UCEA Annual Convention 2015-Nov-17 to 2015-Nov-24

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"I Have a Story To Tell": Identities of African American Female Secondary Principals
 Gray, Pamela.

(Trans)Generational and (Trans)Cultural Leadership: Embracing Critical, Chicana/o-Centric Frameworks in the (Re)Making of Educational Opportunity
 Aleman, Enrique.

3 Archetypes for Understanding How Urban School District Superintendents Approach Their Leadership and Policy Implementation Roles
 Holquist, Samantha.

‘What are We Restoring?' Leadership and Restorative Practices in Diverse Public Schools
 Lustick, Hilary.

“Education in American Society is….”: A Constructivist Analysis of Pre-Service Teacher Perceptions of Equity and Equality
 Johnson, Kayla., Barkauskas, Nik. and Brenner, Daniel.

“How honest should I be?” Becoming principals’ understanding of ethical leadership
 Norberg, Katarina.

“It’s up to us, the experts, to tell them”: Teacher Leadership in (Trans)national Solidarity Networks
 Stark, Lauren.

“Leading With Their Lives”: The Lives and Identities of Three Generations of Black and South Asian Headteachers in the UK – 1968 – 2015
 Johnson, Lauri.

“My Low Kids and My High Kids:” The Influence of Accountability Systems on Teachers’ Descriptions of Student Achievement
 Datnow, Amanda. and Park, Vicki.

“No Promo Homo”: Religion and the Politics of Texas Schools
 Thorson Jr., Michael. and Lugg, Catherine.

“Por Nuestros Hijos”: Latina/o Parent Leadership Retreats as Out of School Empowerment Spaces
 Nava, Pedro. and Lara, Argelia.

“Productive” or “Overwhelmed”? Principals’ Perspectives on Teacher Evaluation Reform
 Donaldson, Morgaen. and Woulfin, Sarah.

“Racism without Racist”, “Victims without ‘Crimes’”: Black Parental Involvement in the Age of Race Neutrality
 Phelps-Moultrie, Jada.

“Shoes on or Shoes Off?” Exploring New Educational Frontiers in Informal Online Learning Spaces
 Scott, Kimberly.

“That Wouldn’t Work Here”: Superintendents’ Responses to Speakers’ Presentations on Equity-Focused Leadership Practices
 Roegman, Rachel., Allen, David. and Hatch, Thomas.

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A Call for Balanced Governance
 Alsbury, Thomas.

A Case Study of Civic Capacity in the Development of a Rural Cradle-to-Career Partnership Council
 Zuckerman, Sarah.

A Case Study of the M.A. in Peace Studies Program at the University of Rwanda
 Doerrer, Sarah.

A Child’s Cry for Understanding: One Community’s Journey through Conversations on Difference
 Salaam, Omar.

A Child’s Cry for Understanding: One School Community’s Journey through Conversations on Difference
 Salaam, Omar.

A Collaborative Model for Developing an Innovative Professional Practice Dissertation
 Crow, Robert. and Jorissen, Kathleen.

A Comparative Analysis on Professional Development of Principal in Korea and Finland
 Kim, Minah. and Kim, Jinwon.

A Complete Measure of Teacher Empowerment: Examining Teachers’ Participative Decision Making in Alabama
 Liu, Jing.

A Critical Discourse Analysis on the Discursive Formations of Inclusion with Exceptional Student Education Directors
 Ramlackhan, Karen.

A First Look at the 5Essentials in Illinois Schools
 Gordon, Molly., Klugman, Joshua., Sporte, Susan. and Sebring, Penny.

A Forensic Approach Data Use and Equity
 Crenshaw, Hope.

A Framework for Examining How Market-Based Reforms Impact Female Leaders
 Jabbar, Huriya., Sun, Wei-Ling. and Lemke, Melinda.

A Grounded Theory Approach to Understanding Ethical Leadership with School Leaders in Southern Nigeria
 Egbufor, Dorothy.

A Invisible Low Performing Primary School in Transition - An English Example
 Day, Chris.

A Latino’s Life History: A re-examination through “brown” eyes
 Mota, Alma.

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Beyond Pep Rallies: RItual and Ceremony as Community-Building Strategies in Schools
 LaFave, Andrew.

Beyond School Climate: Development and Analysis of the Vibrant Schools Scale
 Clement, Davis., Feldstein, Linda., Hockaday, Marquita. and Tschannen-Moran, Megan.

Beyond School Climate: Instrument Development and Factor Analysis of the Vibrant Schools Scale
 Clement, Davis., Feldstein, Linda. and Hockaday, Marquita.

Beyond parent-teacher meetings: Engaging parents and community members in school leadership
 Koyama, Jill.

Beyond the Cacophony of State Takeovers: The Case of Minority Districts and the Constitution
 Oluwole, Joseph.

Beyond the Great Wall: Preparing Leaders to Reimagine Policy Implementation to Enhance Engagement and Well-Being
 Beard, Karen.

Beyond “the” Black Father: On Reconstructing Fatherhood
 Aguayo, Da\'vid.

Bilingual Teacher Leadership: A Mixed Methods Study of English Learner Parent Engagement
 Hopkins, Megan. and Lee, May.

Black Male Resilience: Narratives of Inner-City High School Graduates
 Muhammad, Farris.

Blended, Self-paced Mathematics Pedagogy Implementation in a Rural Middle School
 Wieczorek, Douglas. and Peterson, Kaitlin.

Board Leadership that Matters Most: Lessons Learned from the Lighthouse Studies
 Delagardelle, Mary. and Sessler, Renee.

Border Crossers: Teachers and Leaders Working on the "Border" between High School and College
 Locke, Leslie.

Border Culture vs. Testing Culture: Tensions and Negotiations of Principals in Border Community Schools
 Molera, Joan.

Bordering on Implementation: Faculty Integration of Teacher Evaluation Policy Changes into Leadership Preparation Curricula
 Chesnut, Colleen. and Stewart, Molly.

Bridging Borders: Boundary Spanners' Role in Fostering Equitable Educational Opportunities in New Immigrant Destinations
 Brezicha, Kristina. and Hopkins, Megan.

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Caring and Engagement in a Cosmopolitan Setting: The Case of Cosmopolitan School
 Walls, Jeff., Ryu, Jisu. and Johnson, Jason.

Caring and Engagement in a Cosmopolitan Setting: The Case of Cosmopolitan School
 Walls, Jeff., Ryu, Jisu. and Johnson, Jason.

Caring through the Eyes of Students: An Analysis of Caring in Transcultural Spaces
 Bass, Lisa.

Challenges and Opportunities for Education Leadership Scholarship
 Goff, Peter. and Finch, Maida.

Challenges to Female Educational Managers in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa (KPK) Pakistan
 Khan, Sumaira.

Challenging Incivility with Civility: How Communication and Negotiation can Transform a Hostile Environment
 West, Deborah., Angel, Roma., Wallace, Leigh. and Nganga, Christine.

Changing Lives, Becoming Intercultural: Building Leadership Capacity Through School-Based Study Abroad Immersion Experiences
 Angel, Roma. and Gilway, Jessica.

Changing Principalships: The Identity Pathways of Two New Zealand School Leaders
 Notman, Ross.

Characteristics and Career Pathways of District Leaders in Texas from 1993 to 2013
 Fuller, Ed. and Hollingworth, Liz.

Chicago Teacher Union Strikes of 1987, 2012 and Possibly 2015: Lessons Learned from Jacqueline and Karen
 Israel, Marla.

Chican/o K-16 Policy, Partnership and Leadership: A Critically Reflective Analysis of Ten Years of Community-Based Scholarship
 Aleman, Enrique.

Chinese Students’ Perceptions of Freedom of Expression: Implications for Comparative Research on Civil Liberties
 Torres, Mario., Qin, Lixia. and Yue, Jessica.

Cognitive Language Inventory Across the Standards: Implications for the Next Generation Principal
 Winn, Kathleen.

Collaborative Neighborhood-University Resistance to the Destruction Of an Urban Black Community and Its Neighborhood Schools
 Scheurich, Jim. and Anderson, Jantina.

Collective Action to Address Chronic Absenteeism
 Childs, Joshua.

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Dangers Unforeseen: Inequity in Teacher Assignment for Underrepresented Teachers
 Stanley, Darrius.

Decision-Making for Promotion of Social Capital: Understanding Context for Serving Latino Families
 Gil, Elizabeth.

Decision-Making in School Racial Conflict: Challenges of Leadership for Social Justice
 Martin, Allison., Yoon, Irene. and Fluckiger, J. Janell.

Decolonizing School Leadership: A Literature Review of Indigenous Culturally Responsive Leadership
 Khalifa, Muhammad.

Defining “Comparable”: An Analysis of Reduction in Force Provisions in Ohio School Districts
 Willis, Chris., Ingle, William. and Herd, Ann.

Defying the norm: Providing equitable educational opportunities for refugee students
 DeMartino, Linsay.

Delving into the Drama in School Leadership
 Cranston, Jerome. and Kusanovich, Kristin.

Democratic ethical educational leadership: Reclaiming school reform
 Gross, Steven. and Shapiro, Joan.

Deploying Proven Principals as Leader Developers: A Strategic Approach to Leadership Development and District Improvement
 Gonzales, Richard., Davis, Bradley. and Williams, Ysanne.

Design-Based Research: A New Research Paradigm For Collaboratively Developing More Effective Approaches for Increasing Equity
 Pogrow, Stanley.

Desirablizing Whiteness: Understanding a Phenomenon of Passion and Practice
 Radd, Sharon. and Grosland, Tanetha.

Developing Partnership in Cross Sector Alliances in the Field of Civic Education
 Eyal, Ori. and Gross Yarm, Marissa.

Developing Teacher Leadership: Insights from Literatures on Work Redesign and Leadership Development
 Eckert, Jonathan. and Smylie, Mark.

Developing a Framework for the Selection of Educational Leadership Indicator Systems: Examining VAL-ED and CALL
 Blitz, Mark., Salisbury, Jason. and Goff, Peter.

Developing ethical leaders through the interpretation of ISLLC standards in transition
 Bass, Lisa., Frick, William. and Young, Michelle.

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Early Effects of the Massachusetts Performance Assessment for Leaders
 Leonard, Jack.

Ecological Framework for Reframing Community Partnerships
 Militello, Matthew.

Ecology of Community: Neighborhoods, Culture and Politics as Influence on Development
 Guajardo, Francisco.

Ecology of Organization: Families, Schools and Social Groups as Mediating Forces for Development
 Guajardo, Miguel.

Ecology of Self: Exploring the Learner as a Unit of Analysis
 Janson, Chris.

Education Reform in a Rural Community: A Social Frontier Analysis of Cross-Sector Practice
 Miller, Peter. and Scanlan, Martin.

Education Superintendents’ Vision Casting on Free Lunch for All Children in Korea: Political Rhetoric or Reality?
 Kim, Hye-Sook., Lee, Dong-Yup. and Moon, Chan-Soo.

Educational Attainment for Teen Mothers
 Smith, Kortney.

Educational Leadership Students’ Gendered Experiences with Mentoring: A Diversification of Methodological Approaches
 Welton, Anjale., Mansfield, Katherine. and Lee, Pei-Ling.

Educational Leadership and Societal Culture: The Changing Role of School Principals in Kazakhstan
 Yakavets, Natallia.

Educational Leadership as Mediational Praxis Against Social Injustices in Education Settings
 Jenlink, Patrick.

Educational Leadership for Community Development
 Garcia, Samuel.

Educational Leaders’ Thinking about School Improvement between PDSA and Garbage Can
 Mintrop, Rick. and Zumpe, Elizabeth.

Educational Stratification and Ability Grouping in Early Grades Reading Instruction
 Patrick, Susan.

Effects of Texas’ Top Ten Percent Plan on Students’ Educational Planning: A Systematic Review
 Tabron, Lolita.

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Filling the Void: A Grounded Theory Approach to Addressing Teacher Recruitment and Retention in Urban Schools
 Wronowski, Meredith.

Filling the void: A grounded theory approach to addressing teacher recruitment and retention in urban schools
 Wronowski, Meredith.

Forgotten Leaders: An Urgency of On-The-Job Professional Development for Assistant Principals
 Sun, Anna.

Founding FIU: Exploring Latino/Caribbean Identity as Institutional Identity
 delcarmen Guzmán, Amaris.

From Affirmative Action to Percent Plans in Texas College Admissions
 Tabron, Lolita.

From Black Boys to Men: Navigating K-12 Through the Eyes of Black Dads
 Wright, James. and Khalifa, Muhammad.

Frontera Education: Cultivating a Transnational / Transcultural Curriculum in a Jesuit Secondary School Setting
 Rodriguez, Jesus. and Alcantar, Christine.

Fulfilling the Dream: The Influence of PK-12 Leaders on the Educational Trajectory of Undocumented Immigrant Students
 Lozano, Roberto.


Going Global: Promoting Cross-Cultural Competence with Web2.0 and Social Media Tools
 Machado, Crystal.

Going the extra mile: Understanding the role of women mentors for female refugee students
 Ghosh, Sowymya.

Governance Practices that Improve Student Achievement
 Levine, Dr. Mark.


Hearing Silenced Voices: Equitable Education for Deaf Students
 O\'Brien, Catherine.

Heirs of the Struggle: A Historical Perspective of Black Parents and Parent Involvement Literature
 Phelps-Moultrie, Jada.

Heteronormativity in Texas Schools: The Impact of Practices, Policies, and Curriculum on Gay White Students
 Thorson Jr., Michael.

Hide and Seek: Searching for what is Hidden in a Demographically Distributed Curriculum
 Gentner, Carrie.

Hierarchical Multivariate Regression of School Climate and Principal Job Satisfaction
 Liu, Yan. and Bellibas, Mehmet.

Homophobic State of Mind: Queering School Climates in Texas
 Thorson Jr., Michael., Baker, Joseph. and Slattery, Patrick.

How Aspiring Ant-Racist School Leaders Make Sense of the Racial Discipline Gap
 Lippa, Amy., Lehr, Meghan., Hall, Dottie. and Gooden, Mark.

How Board Governance Behaviors Effect Student Achievement
 Lorentzen, Ivan. and McCaw, Bill.

How Distributed Leadership Allied with Instructional Leadership Impacts School Climate?
 Bellibas, Mehmet. and Liu, Yan.

How Instructional Coaches Shape Teachers’ Sensemaking Around Data Use
 Snodgrass Rangel, Virginia., Bell, Elizabeth. and Monroy, Carlos.

How Multiple School and Principal Factors Impact Distributed Leadership
 Liu, Yan., Bellibas, Mehmet. and Printy, Susan.

How Principals Effect Change: A Multiple Case Study
 Olsen, Dorian., Asikin-Garmager, Asih., Winn, Kathleen. and Hollingworth, Liz.

How Strong School Leaders Help Improve Instruction and Learning: Evidence from 12 Chicago Public Schools
 Pareja, Amber., Hart, Holly. and Gordon, Molly.

How Superintendents Use Stories to Promote Positive Change
 Aidman, Barry.

How did African American Male Superintendents in Texas Traditional Public Schools Navigate the Superintendency?
 Cheatom, Jerry. and Garza, Encarnacion.

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Identifying Opinion Leaders and Mining Topics of the #EdPolicy Discourse on Twitter
 Fikis, David. and Wang, Yinying.

Identities of Female Educational Manager in Khyber Pukhton Khwa : Critical Discourse Analysis
 Khan, Sumaira.

Implementing a New Teacher Evaluation System in Portugal and a Southeastern U.S. State: Lessons Learned
 Derrington, Mary Lynne.

Improvement Fluency: Surfacing Conceptual Hurdles to Improvement Science
 Laird, David., Cannata, Marisa. and Motilal, Geeta.

Inconvenient, but Essential: Impact and Influence of School-Community Partnerships on Principals’ Work and Workload
 Hauseman, D.., Pollock, Katina. and Wang, Fei.

Indicators for Effectively Building Networks for Increased Research Use in Practice
 Briscoe, Patricia., Pollock, Katina., Campbell, Carol. and Carr-Harris, Shasta.

Influences on School Marketplace Decisions: Examining Transfers to Charter Schools
 Frankenberg, Erica., Kotok, Stephen., Schafft, Kai. and Mann, Bryan.

Integrated Educational Leadership: A Case Study Examining the Leadership Practices of A High School Principal
 Erdos, Adam.

International Student Teaching Experiences as Transpositional Learning Spaces that Affirm the Process of Becoming Intercultural
 Gilway, Jessica.

Invite Me to Lead and Allow Me to Lead: Factors Affecting Teacher Leaders' Identity
 Judkins, Maryann.

It’s Personal! Twitter Communication Between School Districts, Superintendents, and the Public
 Wang, Yinying.


Judicial Interpretations of Opportunity: Overcoming Traditional Political Culture to Advocate for Improved Practice
 Knoeppel, Robert., Soles, Misty. and Lindle, Jane.

Justice in Schools: A Large-scale Response in Los Angeles
 Campos, Hector.

Justice in the Gaps: Principals’ Use of Data to Address the Opportunity Gap
 Flores, Osly. and Gunzenhauser, Michael.


Las Mujeres: Latina Educational Leaders in Texas
 Almager, Irma., Mendez-Morse, Sylvia. and Murakami, Elizabeth.

Latina Culturally Responsive Leadership
 Mendez-Morse, Sylvia. and Pedroza, Anna.

Latina/o School Principals as Instructional Leaders
 Niño, Juan., Hernandez, Frank. and Valle, Fernando.

Latina/o School Principas and the Intersectionality of Professional Identity and Race
 Murakami, Elizabeth., Valle, Fernando. and Almager, Irma.

Latino/a Educatioanl Leaders in Texas: An overview of 2015 NLLP data
 Hernandez, Frank.

Leaders as Local Policy Implementers: How School Leaders Influence the Opportunity to Learn for ELLs
 Mavrogordato, Madeline. and White, Rachel.

Leaders for Equity: Aligning Culturally Progressive Belief Systems with Progressive Educational Strategies in International Settings.
 McBain, Laura. and Umpstead, Gina.

Leaders' Insights About Their Practices in an Improvement Initiative: Combining Frameworks of Practice and Process
 Morgan, Melissa Anderson.

Leadership Across Organizational Boundaries: Reimagining the Central Office- A Literature Review
 Cingel, Ana. and DeSander, Marguerita.

Leadership Development in Affordable Private Schools in Developing Nations
 Cordeiro, Paula., Spencer, Joi. and Brion, Corinne.

Leadership Lessons from the ‘Prudent Subaltern’: Critical Policy Appropriations at the Transnational/Transcultural Texas-Vietnamese School Border
 Nguyen, Thu Suong. and Maxcy, Brendan.

Leadership Portfolios: Content Analysis of Alternative Dissertation Capstone Projects
 Buttram, Joan., Farley-Ripple, Elizabeth. and Archbald, Doug.

Leadership Practice Around Poverty and Homelessness in a Suburban Frontier
 Pavlakis, Alexandra.

Leadership Studies or Principal Licensure? Mismatches in Institutional Production and Employment Outcomes across Three State Contexts
 Black, William. and Danzig, Arnold.

Leadership and Governance Patterns in Schools of Native and Immigrant Students Exhibiting High Mathematics Performance
 Dell-Ross, Theresa. and Oshima, Chris.

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Managerial and Operational Equity Gaps Across Districts Piloting Performance-Pay Programs for Teachers
 Dechert, Kristen. and Reid, Derick.

Mapping Barriers to School Improvement
 Casebeer, Daniel.

Mapping “Pop-Up” Newcomer Programs: Why so unsustainable?
 Patton, M. Chandler.

Mapping “Pop-Up” Newcomer Programs: Why So Unsustainable?
 Patton, M. Chandler.

Measuring School Technology Leadership Practices
 Dexter, Sara. and Morgan, Melissa Anderson.

Mentoring Student Leadership: A comparative Case Study of Student Success Development
 Westlake, Renee. and Ruff, William.

Merecouremechen Kihoe- “You Are Welcome Here”: Segregation and a Rural Native American Charter School
 Burt, Janeula. and Thompson Dorsey, Dana.

Middle Class Parents, Urban Schools, and Gentrification: Implications for School Leadership
 McGhee, Chy., Enumah, Lisette., Patton, M. Chandler., Haynes, Aisha. and Bacigalupe, Tatiana.

Middle to High School Transition and the Institutional Culture of Care
 Cooper, Robert., Sanchez, Shena., Munzer, Alison. and Jenkins, DeMarcus.

Mindful Instructional Leadership: Initial Factor Analysis and Results of a Statewide Survey of Principals
 Rodriquez, Jenny., Gates, Gordon., Kruse, Sharon. and Luckett, Kathleen.

Missed Opportunities to Learn: How Data Use for Accountability Undermines Equitable Science Education
 Braaten, Melissa., Bradford, Chris., Barocas, Sadie. and Kirchgasler, Kathryn.

Muslim Girlhood Public Schooling Experiences
 Hozien, Wafa.


NCLB and School Principals
 Mitani, Hajime.

Nascent Networked Improvement Communities in Bilingual Schools
 Scanlan, Martin.

Navigating Contested Spaces: Principals Leading for Social Justice in a Demoralized Urban High School
 Swanson, Jason., Horsley, Heather., Whalen, Sam., Tozer, Steven. and Hebert, Martha.

Neoliberalism as Warfare: Making Connections Across International Contexts
 Marsh, Tyson.

New Approaches to Preparing Practitioners for Applied Research, and Supporting Collaboration Among Schools and Districts
 Seidel, Kent.

New Frontiers in Leading for Student Belongingness in PK-12 Schools: A Teaching Case Study
 Tenuto, Penny., Yamamoto, Julie. and Gardiner, Mary.

New Public Management, Educational Leaders, and The “New Professional”: A Framework for Studying Educator Resistance
 Anderson, Gary. and Cohen, Michael.

Next Generation by Design: Bridging the Participation Gap in After School Programs
 Burch, Patricia.

Not One More! The Emergence of a Dual Language on the Texas-Mexico Border
 Izquierdo, Elena. and DeMatthews, David.


On the Fence: A Portraiture of an Effective Principal Balancing Instructional and Social Justice Leadership
 DeMatthews, David. and Izquierdo, Elena.

Online Branching Simulations to Assess School Leadership Development—State, National, and International Perspectives
 Bernstein, Eric., Volante, Paulo., Johanek, Michael., Valenzuela, Luis. and Mazza, Joe.

Organizational Competence and Investment in the Professional Development of Teachers: The Case of Minnesota
 Alexander, Nicola. and Jang, Sung Tae.

Organizational Health: An Essential Component for Creating Culturally Competent Schools
 Zamora, Roberto. and Hernandez, Rosalinda.

Out of the Sombra: One Afro-Latino Making His Way in Educational Leadership
 Garcia, Wellinthon. and Byrne-Jiménez, Mónica.

Out of the Sombra: One Afro-Latino Making His Way in Educational Leadership
 Garcia, Wellinthon. and Byrne-Jiménez, Mónica.


Paper #1: “Conversations” about Race and Privilege In An Educational Leadership Class
 Zarate, Maria.

Parent Involvement in K-12 Online Settings: Are We Meeting the Needs of Underserved Students?
 May, Judy.

Parent Perceptions of Parental Engagement
 Fernández, Erica. and Femc-Bagwell, Michele.

Pedagogies/Curriculum for Cultural Competence, Transformation and Social Justice
 Barakat, Maysaa., Bogotch, Ira. and Schoorman, Dilys.

Pedagogy as Tension: Leadership Implications for a Post-Standardized Education
 King, Jeffry.

Perceptions of School Test Coordinators on Implementing a High-Stakes Computer-Based Testing Program
 Hogan, Tiffany., Fournillier, Janice. and Oshima, Chris.

Performance Management in Public Charter Schools: Crowding-out Effects and Teacher Motivation to Learn around Instruction
 Mintrop, Rick., Ordenes, Miguel., Coghlan, Erin. and Pryor, Laura.

Performed Identity Online: The Case of School Administrators on Twitter
 Cho, Vincent. and Jimerson, Jo.

Philosophical ethics education in early childhood: A proposal
 Burroughs, Michael.

Photo-Elicitation: An Alternative Research Method for Investigating Student Perceptions of School
 Torre, Daniela. and Murphy, Joseph.

Pipelines to Educational Leadership: Are Women Leaning in or Backing Out?
 Ward, Kelly., McDonald, Teena. and Hill, Glenys.

Pivoting as a Metaphor for the Pedagogical Relationship
 King, Jeffry.

Post Arab Spring: A Transnational Case Study on Teacher Leadership
 AbdelRahman, Nahed., Irby, Beverly., Lara-Alecio, Rafael. and Tong, Fuhui.

Post-Secondary Institutions and Publishing Houses: Addressing the Needs of Military and Other Non-Traditional Students
 Mungal, Angus.

Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceptions About the Teaching Practicum Under a New Initiative in China
 Qin, Lixia. and Villarreal, Elsa.

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Race to the Top and Teacher Professional Development: Lesson Study District Policy and Practice in Florida
 Wilkinson, Gareth. and Akiba, Motoko.

Race/Ethnicity and Gender Equity in Illinois High School Career and Technical Education STEM Coursework
 Fuller Hamilton, Asia., Malin, Joel. and Hackmann, Donald.

Racialized Bodies: Somali Youth Experiences in Schools
 Abdi, Nimo.

Re-Imagining School Leader Advocacy for Undocumented Immigrant Students
 Crawford, Emily. and Valle, Fernando.

Re-Imagining Support Systems for First-Generation Latino Students as they transition to Higher Education
 Brazil-Cruz, Lisceth. and Martinez, Siria.

Re-Imagining the Frontiers of Education for Rural Low-Income Students
 Elue, Chinasa.

Re-imagining Assessment and Evaluation: Disrupting Prior Beliefs Through Experiential Learning
 Cantu, Yvette., Rocha, Patricia., Hernandez, Yvonne. and Hill, Alicia.

Re-imagining Evaluation and Assessments Through Experiential Learning and Action Oriented Research
 Cantu, Yvette., Rocha, Patricia., Hernandez, Yvonne. and Hill, Alicia.

Re-imagining the Frontiers of Educational Opportunity: Mapping Race, Place, and Opportunity Hoarding
 Green, Terrance., Germain, Emily. and Sanchez, Joanna.

Re-imagining the School to Prison Pipeline: Leadership within Your Sphere of Influence
 Cowan, Dionne.

Reconstructing and Reimagining the Work of Instructional Coaches: A Feminist Perspective
 Crowell, Lyn. and Baray, Sarah.

Redefining School Quality: Using School Improvement Research to Guide the Future of School Accountability Policy
 Urick, Angela. and Wilson, Alison.

Redescubriendo nuestro poder (rediscovering our power): Latina Mothers Becoming Social Justice Educational Leaders
 Rodela, Katherine.

Reframing Policy Discourse on the School-to-Prison Pipeline: School Disciplinary Policy Reform in Texas
 Sun, Wei-Ling.

Reframing Policy Discourse on the School-to-Prison Pipeline: School Disciplinary Policy Reform in Texas
 Sun, Wei-Ling. and Rubio, Brenda.

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SIG Efforts on the Reservation: Reform or Continuation of Assimilation?
 Mette, Ian. and Stanoch, Jason.

STEMujeres: A Multi-case Study of the Life Her-stories of Latina Engineers
 Vielma, Karina.

Scaffolding International Comparative EdD Education: Graduating Educational Leaders with a Transcultural Perspective
 Owens, Michael. and Eyermann, Therese.

Scholarship Program Design, Context, and Intergenerational Mobility: An Examination of Place, Policy, and Educational Equity
 Niemeyer, Arielle. and Shakeshaft, Charol.

School Leader Competency Development: The Important Interaction Between Exemplary Program Features
 Cosner, Shelby., Walker, Lisa., Swanson, Jason., Hebert, Martha., Mayrowetz, David., Whalen, Sam., Hoisington Hutchinson, Anne. and Shabaker, Michelle.

School Leadership and Resource Allocation in Segregated Schools in the US South
 Williams, Sheneka. and Grooms, Ain.

School Principals’ Wellness and Job Satisfaction: The Effect of Work Intensification
 Wang, Fei., Pollock, Katina. and Hauseman, D..

School Processes and Student Disengagement: A National Study Based on SASS 2011-12 Data
 Qin, Shen., Xia, Jiangang. and Xia, Yan.

School Public Relations - Parents as Strategic Partners
 Badgett, Kevin., Garrett, Jessica. and Seybert, Jennifer.

School Staff Stability and Its Influence on Student Learning Growth
 Yoon, Sun Young.

School as a Dreamcatcher: Reorienting the Principalship in Southwestern Borderlands of Kenya
 Abaya, Joel., Momanyi, Eric., Nyamwaya, Calvin. and Njeri, Caroline.

Segregation in Arizona: Documenting the Trajectory of Segregation in a Majority-Minority State
 Powers, Jeanne.

Service and Learning For Whom? : Toward a Critical Decolonizing Bicultural Service Learning Pedagogy
 Hernandez, Kortney.

Set up to fail? How state- and school-level policies silence multicultural school communities
 Fetman, Lisa.

Shifting Identities: Negotiating the Dynamics of Race and Gender in the Transition to Administration in Canada
 Armstrong, Denise.

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Taking Action on the Common Core: Organizational Expectation, Teacher Beliefs, and Motivation
 Liou, Yi-Hwa., Lo, Yun-Jia., Daly, Alan. and Vodicka, Devin.

Talent Management Leadership for Teacher Leader Development and Sustainability
 Campbell, Linda.

Teacher Beliefs on the Purpose of Evaluation within a Culturally Diverse, Urban School District
 Mize, Nicolas.

Teacher Effectiveness: Examining the Relationship Between Teacher Grit and Teacher Self-Efficacy
 Dobbins, Deanna.

Teacher Effectiveness: Examining the Relationship Between Teacher Grit and Teacher Self-Efficacy
 Dobbins, Deanna.

Teacher Evaluation Policy Implementation in North Carolina: How Principals View Teachers’ Facilitation of Student Learning
 Hinnant-Crawford, Brandi., Weiler, Jess. and Jorissen, Kathleen.

Teacher Evaluation and Reliability: Additional Insights Gathered from Inter-rater Reliability Analyses
 Zepeda, Sally. and Jimenez, Albert.

Teacher Leaders Building Social Capital: Using Modeling to improve Professional Community
 Benedict, Mark.

Teacher Mindsets and Depth of Change during School-based Interventions
 Patrick, Susan.

Teacher Performance Management as Inducement, Incentive, Judgment, and Obligated Procedure
 Mintrop, Rick., Ordenes, Miguel., Pryor, Laura. and Coghlan, Erin.

Teacher Reflections on Effective Observation Feedback
 Scott, Margaret.

Teacher Satisfaction and Race: The Impact of Teacher-Principal Race Matching
 Viano, Samantha. and Hunter, Seth.

Teacher Self-Regulatory Climate (TSRC): Conceptualizing an Indicator of Leader Support for Teachers’ Learning and Development
 Ford, Timothy. and Ware, Jordan.

Teacher Ties between Subgroups and Professional Community
 Jansen, Kimberly. and Jess, Nicole.

Teacher and Administrator Perspectives on Evaluation Reform
 Jiang, Jennie., Sporte, Susan. and Luppescu, Stuart.

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UCEA Professors’ Perceptions of Principal Preparation Program Challenges in Developing Candidates for Instructional Leadership
 Hayes, Sonya.

Under Pressure in Atlanta: School Accountability and Disability Practices during the Cheating Scandal
 Saultz, Andrew., Aronson, Brittany. and Murphy, Kristin.

Understanding Ethical Drift in Educational Leadership
 Jenlink, Patrick. and Embry Jenlink, Karen.

Understanding Family Contexts: Voices from Mexico about Roles in Education
 Schalla, Lisa.

Understanding Principal Labor Market and Principal Distribution across Utah’s Public Schools
 Ni, Yongmei. and Yan, Rui.

Understanding Principals’ Experiences with the Biennial Leadership Audit: A Phenomenology
 Davis, Charles., Ellison, III, Joseph., Kissling, Roger., Wisman, R.. and Lewis, Tiffanie.

Understanding the Acculturation Experience of Texas High School Graduates who were English Language Learners
 Rodriguez, Joseph.

Understanding the Work of a Multi-District Superintendent
 Hall, Daniella. and McHenry-Sorber, Erin.

University and School Partnerships: What’s a Sustainable Alliance for Equitable and Successful Schooling?
 Hampshire, Ellen. and Lindle, Jane.

Urban District Central Office’s Role in Instructional Improvement: A Review of the Literature
 Rigby, Jessica. and Henrick, Erin.

Urban school principal preparation in the Gauteng province of South Africa: A balanced approach
 Kekana, Zukiswa.

Using Data for Instructional Improvements: Conditions and Contexts that Matter
 Farrell, Caitlin. and Marsh, Julie.

Using Higher Education to Build Nations: A Phenomenology of Giving Back within Native Contexts
 Salis Reyes, Nicole Alia.

Utilizing Critical Policy Analysis to Examine the Politics and Implementation of Present-day School Desegregation Plans
 Diem, Sarah.

Utilizing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to Drive Mutually Beneficial School and Community Transformation
 Dugan, Thad.


Validating an Instructional Leadership Profile of Turkish Primary School Principals with the PIMRS
 Hallinger, Philip.

Viable and Effective Alternatives: Preparing Leaders for Non-Traditional Schools
 Cooper, Kristy. and Rollert, Kate.

Vision in Practice: Principals’ Perceptions of School Vision and Its Manifestations
 Mombourquette, Carmen. and Bedard, George.

Visionary planning and Eagle Ford Shale: A Cross-Case Study of Rural School Superintendents as Sense-Makers
 Hemmer, Lynn., Aguilar, Israel. and Fleming, Kathleen.

Voices From the Field: Stories of Social Justice Superintendents
 Weems, Mark. and Baray, Sarah.

Voices of Educational Administration Internship Mentors
 Clayton, Jennifer. and Thessin, Rebecca.

Voices of the New Majority: Singing a New Scholarly Song
 Haan, Jennifer., Lozano, Roberto., López-Askin, Amanda. and Melendez, Marlene.


What Makes a Good Teacher? An Exploratory Study of Teacher Hiring in Belize
 Ingle, William. and Abla, Zipporah.

What Makes a Successful School Principal? Incorporating School Principal Background in State and District Policy
 Pierson, Ashley.

What are Teachers Doing to Educate Refugee Students? Examining Efforts at One Elementary School
 Okilwa, Nathern. and Haupert, Kerry.

When Principals Support Teacher Learning: Relationships between Context and Instructional Leadership Practice
 Venkateswaran, Nitya.

When Teachers Recognize their Principals’ Leadership
 Oliveira, Ana. and Paes de Carvalho, Cynthia.

When Two Become One: School-Parent-Community Relationships in the Wake of a Public School Closure
 Cleary, Colleen.

Where Policy Meets Practice: The Social Networks of School Principals in Science Education
 Marshall, Stefanie.

Where is the Real Reform?: African American Students and Their School’s Expectations for Academic Performance
 Liou, Daniel.

Where’s the Leadership in Teacher Leadership? Implementing New Teacher Leadership Roles in one Urban District
 Donaldson, Morgaen.

White Women, Black Students, and School Desegregation: Transcultural Encounters and Advocacy Leadership in the West
 Horsford, Sonya. and Sampson, Carrie.

Who Closes and Why? School and Communal Factors that Predict School Closures
 Baxley, Gwendolyn.

Whose College Readiness Is It Anyways: College Readiness, Cultural Capital, and Pre-College Transition Programs
 Gray, Nakia.

Why Principalship Succession and Socialization Matter in Charter Schools?
 Gawlik, Marytza.

Women Creating a Transcultural Space in Higher Education Leadership
 Halstead, Tammy. and McKenzie, Kelly.

Women Faculty in Educational Leadership: Cross Cultural Mentoring and Distributing Leadership
 Karanxha, Zorka., Agosto, Vonzell., Bristol, Laurette. and Nganga, Christine.
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