targeted Action Research for 21st Century Leadership
 Alford, Betty. and Hendricks, Stacy.

Partnerships, Networks, Relationships: Building a System for Leadership Preparation
 Villalobos, Alex.

Partnerships, Networks, Relationships: Building a System for Leadership Preparation
 Hargrave, Christine.

Partnerships, Networks, Relationships: Building a System for Leadership Preparation
 Ott, Sarah.

Partnerships, Networks, Relationships: Building a System for Leadership Preparation
 Solo, Jim.

Partnerships, Networks, Relationships: Building a System for Leadership Preparation
 Salazar, Sid.

Partnerships, Networks, Relationships: Building a System for Leadership Preparation
 Chance, Patti.

Passing judgment: Students' standards-based evaluation of a mythical principal
 Pace, Nicholas. and Gilson, Tim.

Paths to the principalship: A contextual analysis of requirements for principal certification in the United States
 Jenkins, Chris.

Performance-Based Leadership Preparation from Multiple Perspectives
 Berry, Jami.

Policies of Inaction: Understanding the Role of Districts as Policy Actors in Texas’ GPA Dilemma
 Brown, Jessica.

Preparing Principals for Successful Political Leadership in Ontario, Canada
 Winton, Sue. and Pollock, Katina.

Principal Agent Theory in Policy Research: Defining Modes of Relationship to Further Educational Innovation
 Dietrich, Joseph.

Principal Evaluation: A Description of Current Practices
 Brady, Leighangela. and Basom, Margaret.

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Race and Redistricting: Redrawing School Attendance Lines in a Demographically Changing Suburb
 Siegel-Hawley, Genevieve.

Race and School Leadership in Urban Texas Schools
 Lomeli Jr., Hilario. and Tiwari, Ashwini.

Redesigning Systems for Successful Principal Preparation Programs: Faculty Collaboration, Coaches as Partners, and Global Perspectives
 Israel, Marla. and Fine, Janis.

Refining or Reforming? An Example of Grassroots Leadership from a School Staff-Led Charitable Foundation
 Marshall, Joanne.

Reform through routines: School accreditation routines leading to change
 Enomoto, Ernestine. and Conley, Sharon.

Reigning Schools In: Indiana Statewide Recoupling and Education Reform
 Whiteman, Rodney.

Relationships and Dropping Out: The Voice Of At-Risk Youth
 Henry, Robert. and Crawford, James.

Relooking at the Past to Shape a New Future
 Willis, Chris.

Resisting Social Justice: Rural School Principals' Perceptions of LGBTQ Students
 Bishop, Holly. and McClellan, Rhonda.

Responsible Leadership for School Improvement
 Stone-Johnson, Corrie.

Rural South Texas Curriculum Coaches' Perceptions Regarding Formative Assessment to Guide Instruction
 Garcia, Zeke. and Maxwell, Gerri.


School Administrators and Social Justice: Replicative and/or Transformative Educational Leadership
 McMahon, Brenda. and Armstrong, Denise.

School Administrators' Use of Twitter: Benefits and Challenges
 Cho, Vincent.

School Administrators’ Content Knowledge: Unpacking the elements of instructional leadership for STEM area teachers
 Brezicha, Kristina., Fuller, Ed. and Schrott, Lindsey.

School Discipline: Grabbing the Paddle by the Handle
 Clemson, Christen.

School District Policies for Principal Professional Development: Influences on Policy Design
 Hall, John.

School Finance Reform: An Overview of Equity and Adequacy
 Boone, Mike.

School Improvement in the News: Utilizing a Classroom Blog in the Preparation of Educational Leaders
 Martinez, Melissa. and Rodriguez, Sonia.

School Leader Use Of Social Media For Professional Discourse
 Becker, Jonathan. and Barkley, Candice.

School Leaders and Parents Instilling a Going-to-College Awareness
 de la Pena, Frances. and Rodriguez, Mariela.

School Leaders in Texas Charter Schools: Demographics, Experience, Preparation and Turnover
 Madahar, Santosh., Charley, Eryka. and Fuller, Ed.

School Performance Trajectories and the Challenges for Principal Succession
 Lee, Linda.

School Reform, Leadership, Social Justice, and Students With Disabilities
 Theoharis, George., Causton-Theoharis, Julie. and Tracy-Bronson, Chelsea.

School improvement and real property values: A case for educational urban renewal
 Jacobson, Stephen. and Szczesek, Jill.

School principals’ leadership style and school outcomes: The mediating effect of principals’ use of power bases
 Nir, Adam. and Hameiri, Lior.

School-Based Technology Leadership Practices and Their Relationship to Teacher Technology Integration Knowledge and Practices
 Dexter, Sara. and Ritt, HIlary.

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Teacher Advice Seeking: Relating Centrality and Expertise in Middle School Mathematics Social Networks
 Berebitsky, Dan. and Christine, Larson.

Teacher Evaluation in Four High-Performing Urban Charter Schools
 Donaldson, Morgaen.

Teacher Focused Site Specific Professional Development
 Parker, Dr. David.

Teacher Incentive Pay Programs: How Missouri School Districts Use Economic Incentives to Recruit and Retain Teachers
 Liang, Guodong. and Akiba, Motoko.

Teacher Leader Model Standards: Next Steps
 Mangin, Melinda., Carver, Cynthia. and Berg, Jill.

Teacher Leadership Matters: Connections to Collective Efficacy
 Angelle, Pamela. and Derrington, Mary Lynne.

Teacher Leadership: Women (of African descent) Enacting Social Justice
 Karanxha, Zorka. and Agosto, Vonzell.

Teacher Migration: An Ecological Exploration of Teacher Transfers in a Reform Environment
 Hochbein, Craig. and Carpenter, Bradley.

Teacher Perceptions of Principal's Trust: Does gender and racial/ethnic match matter in teacher-principal relationships?
 Brezicha, Kristina., Fuller, Ed. and Schrott, Lindsey.

Teacher Supports and District Attrition: The Impact of Instructional Leadership
 Rosenquist, Brooks., Henrick, Erin. and Munoz, Charlotte.

Teachers’ Perceptions about their Principals’ Ability to lead Demographically Diverse Schools
 Johnson, Detra., Madsen, Jean. and Torres, Mario.

Teaching Leadership Courses in a 3D Web-based Learning Environment: Philosophical and Pedagogical Underpinnings of Practice
 Angel, Roma.

Technology Innovation in Leadership Preparation - New Online Branching Simulations for Principals, Part 2
 Staub, Nancy. and Johanek, Michael.

Tennessee’s Value Added Assessment System: Effectiveness Concerns and Questions Regarding Future Value Added Accountability
 Hewitt, Kim.

The Audacity to Teach: Reform Policy, School Leadership, and their Relationships Mediated by Instructional Capacity
 Easley II, Jacob.

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Undergraduate Students' Evaluations of Teaching Quality
 Brelsford, Jeannette., Brennan, Mark. and Waggett, Noelle.

Understanding What Happened When the Policy Doesn’t “Work”: Implementation Failure? Theory Failure? Evaluation Failure?
 Knapp, Michael.

Understanding the Right Time to Leave a Position
 Roberts, Kerry., Sampson, Pauline., Marshall, Ralph. and Hendricks, Stacy.

University-School-Community Partnerships and Social Network Development: Examining the Professional Development School Context
 Miller, Peter., Lowenhaupt, Rebecca. and Kopish, Michael.

University-based Preparation Programs: Framing Leadership for Social Justice
 Trujillo, Tina. and Cooper, Robert.

Unleashing learning through moral purpose: the Leaders Transforming Learning and Learners Project
 Bezzina, Michael.

Urban Principals: Gender, Experience and High Needs Schools
 Zuckerman, Sarah.

Using Critical Spirituality to Sustain African American Educational Leaders: Looking Back to the Future
 Watson, Terri.

Using Data to Improve Students' Affective Experiences in the Classroom
 Cooper, Kristy.

Using Experience Sampling Methodology to Build an Understanding of Educational Leaders’ Creative Problem Solving Process
 Katz-Buonincontro, Jen.

Using Intermediaries to Build District Capacity: Lessons in Coherence from American and Canadian Case Studies
 Welch, Matthew.

Using Student Test Scores to Measure Principal Performance
 Grissom, Jason., Kalogrides, Demetra. and Loeb, Susanna.

Utilizing Action Research in Ed.D. Programs for Educational Leaders
 Osterman, Karen. and Furman, Gail.


WELL: An Oasis of Knowledge
 Cordeiro, Paula. and Hubbard, Lea.

Waiver of NCLB for New Mexico Schools Affects Disadvantaged Students
 Barela, Mark.

What Effective Principals Do: Longitudinal Evidence from School Leader Observations
 Grissom, Jason. and Loeb, Susanna.

What Predicts Postsecondary Enrollment?
 Alexander, Celeste., Reyes, Pedro. and Giani, Matt.

What and Why: District Administrators' Implementation of Data-Informed Practice
 Wayman, Jeffrey.

What is Cultural Collision and Collusion?
 Beachum, Floyd. and McCray, Carlos.

When Principals and Teachers Mutually Support Each Other with Data: The Teachers’ Perspective
 Brocato, D.., Willis, Chris., Dechert, Kristen. and Brocato, John.

Where Are They Now?: Following up on the Transformation of Equity-oriented Teacher Leaders
 Crowell, Lyn. and Jacobs, Jennifer.

Where do I get a Book? Differential Impacts of Budget Cuts on School Librarians
 Sensenig, Victor. and Fuller, Ed.

Who Qualified for Federal School Facility Funding? Evidence from Ohio
 Ingle, William., Bowers, Alex. and Davis, Thomas.

Why Superintendents Turn Over
 Grissom, Jason. and Andersen, Stephanie.

Women Superintendents: Does Age Matter?
 Robinson, Kerry.

Women leaving the superintendency in Texas: A case of lowered expectations
 Monroe, Tanya. and Mendez-Morse, Sylvia.
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