UCEA Annual Convention 2013-Nov-04 to 2013-Nov-11

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"College For All: Get With It!"; Transforming a School District and Community through Research-based Practices
 Avilés, Nilka., Scott, Bradley., Garcia, Juanita., Dbouk, Youmna. and Gutsch, Angela.

"Fight Now to Save Our Children's Future:" The Role of Community Leadership in Black-Focused Schools in Toronto and London, 1968 – 2008
 Johnson, Lauri.

"Ordinary" Schools in Shanghai: How Principals Can Make a Difference
 Qian, Haiyan., Walker, Allan., Xiaowei, Yang. and Cheng, Annie.

1. Disrupting the system: An emerging conceptual framework of equitable collaboration
 Ishimaru, Ann. and Lott, Joe.

2. Increasing Educational Leaders’ Ability to Ally with Marginalized Families: From Fatalistic to Transformative Approaches
 Wilson, Camille.

3. Where has all of the Community Rage Gone? Neoliberalism, Community Encroachment, and Unconventional Resistance in Detroit
 Khalifa, Muhammad.

3DMEA for Administrators- A pilot study
 Medeiros, Jennifer.

4. Building Coalitions, Capacity, and Community through School and District Leadership: The “Promise” of Community-Based Education Reform
 Horsford, Sonya.

“Dis-Integration”: School Vouchers and Racially Isolated Private Schools, Legal and Policy Considerations
 Nelson, Steven.

“Every Kid is Money”: The Effects of Market Competition on School Leader Strategy in New Orleans
 Jabbar, Huriya.

“Legitimate” Success and Cultural Blindness in an Arizona High School
 Ylimaki, Rose., Bennett, Jeffrey., Villasenor, Elia., Beasley, Lukretia., Fetman, Lisa., Matyjaysik, Erin. and Brunderman, Lynnette.

“Not Without a Fight”: Grassroots Community Organizers’ Stories of Resistance to Urban Public School Closures
 Cleary, Colleen.

“Outsiders Within”: University Faculty Building Relationships with School Leaders in Small Rural School Districts
 Nganga, Christine., Bertolini, Katherine. and Burns, Jim.

“We have a new look”: Politics of Rapid Demographic in the New Latino/a Diaspora
 Lomeli Jr., Hilario. and Farmer, Eric.


A Bold Approach to Developing Leaders for Low-Performing Schools
 Duke, Daniel.

A Bridge Too Far? Examining Efforts to Evaluate Principal Effectiveness
 Fuller, Ed. and Hollingworth, Liz.

A Call to Action, Indeed: Hannah Arendt and Education Scholarship
 Whiteman, Rodney. and Scribner, Samantha.

A Collaborative Partnership for Leadership Preparation: Discourses of Transformational and Transformative Leadership
 Hewitt, Kim., Lashley, Carl. and Davis, Ann.

A Community of Researchers, Policy Makers, and Practitioners: A Race to the Top Internship Model
 Russo, Marianne Robin., Vasquez, Maria. and Reyes-Guerra, Daniel.

A Comparison Of Three Teacher Evaluation Methods and the Impact On College Readiness
 Smalskas, Tammy., Byrd, Jimmy. and Parish, Deidra.

A Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Third Grade Reading Diagnostic Tools
 Ingle, William. and Cramer, Todd.

A Critical Interrogation of Education, Poverty, and Accountability through a Radical, Prophetic, and Historical Imagination
 Green, Terrance. and Dantley, Michael.

A Different Type of School and Community Partnership: Teacher-Led Philanthropies
 Marshall, Joanne.

A Dream Deferred-The Power of Community
 Garcia, Cynthia. and Garza, Encarnacion.

A Family Affair: The Family Academy Model
 Watkins, Sharon. and Shaffer, PhD, Chris.

A High Needs Azeri School: A Georgian Perspective
 Bryant, Miles. and Sharvashidze, Nino.

A New Generation of African American Advocates: Creating New Communities for Social Justice and Ethics?
 Generett, Gretchen. and Gunzenhauser, Michael.

A Persistent Challenge: Leadership and Anti-Racism in a High School
 Duffy, Patrick. and Brunner, C. Cryss.

A Place for Entrepreneurial Leadership in Public Education
 Leonard, Jack.

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Bad teacher/good teacher: An examination of inherit complexities within social justice
 Aguilar, Israel., Nelson, Sarah. and Niño, Juan.

Balancing Acts: Diffusing the Legal-Political Tensions Between Charter School Expansion and the Voting Rights Act
 Nelson, Steven.

Becoming a Teacher Leader: A Study of Leadership Development in Three High Schools
 Huggins, Kristin. and Klar, Hans.

Beyond School Walls: The Intersection of Leadership and the Community in Harnessing Educational Adequacy
 Alexander, Nicola.

Beyond fire drills and emergency plans: School leaders responding to critical incidents and community crises
 Douglas, Ty-Ron. and Witherspoon Arnold, Noelle.

Botswana Senior School Teacher Decision-Making and Job Satisfaction as Correlates of Commitment
 Mosheti, Paul., Covrig, Duane. and Kijai, Jimmy.

Boundary spanners, advocacy leaders, or gatekeepers? School district activism in the development of race equity policies and programs in Toronto and London, 1978-2008
 Johnson, Lauri.

Bridging Theory and Practice: A Conceptual Framework for Consulting Organizations
 Mohammed, Meca., Welch, Jennie. and Bussey, Leslie.

Bridging the Great Divide in Special Education: Building Community Through Reconciliation
 Strax, Carol. and Strax, Marshall.

Broken Windows and Catching Frogs: Multiple Forms of Community Activism that Prompted School Finance Reform
 Atwood, Erin.

Building Community of HSIs and HBCUs: Partners in Principal Preparation
 Rodriguez, Mariela., Allen, Tawannah. and Mullen, Carol.

Building an engaged educational community: The case of a youth-adult partnership network
 Biddle, Catharine.

Building and Flying the Plane: Theoretical and Methodological Pillars of Success Within a Community Coalition
 Reyes-Guerra, Daniel., Vasquez, Maria. and Russo, Marianne Robin.

Building parent capacity and participation: Two district parent engagement initiatives
 Torres, Kathryn., Fajardo, Ismael., Ishimaru, Ann. and Lott, Joe.

Building the Airplane While in Flight: Exploring Redesign of an Active Doctoral Program
 Rouse, Jr., William A.. and McDowelle, Jim.

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Cage Fighting in Higher Education: Same Old Fight in a 21st Century Ring
 Newcomb, Whitney.

Can Principal Preparation Programs Really Address Transforming School Culture?
 Kaplan, Leslie. and Owings, William.

Carnegie Unit – Barrier to Today’s Reforms
 Willis, Chris.

Cautions and Considerations for Future Research of Credit Recovery
 Miura, Yoko. and Tromski-Klingshirn, Donna.

Central Office Leadership in Principal Professional Learning Communities: The Practice beneath the Policy
 Rainey, Lydia. and Honig, Meredith.

Changing to Later Secondary School Start Times to Combat Adolescent Sleep Deprivation: One Community’s Experience
 Boyland, Lori., Harvey, Michael., Riggs, William. and Campbell, Barbara.

Childhood Obesity and School Nutritional Policy: A Comparative Analysis of Schools and States
 Kotok, Stephen.

Coaching as Co-Leading: The Development of an Empirically-based Theoretical Model
 Weathers, John., White, George. and Carollo, Alba.

Collegial Leadership, Teacher Professionalism, Faculty Trust: Predicting Teacher Academic Optimism in Elementary Schools
 Dean, Sylvia., Vaux, Nicole. and Tarter, C..

Common Core: Let’s talk about the “community” served/affected by the goals/intent of the Standards.
 Gutierrez, Kathrine.

Community Collaboration to Implement Formative Assessment in an Educational Leadership Program
 Wheeler, Lynn. and Somers, John.

Community-Driven Leadership: An Analysis of Community Assets in Response to Deficit Institutional Practices
 Deeb-Sossa, Natalia., Manzo, Rosa. and Gomez-Camacho, Rosa.

Community-School Education Initiatives: Parent Engagement in Collective Impact
 Ishimaru, Ann., Lott, Joe., Tran, Christine. and Williams, Dawn.

Community-University Partnerships as Vehicles of Radical Leadership, Service and Activism
 Hopson, Rodney., Miller, Peter. and Lovelace, Temple.

Conceptualizing Entrepreneurial Leadership for K-20 Public Education
 Leonard, Jack.

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Deaf Culture Influences on Culturally Relevant Leadership and Pedagogy in Four Schools for the Deaf
 O\'Brien, Catherine.

Decolonial and Applied Critical Leadership (ACL) in Education
 Jaramillo, Nathalia. and Santamaria, Lorri.

Deconstructing Progressive-Conservative Discourses of ‘High Performance’ and Exploring the Role of Leadership in Neo-Progressive Educational Movements
 Ylimaki, Rose. and Martin, Staci.

Democratic Leadership Practices in Education: Seeking New Understandings of P-20 Partnerships for School Improvement
 Tenuto, Penny.

Democratic Practices in Schooling that Disrupt Hierarchy
 Cardona, Stephanie.

Depicting Leadership in High-Achieving Urban Schools: Moving Beyond “Been There/Done That”
 Johnson, Jr., Joseph., Uline, Cynthia. and Perez, Lynne.

Designing an International Survey of Leadership in Successful Schools
 Bennett, Jeffrey.

Developing Dispositions in Educational Leaders: A Qualitative Study of the Impact of a Social Justice Curriculum
 Allen, James., Harper, Robert. and Koschoreck, James.

Developing Teacher Leaders to Serve School Communities
 Browne-Ferrigno, Tricia.

Developing a Community of College Success and Access for Latinas/os
 Murakami, Elizabeth. and Nunez, Anne Marie.

Developing a Community of Educational Technology Leadership
 Gayheart, Joseph. and Hurst, Todd.

Developing a Conceptual Framework and Blueprint for the Cultural Competence of Educational Leaders Questionnaire
 Barakat, Maysaa. and Lakin, Joni.

Developing a District Approach for Supporting School and Classroom Data Use
 Cosner, Shelby.

Developing a Model of Successful School Leadership from Australian Case Studies
 Gurr, David. and Drysdale, Lawrie.

Development of Learning Communities through Leadership Institutes
 Wilson, Barbara., Raskin, Candace. and Krull, Melissa.

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Early College High Schools and the Impact of Community and Policy
 Shepperson, Tara.

Education in Southern Thailand: Exploring How School Principals Build Community Relationships in a Context of Fragility
 Brooks, Melanie.

Educational Leaders and the Community: Creating Safe Spaces to Contest Immigration Policy & Practice
 Crawford, Emily.

Educational Leaders in the Crossroads of the Global Community: Developing Self-Authorship Through Intercultural Maturity
 Fine, Janis. and Ferrari, Christina.

Educational Leadership as Critical Democratic Engagement: Implications from an Urban Library Initiative in Chile
 O\'Malley, Michael., Nelson, Sarah., Rocha, Patricia. and Williams, Tamey.

Educational Leadership for Community Justice: Toward a Theory of Urban School Reform and Community Justice
 Green, Terrance.

Educational Leadership, Sustainability and Independent Schools
 Mehaffey, John. and Kensler, Lisa.

Educational leadership and alternative certification: The Emergence of a Hybrid teacher
 Mungal, Angus.

Effect of State LEA Policy on Special Education Enrollment in Charter Schools
 Salazar, Timothy. and Raphael, Randy.

Effects of Reduced Course Length on Enrollment
 Badgett, Kevin. and Garrett-Staib, Jessica.

Employing Professional Identities in a Successful Rural School
 Crow, Gary. and Scribner, Samantha.

Enacting Democratic Leadership Practices in U.S. “Mainstream” Schools: A Case Study
 Cardona, Stephanie.

Enacting Success in Ontario Schools
 Winton, Sue.

Enacting Teacher Leadership in Two Schools: An Exploration of State Policy Implementation
 Madrid Miranda, Romina. and Felber-Smith, Abigail.

Engaging aspiring educational leaders in critical self-reflection regarding race/ethnicity and privilege
 Martinez, Melissa.

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Factors in African American Educational Success
 Hozien, Wafa. and Mitchell, Randolph.

Field Research: An Analogy for Assistant Principal Preparation
 Agosto, Vonzell.

For Better or Worse: An Urban District’s Efforts to Create More Inclusive Schools
 DeMatthews, David.

Forging Community Partnerships: How Non-Governmental Organizations Build Bridges Between Schools and Refugee Populations
 Hanna, Patricia.

Freedom, Opportunity and Child Well-Being: Reframing Social Justice Research for Urban Children and Youth
 Larson, Colleen.

Fresh Eye on the Persistent Problem of Dearth of Technology Leadership Research: Uncovering Network Topology
 Wang, Yinying.

From Coordination to Compliance: The Program Coordinator's Changing Role
 Reames, Ellen., Hackmann, Donald. and Phillips, Joy.

From Legislation to Implementation: Distributing Leadership in Response to the Massachusetts Anti-bullying Law of 2010
 Cron, Alan.

From Policy to Practice: Project Sharing from the School Leadership Program
 Fry, Betty., Tonsmeire, Kelly., Blanc, Kathy., Bertani, Al., Davis, Stephen., Fultz, Miriam., Normore, Anthony., Lahera, Antonia., Bower, David., Woodrum, Arlie., Borden, Allison., Scribner, Jay., Shakeshaft, Charol., Driver, Barbara., Robinson, Kerry., Danzig, Arnold., Kiltz, Gary., Clayton, Jennifer., Browne-Ferrigno, Tricia., Gooden, Mark., Hall, Dottie. and Wilkerson, Jennifer.

From Preparation to Practice: The Case of the Galileo Teacher Leadership Academy
 Carver, Cynthia.

From Research to Practice: A Plan to Prepare Instructional Leaders
 Daresh, John.

From a Frenetic to a Phronetic Mind: Attending to the Art of Leadership in Preparation Programs
 Johnson, Jr., Bob.

From “One Day at a Time” to “One Step at a Time”
 Merchant, Betty., Garza, Encarnacion., Garza, Rebecca., Monreal, Jeanette., Black, Willie. and Goess, Donald.


Gender, Race, and the Assignment of Public School Administrators
 Davis, Bradley. and Gooden, Mark.

Governance and Leadership in "Coasting" Schools in Sweden
 Ärlestig, Helene. and Johansson, Olof.

Ground-breaking Leadership: Challenges Facing New Zealand School Leaders in the Christchurch Earthquake
 Notman, Ross.

Grow your own ethical leaders: Cultivating ethical organizations
 Lapointe, Claire. and Langlois, Lyse.


Handling Toxic Leadership with Emotional Intelligence
 Sullivan-Carr, Margaret., Chan-Peter, Susan., DeBonis, Anthony., Womack, Anthony. and Katz-Buonincontro, Jen.

Heads on a swivel: Leadership transitions in international schools
 Kane, Pearl. and Barbaro, Justin.

High-Quality Leadership Programs and Influence on an Evolving Student Population: Leadership, Sensemaking, and Inclusive Policy
 Sumbera (Salazar), Meagan., Salazar, Timothy. and Pazey, Barbara.

Homelessness comes to school: When poverty and education interact
 Tobin, Kerri. and Murphy, Joseph.

How An Urban Principal's Approach To Working With Low-Performing Teachers Affects School-Level Trust Relations
 Lane, John. and Youngs, Peter.

How Do We Measure It? A Review of Parent Engagement Indicators
 Salvador, Jessica., Fajardo, Ismael., Ishimaru, Ann. and Lott, Joe.

How Partnership Matters in Education: A Case of a Rural-Urban School Partnership Program in China
 Yan, Wenfan. and Han, Yumei.

How Teacher Evaluation Is Changing Educational Leadership: Lessons From New Jersey’s Pilot Teacher Evaluation Program
 Firestone, William., Blitz, Cindy., Kirova, Dessi. and Nordin, Timothy.

How to Find and Win International Grants in Educational Leadership
 Brooks, Jeffrey. and Sutherland, Ian.


ISLLC Standards Adoption: A State-Level Diffusion Study
 Berebitsky, Dan., McLendon, Michael. and Baumer, Patricia.

Impact of State Mandated Teacher Evaluation on Principals’ Leadership Roles: Case Study of a School District
 Bellibas, Mehmet. and Han, Jae.

Implementing Teacher Evaluation: Layers of Leadership
 Derrington, Mary Lynne.

Improving University/K-12 Educational Leadership Partnerships: What do we know since redesign?
 Reames, Ellen., Jimerson, Jo., Kochan, Frances. and Allen, Ann Sundstrom.

In the Aftermath of Sandy Hook: Revisiting School Violence Prevention
 Hachiya, Robert.

Indicators of Readiness for School Improvement: A Conceptual Framework for Leadership Development and School Support
 Yoon, Irene., Rorrer, Andrea. and Groth, Cori.

IndigiQ: Authentic research for Indigenous communities
 Francis, Lee., Janson, Chris. and Militello, Matthew.

Influences on District Designs for New Principal Professional Development
 Hall, John.

Innovative Leadership to Foster the Development of Diverse Communities in Spain
 Antúnez, Serafín., Silva, Patricia. and Slater, Charles.

Inspiring creativity and innovation in urban school leaders: Lessons from the arts
 Kaimal, Girija., Drescher, Jon. and Gonzaga, Adele.

Instructional Leadership for Resilience: Examining Mindfulness as Part of Data-driven Dialogue
 Gilbert, Barb. and Gates, Gordon.

Instructional Leadership in Chilean Elementary Schools
 Flessa, Joseph., Marfan, Javiera. and Anderson, Stephen.

International service and outreach in educational leadership
 Brooks, Melanie. and Khalifa, Muhammad.

Investing in Potential: Exploring Preservice Teachers’ Social Capital and Outcomes
 Liou, Yi-Hwa., Forbes, Cheryl., Hsuao, Joyce., Moolenaar, Nienke. and Daly, Alan.

Ironies and Limitations of Educational Leadership for Social Justice: A Call to Social Justice Educators
 Capper, Colleen. and Young, Michelle.

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Jennie D. Porter, Harriet Beecher Stowe School and the mis-identification of community interests
 Rousmaniere, Kate.

Joining Social Work Practices to the Educational Leadership Knowledge Base & Practice
 Bennett, Jo.

Just Between You and Me: The Role of Educational Brokers in the Diffusion of Data
 Daly, Alan., Finnigan, Kara., Moolenaar, Nienke., Che, Jing. and Liou, Yi-Hwa.

Justice Meets Tolerance: Implementing Restorative Justice Practices in Zero Tolerance Schools
 Lustick, Hilary.


Key district leadership practices that principals value
 Bedard, George. and Mombourquette, Carmen.


Latina Students, Social Action, and Early College High Schools: Do We Value Community Cultural Wealth?
 Locke, Leslie.

Latino parent involvement:: Testing the Hoover-Dempsey and Sandler model in a community school
 FitzGerald, Anne Marie. and White, George.

Leaders of Change: Improving School Performance
 Goode, Helen.

Leadership Lessons for Policy and Practice from School District Diversity and Equity Directors
 Mattheis, Allison.

Leadership Praxis: Mentoring Latina Principals in Doctoral Programs
 Rodriguez, Mariela., Castro, Jennifer., Martinez, Gloria. and Medina, Venus.

Leadership Teams within Latino and ELL-Serving Schools: Team Discourse Surrounding Accountability and ELL Student Learning
 Torres, Kathryn.

Leadership Transition and Community Engagement in an Urban Context
 Shannon, Katheryn.

Leadership and Teacher Evaluation: The Case of New Haven, CT
 Donaldson, Morgaen. and Papay, John.

Leadership and its Impacts on Educational Innovation: Two Case Studies
 Li, Huichun. and Du, Xiangyun.

Leadership for Diversity: Understanding Practices of Leaders Advocating for Racially Diverse Schools
 Diem, Sarah., Holme, Jennifer., Finnigan, Kara., Spring, Stephen. and Hyltom, Nadine.

Leadership for English Language Learner Programs: Uniting Policies, Practices, and Parents to Support Secondary Students
 Friend, Jennifer., Pecina, Uzziel., Wei, Michael. and Wang, Chiachih.

Leadership for Urban School Reform and Improved Neighborhood Outcomes
 Green, Terrance.

Leadership's Role in Defining Success for Freshmen of Color: Success as a Limiter of Opportunity
 Salisbury, Jason.

Leading Change Together: A Follow-up Study of Common Core Professional Development
 Wilbur, Sharon., Atkinson, Linda., Williams, Leslie. and Cate, Jean.

Leading Schools Under Accountability Sanction: Key Actions and Considerations
 Cosner, Shelby., Beecroft, Mary. and Trueheart, Martha.

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Margins and sidelines: Coaching is where the heart is
 Niño, Juan., Aguilar, Israel. and Edwards, Dessynie.

Mentoring Teachers in an Urban Environment: Black Mentors and White Mentees
 Shakeshaft, Charol. and Moss, Wendi.

Mentorship Programs for Junior Faculty: Highlighting the Need for Essential Professional Support Frameworks
 Angel, Roma., Nganga, Christine., Wallace, Leigh. and West, Deborah.

Models of Organizational Culture: Markets, Hierarchies and Networks in the Educational Leadership Case Literature
 Nordengren, Chase.

Moral Disengagement and a Relationship to Online Aggression
 George, R.., Byrd, Jimmy. and Brown, Stephanie.

More Than One Agenda: School Closures, Social Change and the Rhetoric of Participation
 Wilbon White, Tirza. and Steudeman, Michael.

Moving Beyond Evaluation and Compliance: Utilizing a Formative Assessment of Distributed School Leadership
 Blitz, Mark.


NCATE Accreditation as Collaborative Opportunity: The TenKeys® Model Applied to a School Leadership Program Experience
 Gardiner, Mary. and Tenuto, Penny.

National Goals in Context: How Principals and teachers Understand, Take Action and Shape the Context of Their Work
 Johansson, Olof. and Norberg, Katarina.

Natural Allies? Understanding Teacher-Parent Alliances as Resistance to Neo-liberal School Reform in England
 Stevenson, Howard. and Gilliland, Allison.

Navigating Educational Change in an Increasingly Complex and Interconnected State and Federal Policy Environment
 Airola, Denise. and Micheletto, Jackie.

Negotiating the Downward Rush: An Exploration of School Leaders’ Strategic Implementation of Accountability Policies
 Black, William. and Shircliffe, Barbara.


One Position, Dual Roles: Policy, Practice, and Principals under Mayoral Control
 Modeste, Marsha.

Optimizing Māori Academic Achievement (OMAA) through International, National, and Local Community Applied Critical Leadership
 Santamaria, Lorri. and Lee, Jenny.

Organizational (Dis)Advantage: How a School’s Social Context Affects Organizational Social Capital and School Performance
 Holme, Jennifer.

Organizational Contexts and Retention of Teacher of Colors
 Madsen, Jean. and Mabokela, Reitumetse.

Organizational Leadership Model: Its Relationship to Principal and Teacher Satisfaction
 Jackson, Karen.

Organizing instruction in new immigrant destinations: Leadership and infrastructure to support English Language Learners
 Lowenhaupt, Rebecca. and Hopkins, Megan.

Other Duties as Assigned: Analysis of High School Assistant Principal Job Descriptions
 Wallace, Leigh.

Overcoming Barriers to Women Leading Education Internationally
 Reilly, Elizabeth., Sobehart, Helen., Shakeshaft, Charol. and Lebental, Dana.


Partnership, student achievement and parental involvement: A multilevel growth curve analysis.
 Boncana, Mohomodou., Aleman, Enrique., Marriott, Christine., Kircher, John. and Hacker, Douglas.

People for Education: A critical policy history
 Winton, Sue. and Brewer, Curtis.

Perceptions and Use of Data: How Principals View Alternative Accountability Measures
 McMahon, Kelly.

Perceptions of Administrative Support and Follwer Readiness among Teachers: What Should Principals be Looking For?
 Methner, Gereon.

Persistent Legal Problems: Access and Justice Across the P-20 Continuum
 Ehrensal, Patricia., First, Patricia., Ordu, Chinasa., Stuart, Forrest., Vines, James. and Pindar, Lori.

Planning for Comprehensive Community Education Reform
 Miller, Peter., Bourgeois, Alexis., Barnicle, Alan., Harringa, Laura., Lac, Van., Pavlakis, Alexandra., Phillippo, Kate. and Scanlan, Martin.

Policies and practices to reduce poverty: Educator advocacy and homeless students
 Tobin, Kerri. and Murphy, Joseph.

Policy Conditions and an Analysis of the Effects of Mandated Principal Evaluation Processes
 Carlson, Cameron.

Power Dimensions of School Reform: The Limitation of Governance Systems
 Hubbard, Lea. and Martinez, Rose Linda.

Preparing Aspiring School Leaders to Engage Family and Community in Developing Meaningful and Sustainable Partnerships
 Sughrue, Jennifer., Hoffman, Sharon. and Campbell, Kathleen.

Preparing Principals as Culturally Responsive Leaders
 Gooden, Mark. and Dantley, Michael.

Preparing Teachers for Work in High-Poverty, Urban Schools
 Rollert, Kate.

Preservice Teachers of Color as Future Leaders in Ever-Diversifying American Schools and Communities
 Ali, Nazneen. and Castro, Antonio.

Principal Observation & Feedback: leading towards improvement in ambitious math instruction
 Rigby, Jessica., Munoz, Charlotte., Rosenquist, Brooks., Larbi-Cherif, Adrian., Cobb, Paul. and Smith, Thomas.

Principal Responses to Accountability, Autonomy, and Superintendent Change: Findings from a Large U.S. Urban School District
 West, Deborah., Peck, Craig., Reitzug, Ulrich. and Crane, Elizabeth.

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Qualitative Findings: Wallace Foundation Turnaround Principal Leadership Program
 Trahan, Mitzi. and Olivier, Dianne.

Quandaries of Building Democratic Community from Feminist and Generational Learning Perspectives
 Acker-Hocevar, Michele. and Touchton, Debra.

Queering the study of educational policymaking and politics
 Lugg, Catherine. and Murphy, Jason.


RISC: Rebuilding At -Risk Schools from the Community up
 Clemson, Christen.

RT3 and Me: A Case Study of One School's Progression through the Accountability Process
 Berry, Jami.

Race to the Top and School Improvement: What Counts as Innovation in Education?
 Anthony, Anika. and Watkins, Sharon.

Race-ing Away from Equity: How States’ Evaluation Systems are affected by Race to the Top
 Welton, Anjale. and Thomas, Christopher.

Raising the “Poverty” of Youth Voices from the Underground toward Critical Urban Youth Leadership
 Prier, Darius.

Reciprocal Dialogue Between Educational Decision Makers and Students of Color: Opportunities and Obstacles
 Bertrand, Melanie.

Reconceptualizing the Best Interests Doctrine for Professional Decision Making within a Prevailing Multileveled Neo-liberal Agenda
 Frick, William.

Redefining and Redesigning Leadership Preparation and the Roles of Assistant Principals
 Robinson, Kerry. and Driver, Barbara.

Redesigning a Doctorate in Educational Leadership: The Challenges of Internal and External Collaboration
 Jorissen, Kathleen., Lomotey, Kofi. and Brotherton, Dale.

Reengagement with formal education after dropping out of high school
 Swenson, Kristin., Orians, Erica. and Rorrer, Andrea.

Reflections on Perpetual Liminality
 Mansfield, Katherine.

Representing Refugee Communities: Educational Leaders as Agents of Non-Citizen Interests in School Decision-Making
 Hanna, Patricia.

Revitalizing the Executive Functions of Professional Organizations through Collaborative Action Learning
 Mullen, Carol., Rodriguez, Mariela. and Allen, Tawannah.

Rising Above the Constraints of Time and Mandates to Empower Principals’ Success: The Nexus of Performativity, Agency, and Efficacy
 Lindle, Jane., Klar, Hans., Knoeppel, Robert., Campbell, Michael., Reese, Kenyae. and Della Sala, Matt.

Role clarity and instructional technology support: A naturalistic examination within and across three high schools
 Becker, Jonathan. and Nash, Ann.

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School Board Decision Making: The Political Context of Diversity in Urban-Suburban Communities
 Diem, Sarah., Frankenberg, Erica. and Cleary, Colleen.

School Board Governance and Student Achievement: School Board Members' Perceptions of their Behaviors and Beliefs
 Plough, Bobbie.

School Leaders As Glocal Brokers In Indigenous Communities
 Sutherland, Ian.

School Leaders Language Attitudes in School Settings
 O\'Brien, Catherine. and Horejes, Thomas.

School Leadership Challenges Under No Child Left Behind: Lessons from UCEA's Project Voices from the Field: Phase 3
 Ivory, Gary., Acker-Hocevar, Michele., Ballenger, Julia. and Place, William.

School Leadership and Deaf Culture: A Case Study
 O\'Brien, Catherine. and Brooks, Jeffrey.

School Principals in Southern Thailand: Exploring Trust with Community Leaders during Conflict
 Brooks, Melanie.

School Principals' Perceptions of their Changing Roles: Ontario, Canada and the United States
 Pollock, Katina. and Murakami, Elizabeth.

School Security: For Whom and with What Results?
 Servoss, Timothy. and Finn, Jeremy.

School, Academy, Community Partnerships: Harnessing the Power of Democratic Design Spaces for the Improvement of Schools
 Perry, Jill., Dostilio, Lina., McCown, Rick. and Generett, Gretchen.

School’s democratic management and community participation: a study on two education systems in Rio de Janeiro
 Oliveira, Ana., Paes de Carvalho, Cynthia. and Lima, Maria de Fátima.

Seeking New Understandings of Persistent Challenges: A Call to Action to (Re)Unite Research, Policy, and Practice with Community
 Buckmaster, Jamie.

Seeking New Understandings of the Job of Assistant Principals
 Sun, Anna.

Serving the poorest of the poor: Seven strategies to help homeless students succeed in school
 Murphy, Joseph. and Tobin, Kerri.

Slow Journey on a Difficult Slope
 Gurr, David., Drysdale, Lawrie. and Goode, Helen.

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Talking about Race in Schools: The Role of the Principal in Overcoming Fear
 Palmer, Emily. and Louis, Karen.

Teacher Leadership: Framing Reform in Achievement through a New Conversation (FRANC)
 McLaughlin-Jones, Susan.

Teacher Learning in the Era of Extrinsic Incentives: Collaboration, Evaluative Threat, and the Lure of Money
 Mintrop, Rick., Hernandez, Laura. and Chong, Seenae.

Teachers, Leaders, and the Common Core: Supporting Educational Equity Under the Common Core State Standards
 Hodge, Emily.

Teachers' Placement in School: A Critical Dimension in School Management
 Bogler, Ronit. and Nir, Adam.

Teaching Educational Leadership in the Global Community
 Normore, Anthony. and Abaya, Joel.

Teaching Organizational Theory: A Junior Faculty Perspective on Leveraging Educational Leadership Cases in the Classroom
 Weathers, John., Spain, Angeline. and Woulfin, Sarah.

Telling Stories: What We Can Learn from the Life Stories of Effective Principals
 Gonzales, Richard.

The Administrative Internship: Looking for Evidence of Impact
 Carver, Cynthia., Klein, Suzanne. and Brady, Deirdre.

The Brown-Eyed Leaders of the Sun: Latina/o School Administrators Impacting Schools through Latina/o Identity
 Hernandez, Frank., Murakami, Elizabeth., Cerna, Joseph., Medina, Venus. and Martinez, Gloria.

The Catalyst: Developing a New Doctorate in Educational Leadership at High Point University
 Farrington, Vernon. and Mallory, Barbara.

The Changing Conditions of Instructional Leadership: Principals' Perceptions of Teacher Evaluation Accountability Mandates
 Derrington, Mary Lynne.

The Co-Principalship: A Leadership model for the future?
 Eckman, Ellen. and Porter, Amy.

The Complexities of Realizing Community: Assistant Principals as Community Leaders in Persistently Low-Achieving Schools
 Bukoski, Beth., Carpenter, Bradley., Berry, Matthew. and Mitchell, Amanda.

The Curious Case of Oklahoma: An Analysis of the Passage of Universal Pre-Kindergarten Legislation
 Bell, Christian.

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Understanding Community Strengths Using Social Ecological and Social Norming Theories for Diversity-Based Bullying Interventions
 Osanloo, Azadeh.

Understanding Community through Enabling School Structures and Academic Optimism in Professional Learning Communities
 Gray, Julie. and Mitchell, Roxanne.

Understanding and Working Successfully with the Rich Language, Cultural, Social Class, Ability, Gender, and Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Diversity in Schools
 Capper, Colleen.

Understanding and Working Successfully with the Rich Racial and Ethnic Diversity within Schools
 Mendez-Morse, Sylvia.

Understanding the Role of Chilean School Administrators in Achieving National Inglés Abre Puertas Goals
 O\'Malley, Michael., Nelson, Sarah., Jaramillo, Claudio. and Diaz, Mabel.

Unpacking “Everyone”: The assemblage of accountors to whom principals are accountable
 Hoffman, Alexander.

Unpacking “Everything”: The Array of Accountances for Which Principals Are Accountable
 Hoffman, Alexander.

Unveiling the policy vocabularies guiding the consideration of leadership effectiveness
 Carpenter, Bradley., Diem, Sarah. and Young, Michelle.

Urban School District-Researcher Partnerships to Support the Development of Math Specific Instructional Leadership Practices in Principals
 Henrick, Erin.

Use of Online Simulations For Problem-Based, Context-Rich Leadership Development Across the Educational Leadership Career Lifespan
 Bernstein, Eric. and Johanek, Michael.

Using Community to Support Student Research
 Zambo, Ronald., Zambo, Debby. and Buss, Ray.

Using Policy Archaeology to Reframe Practices for Selecting Principals: How Much Has Really Changed?
 Reynolds, Amy.

Using Staff Latino Members to Improve a School Culture: Los Abuelitos
 Bennett, Jo.


Values and Context: Comparing Preparation and Practice of Taiwan and U.S. Principals
 Vogel, Linda.


Walkthrough Teacher Evaluation: Empty Ceremony or Vital Activity
 Daresh, John. and Kennedy, Catherine.

What Are You Driving At? How School Leaders Use Data and Evidence for School-wide Improvement
 Rainey, Lydia.

What Internship Experiences Support Principal-Candidate Learning?
 Bellamy, Thomas., Portin, Bradley., Hopkins, Pamela. and Nordengren, Chase.

What are schools learning with accountability and improvement policies? Exploring Rio de Janeiro´s school network
 Koslinski, Mariane., Paes de Carvalho, Cynthia., Alfes, Fatima. and Macedo de Andrade, Felipe.

Who’s Leading Florida’s Schools: A Descriptive Analysis of the Principal Workforce in Florida
 Osborne-Lampkin, La\'Tara., Folsom, Jessica. and Herrington, Carolyn.

Working With the Community: Ethel Thompson Overby and Urban Civic Engagement: 1912-1947
 Randoplh, Adah.


Young, Gifted, Female and Black: The Journey to Becoming Who I Am
 Peters-Hawkins, April.
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