UCEA Annual Convention 2016-Nov-14 to 2016-Nov-21

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"No One Told Me How to Do It": Leading for Partnerships in a Community School
 FitzGerald, Anne Marie. and Quiñones, Sandra.

#dpsStudentFightsBack: When Students Write the City through Urban Policy Discourse
 Ulmer, Jasmine.

(Re)constructing the language of the Achievement Gap to an Opportunity Gap: Three African American women counternarrative
 Flores, Osly.

5th Year Seniors: Persisting vs Dropping Out
 White, Gregory.

‘So Close, Yet So Far’: Social Justice Leaders on Both Sides of the Texas-Mexico Border
 Coviello, James.

“Finding that Balance”: Choosing between Culture, Content, and College Readiness at One International High School
 Miranda, Chandler.

“It was a life-threatening problem”: Critical moments expreienced by parents and (re)framing parental engagement
 Fernández, Erica. and Femc-Bagwell, Michele.

“I’m exhausted, it never stops”: Principals, vulnerable students, and compassion fatigue in challenging school contexts
 DeMatthews, David., Izquierdo, Elena. and Carrola, Paul.

“La escuela era lo mejor para ellos”: Mexican immigrant parents reflecting on parental engagement experiences
 Fernández, Erica.

“Leading from the middle”: Exploring stories of women working for change in PK-12 Schools
 Broadhurst, Christopher., Locke, Leslie., Ardoin, Sonja. and Johnson, Jaime.

“Not convinced 'these' students meet our criteria”: Exclusive graduate education in educational administration programs
 Boske, Christa., Elue, Chinasa., Osanloo, Azadeh. and Sherman Newcomb, Whitney.

“Playing in different ends of the sandbox”: Social identity and relationships at co-located school sites
 Huguet, Alice.

“The Souls of Our Children are at Stake”: A Principal Takes a Stand
 Rivera-McCutchen, Rosa.

“We’re Good! Leave us alone!” School board sense-making of accountability reporting
 Hall, Daniella.

“Why” Before “How”: Framing Technology Reform in Houston Independent School District
 Casalaspi, David.

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A Case Study of Informal Mentoring: Interactional Patterns
 Du, Fengning. and WANG, QI.

A Case Study of Intersection between Structure and Agency in Indonesia
 Asikin-Garmager, Asih.

A Critical Policy Analysis of the 3rd Grade Reading Guarantee in Ohio
 Weiland, Cleighton.

A Decade Later: The Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Racial Segregation in New Orleans Schools
 Kotok, Stephen., Beabout, Brian. and Nelson, Steven.

A Developmental School Learning Trajectory: a conceptual framework to support organizational learning
 Rigby, Jessica., Lenges, Anita., Kazemi, Elham., Gibbons, Lynsey. and Forman, Stephanie.

A Federal Lever for School Integration: New Opportunities and Challenges for Magnet Schools
 Siegel-Hawley, Genevieve., Frankenberg, Erica., Levy, Rachel. and Ayscue, Jennifer.

A Framework for Bridging Curriculum Theory/Didaktik with Educational Leadership Studies: Discursive Educational Leadership
 Ylimaki, Rose. and Uljens, Michael.

A Measure of Efficiency Between Charter schools and Traditional Public Schools in Michigan
 Carrauthers, Michael.

A Mixed Methods Study of Teacher Evaluation Reforms and Micropolitics in Illinois
 Conrad, David.

A Mixed-Methods Analysis of the Role of Geography in Community College Students' Decision-Making about Transfer Institutions
 Jabbar, Huriya., Sanchez, Joanna. and Epstein, Eliza.

A New Look at Teacher Turnover: Understanding the Geography of Instability in Schools
 Holme, Jennifer., Jabbar, Huriya., Germain, Emily., Edwards, Wesley. and Sanchez, Joanna.

A Paradox of High-Achievement: Implementing Race to the Top (RTTT) policies in a high-achieving school district
 Ramirez, Dean.

A Photovoice Study on the Expectations and Resiliencies of First-Generation Latina College Students
 Romasanta, Lindsay. and Liou, Daniel.

A Qualitative Study of Educational Leaders Enacting Social Justice for LGBTQ Students
 Martin, Allison.

A Qualitative Study of a Resettled Muslim Community’s School Relations
 Hess, Michael., Lowery, Charles., Olad, Rowda., Fewell, Connor., Yeager, Steven. and Kondrit, Tracy.

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Balancing Voices: A Framework for Effective School Governance
 Galey, Sarah., Torphy, Kaitlin., Frank, Kenneth. and Lane, John.

Behavioral Decision-Makers’ Perceptions of Exclusionary Discipline Decisions and the Influence of Implicit Bias
 Gullo, Gina.

Between Individual Accountability and Social Responsibility: Leadership as Mediating Praxis Against Social Injustices in Education
 Jenlink, Patrick.

Beyond Collaboration: Organizational Learning Effects on a Districtwide Leadership Team
 Liou, Yi-Hwa., Lo, Yun-Jia. and Daly, Alan.

Beyond Compliance: How School Leaders Can Leverage Constitutional Principles to Promote Equitable School Cultures
 Umpstead, Regina.

Beyond Courage: A Gilded Age of Anti-Racism in a High School
 Duffy, Patrick.

Beyond Supervivencia: Leadership Pedagogies for Social Change and Chicano/Latino Education
 Lopez, Patricia.

Beyond the Pipeline: A Community of Practice Approach to Faculty Diversity
 Strothers, Atiya.

Beyond “teacher heroes” and “mint officers”: Teacher leadership development in complex contexts
 Eckert, Jonathan.

Bilingual Teacher Identity Development in a Culturally Relevant Educational Space
 Rubio, Brenda.

Black Educational Leadership: Cultivating and Employing Indigenous Capital in a Crisis
 Ononuju, Ijeoma.

Black Women Administrators and Faculty in the 21st Century University
 Jean-Marie, Gaëtane.

Breaking Gender Walls through Pathways to the Superintendency
 Gullo, Gina. and Sperandio, Jill.

Bridge Builders and Culturally Responsive Leaders: The Lives of Muslim and South Asian Headteachers in Britain
 Johnson, Lauri.

Building A College Ready Community: A Small School with Big Plans and Big Partnerships
 Gray, Nakia.

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Centering Community in Collaborative Approaches to Educational Leadership: Contributions of Families’ Epistemology, Agency, and Resistance
 Wilson, Camille., Khalifa, Muhammad. and Ishimaru, Ann.

Central Office Effect: Investigation into the Influence of Principal Supervisor Professional Development on Principals’ Effectiveness
 Farmer, Michelle.

Central Office Transformation: A Shift in the Role of District Principal Supervisors
 Slothower, Becky.

Challenges and Changes in Principal Preparation: Voices from the Field
 Hayes, Sonya. and Irby, Beverly.

Charter School Innovation Versus Replication and Expansion: Complementary or Competing Goals?
 Castillo, Elise.

Choice Options in the Gentrified Field: How Neighborhood Socioeconomic Trends Relate to Differences in Charter and Traditional Public Schooling Demographics
 Mann, Bryan. and Bennett, Heather.

Clinical Scholarship: Clinical Experiences for Re-Envisioned Leadership
 Wheeler, Lynn. and Somers, John.

Clinical Scholarship: A Tale of Two School Districts, Addressing De Facto Segregation in Montgomery County, PA
 Bennett, Heather.

Clinical Scholarship: Gentrification and the Social Contexts of Schooling
 Pulte, Gregory.

Clinical Scholarship: Myth of the Super Hero: Developing Muscle Memory for Turnaround Leaders
 Candelarie, Doris., Korach, Susan. and Miller-Brown, Ellen.

Clinical Scholarship: Powerful Principal Professional Learning Communities
 McDonald, Teena.

Clinical scholarship: Using surveys to understand implementation of field experiences in Missouri educator preparation programs
 Meyer, Stephen. and Espel, Emma.

Coaching Newly Appointed Principals for the Complexities of School Improvement: A Multi-Case Qualitative Study
 Lochmiller, Chad.

Collaborating Across Boundaries: Educational Service Agency Use of Collaboration in Supporting Ambitious Instructional Reform
 Freeman, Julie.

Collaborating Across Boundaries: Educational Service Agency Use of Collaboration in Supporting Instructional Reform
 Freeman, Julie.

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Data Driven Decisions: Using Equity Theory to Highlight Implications for Underserved Students
 Brown, Kelly. and Fowler, Denver.

Data-Driven Instruction: Multiple Perspectives from the Bell Tower to the Trenches
 Bengtson, Ed., Albiladi, Waheeb. and Lasater, Kara.

Data-Informed Decision Making as School Improvement Practice in Addressing Chronic Absenteeism
 Childs, Joshua. and Jimerson, Jo.

Daughters of Discipline: Girls’ and their Mothers’ Views on the School Climate
 Karanxha, Zorka., Agosto, Vonzell., McConnell, Heather. and Allen, LaTeesa.

De-essentializing women of color: A tri-autoethnographical analysis of a social justice educational leadership doctoral program
 Dhillon, Shahlaine., Nkrumah, Tara. and Roland, Ericka.

Deaf People and Deaf Culture Methodology
 O\'Brien, Catherine.

Decolonizing Latin@ Leadership in a Chican@ City? How a Just, Political and Humane Framework Can Serve Brown Students, Families and Communities 
 Aleman, Jr., Enrique.

Deconstitutionalization of Urban Districts and Leaders' Political Response: A Field Experiment on Michigan's EM Law
 Vang, Maiyoua.

Deconstructing Macroaggressions and Microaggressions: A Conceptual Model Promoting Sense-Making in Education
 Osanloo, Azadeh., Boske, Christa. and Sherman Newcomb, Whitney.

Deconstructing a Complex Context of Discipline Policy Implementation: An Ecology Metaphor Approach
 Sun, Wei-Ling.

Deepening Our Understanding of the Student Voices in Educational Leadership: The Case of RunDSM
 Rollins, Kristopher., Lang, Emily., Salisbury, Jason. and Spikes, Daniel.

Defining Teacher Leadership in Context: Lessons from an Elementary Partnership School
 Carver, Cynthia.

Demanding Inclusivity: A Galvanizing Exploration of Strategies to Cultivate Inclusive Schools
 Razzaque, Rana.

Demanding Inclusivity: An Exploration of Strategies to Cultivate Inclusive Schools and Galvanize Leaders
 Razzaque, Rana.

Developing Global Citizenship and Inter-cultural Competencies: Examining the Work of the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association (HETL)
 Blessings, Patrick., Jacobson, Stephen. and Barnett, Bruce.

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Early Career Teacher Fit and Attrition in Hard-to-Fill vs. Easy-to-Fill Teaching Positions
 Perrone, Frank., Youngs, Peter. and Player, Daniel.

Education Policy Research and Big Data: Applying Quantitative Text Analysis Techniques
 Wachen, John.

Educational Leadership Beyond School Walls: Engaging Immigrant Latino Families Through Learning from Community-Based Initiatives
 Gil, Elizabeth.

Educational Leadership Beyond School Walls: Engaging Immigrant Latino Families by Learning from Community-Based Initiatives
 Gil, Elizabeth.

Educational Leadership through Pedagogies of Social Transformation: Innovations from Urban Life in Latin America
 O\'Malley, Michael., Long, Tanya., Barrera, Diana., Croteau, Susan., King, Jeffry. and Lee, Brett.

Effects of the UT Admission Cap on High School Students’ College Planning
 Tabron, Lolita.

Enacting Complex Policy: Refreshing Practice Through Leadership Development
 Wilbur, Sharon., Dean, Sharon., Williams, Leslie. and Atkinson, LInda.

Encouraging the Heart: Care as a Key Element of School Leadership
 Weiner, Jennie. and Squires, Tiffany.

Enriching the Preparation of Education Researchers and Practitioner-Scholars: Linking School District Research Priorities and University-based Research Courses
 Malen, Betty.

Establishing a Culture of Reading for African American Students: Rural Principals’ Response
 Jones, Brandolyn.

Ethnographic Case Study of Collaborative Leadership Structures
 VanHorn, Gregory.

Evolution of Social Justice Identity: Theory of Individual and Organizational Identity Development Toward Social Justice
 Capper, Colleen. and Roth, Heather.

Examining Equity Implications of Local Response to Federal Limits on Diversity: Louisville, Kentucky’s Integration Policy
 Frankenberg, Erica.

Examining Practice Across International Policy Contexts: Organizational Roles and Distributed Leadership - the US and Denmark
 Modeste, Marsha., Hornskov, Søren., Bjerg, Helle. and Kelley, Carolyn.

Examining Relationships between School Evaluation Conditions and Evaluation Scores
 Frasier, Amanda.

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Facilitating administrators' instructional leadership through the use of a technology integration discussion protocol
 McLeod, Scott.

Feasibility of Increasing Access: How does instructional leadership influence opportunity to learn in U.S. and Belgium?
 Urick, Angela., Ford, Timothy., Wilson, Alison. and Frick, William.

Feedback for Growth: The Promise of Differentiating Feedback to Build Capacity
 Drago-Severson, Ellie. and Blum-DeStefano, Jessica.

Feminist Poststructural Discourse Analysis: A Historical Perspective on Women Superintendents
 Cullington, Lisa.

Finding the Right Fit: Strategies that Support Educational Leaders Implementing Reforms
 Cline, Stephanie., Richardson, Shawna. and Mania-Singer, Jackie.

Five Myths of School Turnaround That Must be Remedied for Meaningful, Lasting Change
 Meyers, Coby. and Smylie, Mark.

Flourishing Rhythms: How Teacher Leaders Live Well and Do Well for Self and Others
 Saunders, Chelsey.

For Justice or for Profit? Examining Enduring Tensions in Urban School Reform
 Peck, Craig.

Fostering Regional Learning Improvement Coherence: A Study of Educational Service Agencies and Successful Rural Schools
 Henry, Wesley.

Fostering Regional Learning Improvement Coherence: A Study of Educational Service Agencies and Successful Rural Schools (GSS)
 Henry, Wesley.

From Digital Divide to Digital Inclusion, Questioning Policy and Practice
 Mukhtar, Ahmed.

From Segregation to Celebration: A Dynamic Methodology that Rebuilds Communities
 Pelton, Richard., Lee, Brett. and Garcia, Samuel.

From Teacher Self-Regulatory Climate to Student Self-Regulatory Climate: Principal Effects on Learning Conditions
 Ware, Jordan. and Ford, Timothy.


Gang Awareness and Classroom Educators
 Suzuki Daniels, Maya.

Gender, Ethnicity and Social Justice Leadership: Female Jewish and Arab School Principals in Israel
 Arar, Khalid. and Masry-Harzalla, Asmahan.

Growing Social Justice Leadership through System Hacks: The Formula for Operationalizing Change
 Issa Lahera, Antonia.


Has the Texas Top 10% Plan Really Created Equal Access to its Premier Public Universities?
 Tabron, Lolita.

Helping English Language Learners with Their Academic Achievement from Principals’, Teachers’ and Parents’ Perspectives
 Zhang, Sijia.

Higher Education and Empowerment of Saudi Women as an effect of King Abdullah Scholarship Program
 Al Assaf, Lama.

How Early College High School Principals Demonstrate Democratic, Socially Just, Culturally Responsive Leadership
 Hammonds, Hattie.

How Grassroots Movements Inspire Change
 Vance Noelk, Debra. and Mountford, Meredith.

How Principals Bridge to and Shape Instructional Reforms in Crowded Policy Contexts
 Lane, John.

How Principals Use Narrative to Foster a Culture of Learning and Promote Positive Change
 Aidman, Barry.

How Principals in High-Pressure Environments Navigate Teacher Evaluation Policy Implementation
 Reid, David.

How Schools and School Leaders Mediate Urban Gentrification
 McGhee, Chy. and Anderson, Gary.

How State Education Agencies Are Administering School Turnaround Efforts: 15 Years After No Child Left Behind
 VanGronigen, Bryan. and Meyers, Coby.

How State Education Agencies Are Administering School Turnaround: 15 Years After No Child Left Behind (GSS)
 VanGronigen, Bryan.

How Teacher Turnover Harms Student Achievement
 Ronfeldt, Matt.

How Technology, Strategic Decision Making, and School Context Influence Principals’ Use of a Data Warehouse: A Latent Class Growth Analysis
 Drake, Tim.


Identifying and Allocating Resources for Learning Improvement: A Study of Sustainably Improving Rural Schools
 Henry, Wesley.

Imagine Me a Teacher: Competence and Credibility in Teacher Development
 Clement, Davis.

Impact of Opportunity Structure on the Academic Preparation of African Americans in STEM in High School
 Dixon, LaTanya.

Impacts on Practioner-Scholars of Participation in the Collaborative Authorship of Educational Leadership Simulations
 Bernstein, Eric., Johanek, Michael., Parker, Wilbur. and Mazza, Joe.

Imperfect Lessons: School culture, ambitious instruction, and the messy process of improvement
 Rigby, Jessica., Ray, Julie., Crawford, James. and Dracobly, Cindy.

Implementing Restorative Processes to Mediate Conflict and Prevent Violence in Urban Schools
 Normore, Anthony.

Implementing Student Learning Objectives and Classroom Observations in Connecticut’s Teacher Evaluation System
 Donaldson, Morgaen. and Cobb, Casey.

Implications of college readiness policies on students, teachers, and school leaders
 Martinez, Melissa., Marquez, Jocabed., Cantu, Yvette. and Rocha, Patricia.

Indigenous Detroit Educators Putting the Public Back Into Public Education
 Gonzales, Sandra.

Indigenous Methodology to the Rescue: How Ideas and Processes from a Cree Talking Circle Improved an Aristotle-Inspired Approach to Program Evaluation
 Donmoyer, Robert.

Indigenous Methodology: A Critical Methodological Analysis
 Mackey, Hollie.

Individual Reflections on Principal Certification in the "Third Space"
 Canaba, Karina. and Rincones, Rodolfo.

Initiating an International Congress for Educational Leadership and Management
 Woods, Philip.

Innovating Under Pressure: Perceptions of innovative public school principals working in a high stakes policy context
 Watkins, Sharon., Anthony, Anika. and Beard, Karen.

Insights from Student, Parent, Community and School Stakeholders for a Social Justice Principal Preparation Program
 Baxley, Gwendolyn. and Capper, Colleen.

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Jersey-style neoliberalism: Governor Christopher Christie, Crony Capitalism and the Politics of K-12 Education
 Murphy, Jason., Strothers, Atiya. and Lugg, Catherine.

Job Satisfaction, Teacher Victimization, and Authoritarian Discipline
 Kapa, Ryan. and Gimbert, Belinda.


K-12 Latina/o Students: A Review of Research Identifying Factors Contributing to Academic Achievement
 Taggart, Amanda.

Key leadership practices in a successful turnaround urban high-needs K-8 charter school in an Inner City Midwestern city (USA).
 Baran, Mette. and Van Harpen, Glady.

Kierkegaard Doesn’t Help During a Fire Drill: Practivist Scholars Bridging the Theory and Practice Divide
 Baker, A.., Torres, Isaac., Pelton, Richard. and Swisher, Jason.


LGBTQI principals: An exploration into leadership experiences and challenges.
 Williams, Isaac. and DeMatthews, David.

Language, Gender, and School Leadership Labor Markets
 Finch, Maida., Goff, Peter., Preston, Courtney. and McFadden, Jenny.

Large-Scale Performance Assessment for Leaders in California: A Pilot Study
 Orr, Margaret Terry., Hollingworth, Liz. and Cook, Janice.

Latina/o Educational Leadership: Testimonios from the Field
 Burciaga, Rebeca. and RODRIGUEZ, GLORIA.

Leaders Perspectives on Sustaining Academic Success in a High-Needs School (Texas USA)
 Barnett, Bruce. and Okilwa, Nathern.

Leaders on the Job Market: An Analysis of Application Patterns & Preferences
 Goff, Peter. and Bowers, Alex.

Leaders' Framing of School Climate Policy
 Hurwitz, Scott. and Woulfin, Sarah.

Leadership Behaviors and Teachers’ Self-reported Preparedness for and Use of Common-Core Aligned Math Practices
 Rossbach, Angela., Donaldson, Morgaen. and Dougherty, Shaun.

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring: A Research-Based Model
 Gray, Julie.

Leadership Development Ecological Framework
 Sanzo, Karen.

Leadership Efficacy for Cultural Competence in Diverse Schools
 Schwartzer, Jessica. and Silver, Lori.

Leadership Fatigue & The Costs Associated With Turnaround School Reform Efforts
 Nuss, Katie. and Carpenter, Bradley.

Leadership Knowledge and Practices in the Context of Charter Schools
 Gawlik, Marytza.

Leadership Perceptions of Campus Programs for Refugee Students
 Pelton, Richard. and Baker, A..

Leadership Placement in Turnaround Schools: Re-Envisioning District Human Resource Practices
 Groth, Cori., Bradley, Janice., Leu, Sandra. and McKinney, Ashley.

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Making Sense of Racial Discipline Disparities in a Diversifying Suburban High School
 Irby, Decoteau.

Making Sense of the Emerging Role of "Specialty Schools" in Urban Settings
 Walls, Jeff. and Kemper, Sara.

Mapping Complexity: Using GIS Mapping and Critical Pedagogy to Develop the Contextual Awareness with Educational Leaders
 Atwood, Erin.

Media and its Pedagogical Implications: Understanding Leadership As/Through Mediational Praxis
 Jenlink, Patrick.

Mentoring as Preparation for the Professoriate: Insights from Jay D. Scribner Mentoring Award Recipients
 Malin, Joel., Hackmann, Donald. and Li, Shaobing.

Mentoring emerging leaders: Perspective of mentees on dispositions and conditions for leadership learning
 Anderson, Ryan. and Wasonga, Teresa.

Messy Messages and Making Sense Across Complex Contexts: A Regional Network of Superintendents Confronting Equity
 Rodela, Katherine., Kruse, Sharon. and Huggins, Kristin.

Mexican Indigenous Education and Neoliberal Reforms: Incommensurabilities and Inequities
 Scott, Michael.

Mind the gap: How school leaders respond to gaps in available data when making decisions
 Rainey, Lydia.

Mindful Schools: How a Holistic, Collaborative and Restorative Program Create a Responsive Learning Culture for 16-24 Year Olds.
 Hughes, Kimberly., Rodriguez Saavadra, Roberto. and Silva, Sara.

Monitoring and Assessing the Trajectory of Leadership Growth during the Clinical Residency
 Swanson, Jason. and Zavitkovsky, Paul.

Moral and Ethical Reasoning in Pre-Service Educational Leaders
 Gurley, Keith., Greer, Jennifer. and O’Neal, Marcia.


Navigating White Racial Identity in Schools
 Schwartzer, Jessica.

Navigating the confluence of research, policy, and practice: Lessons learned refining growth measures for evaluation
 Airola, Denise. and Pfeffer, Ivy.

Negotiating Race and Gender in Marginalized Work Settings
 Jean-Marie, Gaëtane., Normore, Anthony. and Mansfield, Katherine.

Neoliberalism Charter Schools: Panacea or Problems for Twenty-first Century Education
 Druery, Donna.

Neoliberalism’s Effect on School Violence Policies and Racial Disadvantage
 Kapa, Ryan.

New York, New York: Big City of Dreamers?
 Watson, Terri.

Nothing new under the sun: Perceptions of a new principal evaluation tool in Texas
 Chacon, Brenda., DeMatthews, David., Knight, David. and Rincones, Rodolfo.


One School's Diversity Policy: The Limits of 'Site Selection' and 'Special Programs' as Reintegration Initiatives
 Khalil, Deena. and Brown, Elizabeth.

Open Educational Resources for Educational Leadership Preparation
 Dexter, Sara., Angel, Roma., Friend, Jennifer., Richardson, Jayson., Tucker, Pamela., Pace, Nicholas., Perkins, Brian., Shakeshaft, Charol., Somers, John. and Wheeler, Lynn.

Open the Black Box of Distributed Leadership
 Liu, Yan. and Printy, Susan.

Opportunities to Learn for Refugee Populations: A Review of Literature
 Scanlan, Martin., Lopez, Francesca. and Lowenhaupt, Rebecca.

Opting Out: To What Extent Are Parents of English Learners Waiving Language Development Services?
 Mavrogordato, Madeline., Harris, Julie. and Duchesneau, Nancy.

Organizing With and Against Policy: Crafting Coherence Across Institutional Logics
 Whiteman, Rodney.

Organizing for Instruction: An Analysis of the Organizations Sponsoring State Standards Resources
 Hodge, Emily., Salloum, Serena. and Benko, Susanna.

Over Aged, Under Credited, And College Ready?
 Gray, Nakia.


Paradigm Shift or Paradigm Stasis? An Analysis of Research on U.S. Women in Educational Leadership from 1980-2004
 Watson, Terri. and Brooks, Jeffrey.

Partnering for Improvement: How district and school leaders conceptualize district reform
 Weiner, Jennie., Woulfin, Sarah. and Donaldson, Morgaen.

Partnering for a Diverse Principal Preparation Pipeline
 Leonard, Jack. and Daly, Ceronne.

Perceptions of Educational Leadership Faculty of Open Access Publishing
 Richardson, Jayson., McLeod, Scott. and Hurst, Todd.

Performance Elicitation: Keeping Performance Central While Interviewing
 Bratspis, Andrew.

Performing Equity: An Analysis of The Equitable Access to Excellent Educators Initiative
 Castro, Andrene.

Persevering for “Our Kids”: Three African American Women Counternarratives
 Flores, Osly.

Persisting Versus Dropping Out: 5th Year Seniors
 White, Gregory.

Place, Space & Race: Re-envisioning Leadership for Social Justice Through Students’ Eyes
 Dawkins-Law, Shelby. and Thompson-Dorsey, Dana.

Potential sources of invalidity when using value-added estimates: Artificial inflation, deflation, and conflation
 Amrein-Beardsley, Audrey. and Geiger, Tray.

Power and Privilege: An Analysis of the Teacher Tracking Phenomenon
 Stanley, Darrius.

Practices of Youth Leadership Development in Rural High School Context: Findings from a Qualitative Secondary Analysis
 Sherif, Victoria.

Practivist Scholars bridging the theory and practice divide.
 Baker, A.., Torres, Isaac., Pelton, Richard., Swisher, Jason. and Baray, Sarah.

Predicting Science Leadership Behaviors for the NGSS: The Influence of Principals’ Background, Context, and Self-Efficacy
 Winn, Kathleen.

Predictors of Urban Principal Turnover
 Beckett, Lorna.

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Qualitative Research and Educational Leadership: Classic and Cutting-Edge
 Brooks, Jeffrey. and Normore, Anthony.

Quantitative Research Methods Training in Education Leadership Programs as Disciplined Inquiry for Building School Improvement Capacity
 Bowers, Alex.

Queer the Power! Queer Theory and the Promise of Student Activism
 Croteau, Susan.


Race Matters: A teacher-research study on developing racial literacy in urban youth
 Lac, Van.

Race and School Vouchers: Legal, Historical, and Political Contexts
 Gooden, Mark., Torres, Mario. and Jabbar, Huriya.

Race in Elementary Science Classrooms: Implications for School Leaders
 Marshall, Stefanie.

Raising Rosa Parks: Systemic Student Leadership Development for Racial Equity
 Duffy, Patrick.

Re-Envisioning Culturally Competent School Leadership in an Urban School District: A Case Study
 Jean-Marie, Gaëtane., Carpenter, Bradley., Dumas, Tia., Spikes, Daniel., Hooper, Lisa. and Bowers, Amanda.

Re-Envisioning Discipline in Complex Contexts: An Appreciative Inquiry of One District’s Implementation of Restorative Practices
 Fowler, Elizabeth., Rainbolt, Stacey. and Mansfield, Katherine.

Re-Envisioning Education Through Collaborative Strategic Planning
 Wilbur, Sharon., Dean, Sharon., Williams, Leslie. and Atkinson, LInda.

Re-Envisioning Principal Preparation Programs: Leadership Faculty Glean from University-District Partnerships
 Valle, Fernando., Almager, Irma., Deleon, Vanessa. and Palmer, Dusty.

Re-Visioning School Discipline: Restorative Justice and the Unlabeled Labor of Black Administrators
 Lustick, Hilary.

Re-envisioning Cultural Competence Beyond Diversity Representation: African American Administrators’ Experiences in Organizational Decision Making
 Lowery, Kendra.

Re-envisioning Leader Preparation: Do Critical Disability Studies Belong in Leadership Discourses?
 Lewis, Katherine.

Re-envisioning Leadership Development in Rural Schools: An Examination of Social Capital Development within Research-Practice Partnerships
 Klar, Hans., Huggins, Kristin., Phelps-Ward, Robin., Desmangles, Julie. and Buskey, Frederick.

Re-envisioning Leadership Training in Indian Education Settings through University Partnerships
 Red Corn, Alex.

Re-envisioning School Leadership in a Rapid Growth District
 Jamar, Jacye., Axelson, Greg. and Tinsley, Laurie.

Re-envisioning Teacher Accountability Policy in the Era of the Every Student Succeeds Act
 Hewitt, Kimberly.

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Scaffolding Learning For Practitioner-Scholars: The Philosophy and Design of a Qualitative Methodology Course
 Slayton, Julie. and Samkian, Artineh.

Scholarship, Social Justice, and the Ed.D.: A Tryptich for Progress
 Reilly, Elizabeth. and Dell\'Olio, Franca.

School Boards as Springboards? The Future Political Careers of Local School Board Members
 Grissom, Jason., Pham, Lam. and Woo, David.

School Leaders and School Leadership Standards: An Exploratory Case Study
 Reinish, Annie.

School Leaders and Twitter: Examining Practices in Twitter Chats
 Pendleton, Lesley. and Sauers, Nicholas.

School Leaders' Experiences of Ethical Dilemmas
 Guy, Tim.

School Leadership and Choice in Spain and the United States
 Umpstead, Regina., Jankens, Benjamin., Umpstead, Bruce., Ortega Gil, Pablo. and Weiss, Linda.

School Leadership and Curriculum - German Perspectives
 Huber, Stephan., Tulowitzki, Pierre. and Hameyer, Uwe.

School Leadership and Diversity: A Comparative Study of Melbourne and Los Angeles.
 Normore, Anthony.

School Leadership during Curriculum Implementation: Case Study of Intersection between Structure and Agency in Indonesia
 Asikin-Garmager, Asih.

School Leaders’ Influence on Student Learning Mediated by Academic Culture
 Kenneth, Leithwood. and Sun, Jingping.

School Leaders’ Influence on Student Learning Mediated by Teacher Emotions
 Sun, Jingping. and Kenneth, Leithwood.

School Leaders’ Readiness for Change: Considerations for Supporting School Turnaround
 Groth, Cori., McKinney, Ashley., Yoon, Irene., Bradley, Janice. and Rorrer, Andrea.

School Principals as Mediating Agents in the Complex Context of Education Reforms
 Shaked, Haim. and Schechter, Chen.

School leaders’ changing work in complex settings during the 10-year education reform
 Cheng, Annie Yan-Ni. and Szeto, Elson.

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Taking a Selfie: Examining Identity in Educational Leadership Preparation Programs
 Long, Tanya., Lewis, Katherine. and O\'Malley, Michael.

Takin’ it to the streets: Leading organizational citizenship, curbing bullying and ensuring safe campus communities
 Smith, Page. and Kearney, Sean.

Te Ara Hou - The Māori Achievement Collaboratives (MACS): Revolutionizing Indigenous Student Learning
 Santamaria, Andres. and Santamaría, Lorri.

TeachDETROIT: Preparing Teachers for One Place in Time
 Lewis, Jennifer.

Teacher Candidates’ Perceptions on Female and Male Leadership Candidates’ Leadership Styles
 genao, soribel.

Teacher Collaborative Action Research: The Complexity of Professional Development in Rural Environments
 Curry, Katherine., Richardson, Shawna., Harris, Edward. and Mania-Singer, Jackie.

Teacher Evaluation in Michigan
 Keesler, Venessa. and Howe, Carla.

Teacher Job Satisfaction, Victimization, and Authoritarian Discipline
 Kapa, Ryan. and Gimbert, Belinda.

Teacher Leadership for Social Justice and Cultural Pluralism in Early Childhood Education: Three case from New Zealand with Implications for the US (New Zealand)
 Jacobson, Stephen. and Notman, Geoffrey.

Teacher Perception of Attributes Related to Teaching Effectiveness in Urban Schools
 Wronowski, Meredith.

Teacher Perceptions of Whole School Sustainability Practices in U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools
 McKey, Tania. and Kensler, Lisa.

Teacher-based Analyses of the Title I SIG Program: Impacts of Time, Timing, and Policy Intentions
 Roberts, Tuesda.

Texas Secondary School Latinas
 Villarreal, Elsa.

Text Mining Social Media Data on the Common Core State Standards: Topic Modeling and Hashtag Co-concurrence Network Analysis
 Wang, Yinying. and Fikis, David.

The Afro-Latin@ Educational Leader: A Narrative Inquiry
 garcia, wellinthon.

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Uncharted Nature of Licensure Requirements for Charter School Principals: Implications and Possibilities for Policy Action
 Hedges, Samantha., Ruddy, Anne-Maree., Boyland, Lori. and Swensson, Jeff.

Understanding Faculty Laggards and Administrative Technologies
 Simon, Robert.

Understanding Intersectionality to Promote Social Justice in Education Leadership
 Roland, Ericka.

Understanding Leadership in Schools: A Complex, Evolving, Loosely Linking Systems (CELLS) Perspective
 James, Christopher. and Hawkins, Melissa.

Understanding the Desires and Theories of Change for Educational Equity and Justice
 Ramos, Frances.

Understanding the Link between Professional Learning Communities and Teacher Collective Efficacy
 Voelkel, Jr., Robert.

Understanding the Research about Principal Preparation Programs: A Systematic Literature Review
 Landa, Jeremy.

Unintentionally Fragmenting Instruction: Administrators' Unintentional Sensegiving and Systems Reform Outcomes
 Wong, Lok-Sze.

Universalized Computer-Based Tests in Nigeria: An Evaluation of Senior Secondary School (SSIII) Students Preparedness
 Nwabueze, Lawrence.

Urban Teachers as Educational Policy Analysts: Shedding Light on the Complexities of School Reform
 Roberts, Tuesda.

Using CALL to Grow High School Principals in a Rural School System
 Bussey, Leslie. and Blitz, Mark.

Using Multiple Measures for Developmental Teacher Evaluation
 Henry, Gary. and Guthrie, J. Edward.

Using Toulmin’s Model and Racecraft to Unpack Asian/American Model Minority Sophistr
 Hartlep, Nicholas.

Using the Research Skill Development (RSD) Framework to Teach Research in Practitioner Programs
 Shepperson, Tara. and Hearn, Jessica.

Using the Senses to Promote Social Justice and Equity-Oriented Work Through Performance Art
 Boske, Christa., Osanloo, Azadeh., Sherman Newcomb, Whitney. and Collins, Leshun.


Valuing Teachers’ Time: Data, Challenges, and Principal Insights
 Sterrett, William., Parker, Michele. and Mitzner, Kris.

Video and Website Construction with Administrators, Teachers, and Students Who Experienced Kansas City’s Desegregation Era
 Friend, Jennifer., Caruthers, Loyce., Schlein, Candace. and Underwood, Edward.

Voices from the Trenches: School principalship in three underperforming Puerto Rican schools
 Carrión, Javier., Nieves, Gladys., Carroll, Joseph., Lucca, Nydia. and Berrios, Reinaldo.


Were the Student’s Actions a Manifestation of His or Her Disability? Examples from Practice
 Lewis, Maria.

What are we really guaranteeing: Ohio’s third grade reading guarantee quagmire
 Saultz, Andrew. and Banks, Laurie.

What is the impact of formative teacher evaluation experiences on U.S. teachers’ satisfaction?
 Ford, Timothy., Urick, Angela. and Wilson, Alison.

What’s On Your Dashboard? A Study of Successful Data Dashboard Development in a Large Urban District
 Novak, Daniel., Honig, Meredith. and Gering, Steven.

When Boundaries Around the “Secret” Dissolve: A Response to the Policing of Undocumented Immigrants
 Crawford, Emily.

When Policy and Practice Collide in Turbulent Times – Newly Arrived Students, a Challenge to the Educational System?
 Norberg, Katarina.

White Privilege and Educational Leadership: Interrogating Research and Policy Related to Preparation and Practice.
 Brooks, Jeffrey.

White Privilege in the American Schoolhouse
 Schwartzer, Jessica. and Horsford, Sonya.

Whiteness as policy: Reconstructing racial privilege through school choice
 Diem, Sarah. and Hawkman, Andrea.

Why lead?: Exploring the motivations of aspiring principals
 Holder, Shannon. and Weiner, Jennie.

Will They Stay or Will They Go? Understanding the Career Decisions of Charter School Principals
 Torres, Chris.

Wiping Away the "Veneer of Democracy" to Expose the School-Level Effects of Arizona's Language Policy
 Fetman, Lisa.


Youth Led Dialogues on Social Justice: A Counternarrative of Youth as Change Agents
 Salisbury, Jason. and Spikes, Daniel.
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