UCEA Annual Convention 2017-Nov-13 to 2017-Nov-20

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#BlackTeachersMatter: Towards an understanding of Black Teacher Turnover
 Stanley, Darrius.

(Re)claiming Our Past: Future Educational Imaginings from the Black Panther Party’s Oakland Community School
 Baxley, Gwendolyn.

 Sociotechnical Imaginaries and Community-Responsive Conceptions of Edu-Leadership for the 21st Century
 Chang, Ethan.

‘Framing’ Equity: Using Frame Analysis to Explore Superintendents’ Attempts to Implement Policies for Equity
 Coviello, James.

‘Tai Echando Pa’lantepo: Latin American Student Voice as Global Leadership for Educational and Social Transformation
 O\'Malley, Michael., Long, Tanya., Croteau, Susan. and King, Jeffry.

“Friendly Competition Among Our Schools”: How Principals Navigate a District Run Open Enrollment Plan
 Kotok, Stephen., Jabbar, Huriya. and Rivera, Luis.

“It Starts with Your Heart and Radiates Out”: Building Democratic Parental Participation in Schools
 Wait, Courtney.

“It is no secret that assessment drives instruction”: Teaching to the Portfolio at International High School
 Miranda, Chandler.

“It was like gliding through”: Early College and College Transition Experiences of Women from Marginalized Groups
 Locke, Leslie., Stier, Matthew., Gonzalez, Carla. and Grooms, Ain.

“It's no secret that assessment drives instruction”: Teaching to the portfolio at International High School
 Miranda, Chandler.

“Stroke Your Thoroughbreds and Kick Your Donkeys:” Power, Social Capital, and Teaching Assignments
 Lieberman, Daina.

“Talking Back”: The Perceptions and Experiences of Black Girls Who Attend City High School
 Watson, Terri.

“Venimos… para que se oiga la voz…”: Lessons Learned From Immigrant Latinx Parent Leaders in an Urban Elementary School
 Fernández, Erica. and Scribner, Samantha.

“We don't talk about undocumented status…”: How School Leaders Shape School Climate for Undocumented Immigrants
 Crawford, Emily. and Arnold, Noelle.


A Comprehensive Meta-Analysis: The Relationship between Graduate Record Examinations and Graduate Grade Point Average
 JI, Melissa., min, yue., Wang, Zhuoying. and Lin, Shuqiong.

A Counter Story: Mexican Americans Getting To College on Their Own Terms
 Cordova, Amanda.

A Cross-contextual analysis of principal instructional Leadership practices; Perspectives from the Kenya and North Carolina
 Kennedy, Ongaga. and OMBONGA, MARY.

A Feminist Reframing of Sexual Education: How Failed Legislation Reflects and Reinforces Utah’s Patriarchal Bureaucracy
 Leite, Jamie., Davis, Marni., VandenBirge, Lauren. and Mau, Brandee.

A Framework for Re-thinking Educational Leadership in the Margins: Implications for Leadership Preparation
 Bertrand, Melanie. and Rodela, Katherine.

A Longitudinal Analysis of Principal Transfer and Attrition
 Pendola, Andrew. and Apostolescu, Ruxandra.

A Narrative Inquiry of One Mother’s Endurance
 Kinder, Sean.

A Networked Improvement Community Around Emerging Practices in K-12 Schools
 Kallio, Julie. and Halverson, Richard.

A Review of Intersectionality Research within Core Educational Administration Journals
 Clark, Brandon. and Wieczorek, Douglas.

A Review of Los Angeles Unified Data Following the OCR Compliance Investigation
 Robert, Catherine. and Okilwa, Nathern.

A Student Population Hidden in Plain Sight: Chronically Absent Migrant Students in US Schools
 Malinowska, Aleksandra. and Childs, Joshua.

A Systematic Mapping of the Gaps in Educational Leadership Literature
 Reynolds, Amy., VanGronigen, Bryan., Perrone, Frank. and Miles Nash, Angel.

A case study of students’ perceptions of attending an early college high school
 Calhoun, Yolanda. and Snodgrass rangel, Virginia.

A literature review of photovoice in education
 Childs, Brandon. and Johnson, Detra.

A multi-case examination of school leaders that encourage student voice and leadership
 Hammonds, Hattie.

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Becoming the Voice of the Voiceless: Aspiring Women Superintendents
 Resilla, Clare.

Best Practices in Faculty Mentoring and Student Support in Fully Online Educational Leadership Doctoral Programs
 Brady, Kevin.

Beyond Quantifiables: Using photovoice as a method to capture parental engagement experiences
 Femc-Bagwell, Michele. and Fernández, Erica.

Beyond Setting an Instructional Vision: The Importance of Practice to Superintendents’ Instructional Leadership
 Honig, Meredith. and Donaldson, Emily.

Black Deaf Culture and Language: Culturally Relevant Leadership Lessons for School Leaders
 O\'Brien, Catherine., McCaskill, Angela. and McCaskill, Carolyn.

Black Girl Magic: An Exploration of Spirituality in African American Women in STEM
 Johnson, Loretta.

Black Leaders, White Schools: A Multi-Site Case Study of Black Suburban School Principals and Superintendents
 Venzant Chambers, Terah., Mauldin, Courtney. and Gilzene, Alounso.

Black Teacher Presence, Perseverance and Promise: Exploring How Educational Leaders Can Combat Turnover Trends
 Stanley, Darrius.

Black and Brown Student Activism on a PWI Campus in the Era of Trump
 Logan, Ginnie., Lightfoot, Brian. and Contreras, Ana.

Breaking the Silence: Gay Fathers Speak Out about their Children’s Schooling
 Leland, Andrew.

Bridging the Digital Divide
 Normore, Anthony. and Issa Lahera, Antonia.

Building a Culture of Feedback: Supporting Reflective Dialogue and School Change with a Developmental Approach
 Drago-Severson, Ellie. and Blum-DeStefano, Jessica.

Building a Networked Improvement Community Around Emerging Practices in K-12 Schools
 Kallio, Julie.

Building a throughline approach to district partnerships
 Charles, Jessica. and Sharrock, Emily.


Can PBIS Build Justice Rather Than Merely Restore Order?
 Bornstein, Joshua.

Can Teacher Ownership Help Create Schools of Opportunity?
 York, Adam., Roll, David. and Valladares, Michelle.

Career Paths of Kentucky School District Superintendents: Results of A Decennial Study
 Sherif, Victoria., Bjork, Lars. and Rous, Beth.

Caring and Power: A Grounded Theory Study
 Walls, Jeff.

Centering Student Voice: What’s Youth Got to do With Educational Leadership?
 Lac, Van. and Mansfield, Katherine.

Challenging one’s self to be historically conscious: An exploratory study of aspiring school leaders
 Brewer, Curtis.

Championing student’s lives by celebrating their voices: Enhancing engagement for boys and young men of color
 Cowan, Dionne.

Charter school authorization: A gateway to school equity, parent choice, and community engagement
 Adeeko, Omotayo. and Beard, Karen.

Chartering a district: A heterogeneous approach to charter school governance
 Allen, Ann. and Gawlik, Marytza.

Choosing a Policy Pathway: Expanding State Investment in Equitable School Facilities
 Rivera, Marialena.

Co-Constructed Knowledge for Collective Teacher Action
 Perez, Wendy. and Valladares, Michelle.

Co-operation for Better Schools in Sweden
 Johansson, Olof. and Ärlestig, Helene.

Coaching or Cha-Ching? Conceptualizing and Challenging the Urban School Reform Industry
 Peck, Craig.

Coign of Vantage: Considering California’s Local Accountability and School Finance Plans for English Learners
 Vasquez Heilig, Julian., Romero, Lisa. and Hopkins, Megan.

Collaborating for Improvement? How Teachers View Collaborative Partnerships Driven by Evaluation Data
 Patrick, Susan.

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Dangers for Principals and Students When Conducting Investigations of Sexting in Schools
 Hachiya, Robert.

Dare 2 Be Real - A Framework for Systemic Anti-Racist Student Leadership
 Duffy, Patrick.

Deaf Latino Children: A Painful State of Deaf Education
 O\'Brien, Catherine., Rodriguez, Cristobal. and Martinez, Melissa.

Defining Reform, Reconstructing Dominance: White Policy Narratives of State Takeover of a Majority Black School District
 Clement, Davis.

Democratic Leadership: The Hong Kong Case
 Szeto, Elson. and Cheng, Annie Yan-Ni.

Democratic leadership as a component of meeting the needs of marginalized children in schools: The case of Turkey.
 Beycioglu, Kadir. and Kondakci, Yasar.

Democratic leadership in a US context
 Sun, Anna.

Democratizing Schools for Change: Youth-Adult Leadership for Educational Equity in Schools
 Brasof, Marc., Jarvis, Robert., Jacobs, Charlotte. and Carl, Nicole.

Democratizing Schools for Improvement through Youth Participatory Action Research
 Carl, Nicole.

Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Peer Mentoring Program for Education Doctoral Students
 Geesa, Rachel., Lowery, Kendra. and Mcconnell, Kat.

Designing District Supports for Principal Transformation of Leadership Practice
 Fox, Alison. and Kazemi, Elham.

Developing Improvement-Oriented Culture and Academic Mindsets in Urban High Schools
 Demerath, Peter.

Developing Leadership Capacity to Build and Maintain Equitable Instructional Systems
 Wong, Lok-Sze.

Developing Teacher Leaders in a Large Urban School System
 Swanson, Jason. and Whalen, Samuel.

Differences in Professional Learning Community Effectiveness: Implications for Leadership
 Voelkel, Jr., Robert.

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ESSA in Indian Country: Problematizing Self-Determination through the Relationships between Federal, State, and Tribal Governments
 Mackey, Hollie.

ESSA, EL Policy, and Centralization
 Mavrogordato, Madeline. and Saultz, Andrew.

Echando Pa’lante? Urban High School Alumni Experiences While Pursing a College Degree
 Rivera-McCutchen, Rosa.

Educating A Nation: An Intersectional Examination of Education Policy in Ghana
 Pinto, Ransford. and McMillian, Rhodesia.

Education Level and Teachers’ Attitude towards Gender Equality in Africa: A micro-level comparative study
 Kyoore, Jude.

Educational Leaders as Public Intellectuals and Advocates for Social Justice
 Jenlink, Patrick.

Educational Leadership Faculty Learning through Cross-Institutional Collaborative Groups
 Winn, Kathleen., Young, Michelle., Sanzo, Karen., Eddy Spicer, David., Rodríguez, Mariela., Crow, Gary., Gonzales, Richard., Cobb, Casey., Dexter, Sara. and Bryne-Jimenez, Monica.

Educational Leadership Preparation Program Graduates: Catalysts for social justice praxis
 Guillaume, René. and Amador, Adam.

Educational Leadership Program Coordinator in University-School District Partnership Development: Roles, Facilitators and Hindrances
 Coleman, Lisa., Reames, Ellen., Bryant, Jason. and Kochan, Frances.

Educational Opportunities for Immigrant Students: An Ethnographic Case Study of an International High School
 Miranda, Chandler.

Educational Opportunities for Immigrant Youth: An Ethnographic Case Study of an International High School
 Miranda, Chandler.

Educational Order and Decay: Oklahoma's Political Experiences with the Common Core
 Casalaspi, David. and Burns, Jason.

Educational Restoration in Action
 Kensler, Lisa., Uline, Cynthia. and Russo, Erin.

Educational Technology use Among PK-12 Teachers, When Policy Meets Practice
 Mukhtar, Ahmed.

Educators as Social Justice Agents in the Classroom for Latina/o students: Integrating Ethical-Social-Emotional Skills
 Esper, Maricarmen.

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Family-School Engagement in New Immigrant Destination Communities: An Exploration in Three Districts
 Shiffman, Catherine.

Female Secondary School Principals: Development of Professional Identities in Sweden and the USA
 Murakami, Elizabeth. and Tornsen, Monika.

Fighting to Be Seen: (Re)Visioning the Strengths of Persistently Disciplined Black Girls
 Young, Erica. and Carpenter, Bradley.

Finding, Raising, and Responding to Voices: A Case Study of Asian Refugee Students

Flipping the script on youth’s role in educational policy implementation
 Biddle, Catharine., Brezicha, Kristina. and DAGISTAN, SEYMA.

Focusing on The Student Lens: Photo-Cued Interviewing and “Picturing” Student Learning Abroad
 Johnson, Kayla.

Fostering Leadership Coaching: An Analysis of a Research-Practice Partnership for Rural School Leadership Development
 Klar, Hans., Buskey, Frederick., Huggins, Kristin., Desmangles, Julie., Phelps-Ward, Robin. and Wilkerson, Reginald.

Fostering Student Success in Rural School Settings
 Bergeron, William., Reames, Ellen. and Kochan, Frances.

From Adversity to Activism: Youth-fueled Approaches to Voice and Engagement
 Brown, Lyn., Tappan, Mark., Biddle, Catharine. and Mette, Ian.

From Innovation to Integration: Lessons Gained from 15 Years of District Technology Leadership Research
 Richardson, Jayson., Sterrett, William., McLeod, Scott. and Sauers, Nicholas.

From Margin to Center: From Barriers to Breakthrough
 Hill, Glenys., Derrington, Mary Lynne., McDonald, Teena. and Calderone, Shannon.

From theory to practice: Uplifting innovative leadership in new urban high schools
 Bridich, Sarah. and Seidel, Kent.


Gaining On-the-Ground Perspectives in Developing the Community Equity Literacy Leadership Assessment (CELLA) for Principals
 Green, Terrance., Gururaj, Suchitra., Castro, Andrene., Lowe, Tracie., MBA, Chioma. and Sikes, Chloe.

Germinating, Developing, and Sustaining Partnerships to Prepare Rural School Leaders
 Hewitt, Kimberly., Schmidt-Davis, Jon. and Lashley, Carl.

Getting It Right!: Improving College Access for African American Students through Counseling
 Martinez Jr, Eligio., Contreras, Frances. and Chapman, Thandeka.

Global Educational Accountability Reform: A Critical Policy Analysis of Wales’ Donaldson Report
 Lemke, Melinda. and Zhu, Lei.

Got Theory?: An Exploration of the Nature of the Theory-practice Gap in Leadership Preparation
 Roegman, Rachel. and Woulfin, Sarah.

Group Dominance, Procedural Fairness, and Professional Learning Community
 Lee, Moosung. and Seashore, Karen.


Hearing the Voices of Rural High School Youth on Leadership: Findings From a Qualitative Secondary Analysis
 Sherif, Victoria.

Helping and Hindering: The Role of State and University Policies Concerning School Leadership Programs
 Reyes-Guerra, Daniel., Sanon, Malissa., Bourkiza, mounir. and Stefanovic, Melanie.

High School Principals’ Influence in College and Career Readiness for Students from Historically Underserved Populations
 Gioiosa, Carmen.

High School Teacher Sensemaking in the Detracked High School Classroom
 Holder, Shannon.

High Stakes Standardized Assessments and Social Structure: Implications for English learners
 Cullington, Lisa.

High-needs and Social Justice in New Zealand: A Selection of Cases
 Notman, Ross., McNae, Rachel. and Morrison, Michele.

How District Public and Charter School Leaders Understand Schooling in Arizona’s Mature Education Market
 Potterton, Amanda.

How Do Racial Stereotypes Influence Asian Students’ Schooling Experience? A Critical Review of Research in Education
 Nguyen, Chi.

How Does a Teacher Team Integrate Divergent Views and Ideas into a Shared Outcome?
 Choi, Hyunjin. and Drago-Severson, Ellie.

How EdD programs Develop School Leaders who Uprise as Advocates
 Zambo, Debby. and Perry, Jill.

How Notions of Care Perpetuate a Deficit Positioning of Parents in Teacher Evaluations
 Fernández, Erica., LeChasseur, Kimberly. and Donaldson, Morgaen.

How Principals Are Passing the Test: An Analysis of Principal Licensure Exams
 Chiang, Evangeline., Richards, Meredith. and Hernandez, Frank.

How School Climate Really Matters for the Principal Job Satisfaction
 Liu, Yan.

How Superintendents Create and Manage Senior Leadership Teams: A MultiCase Study Analysis
 Sevak, Milan.

How do different education professionals do social justice work? Preliminary findings from a two-country study
 Hylton-Fraser, Kadia. and Watson, Paulette.

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Ignite: Culturally Responsive Teaching for the Academic Achievement of African American Students
 Stewart, Whitney.

Image Theatre: Dynamization of the passive spectator to an active learner
 Hairston, Sarah.

Impacts of English Language Proficiency on Self-esteem of Early Childhood Hispanic School student
 Wang, Zhuoying., Lin, Shuqiong., min, yue., Tang, Shifang., Irby, Beverly., Lara-Alecio, Rafael. and Tong, Fuhui.

Implementing a Student Support System from Equity-Driven Data
 Palmer, Dusty., Almager, Irma., Gabro, Mary., Deleon, Vanessa. and Valle, Fernando.

Implementing and Sustaining 1:1 Initiatives
 Cole, Virgil. and Sauers, Nicholas.

Implications of Disability Studies Theories for Equity Leadership Across Identities
 Capper, Colleen. and Roth, Heather.

Implications of Politically Savvy School Leadership for Preparation and Development
 Fuller, Ed.

Improving High-Need Schools through University-District Partnerships
 Murakami, Elizabeth., Kearney, W.., Scott, Lawrence. and Alfaro, Priscilla.

Improving Student Engagement, Relationships, and Belonging in Schools: Findings from NYC’s Expanded Success Initiative
 Villavicencio, Adriana.

Improvisation and Leadership: Lessons about direction and influence from Sonny Rollins
 Jacobson, Stephen.

In Debt and Insecure: The Condition of the New Education Professional
 Cohen, Michael.

In a Polarized America Examining Diverse Education Leaders’ Courageous Conversations
 Bevington, Andrew. and Torres, Josef.

Inclusive School Environments: An Intentional Approach for Stimulating Student Voice Through Social-Emotional Learning
 Morgan, Lee. and Horwitz, Paula.

Incorporating Digital Storytelling as an Assessment Tool
 Gray, Pamela.

Increasing expelled students’ resilience in ONE easy step: An early re-admission opportunity
 Coleman, Nadia.

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LGBT Educators’ Perceptions of School Climate and Implications for Best Practice Among School Leaders
 Wright, Tiffany. and Smith, Nancy.

Launching from Lessons Learned: Moving Forward on System Reform Efforts
 Wong, Lok-Sze.

Leaders' Perspectives on Sustaining Academic Success in a High-Need School
 Okilwa, Nathern. and Barnett, Bruce.

Leadership Advocacy towards Teacher and Student Success: Addressing Inequities and Opportunities in a Rural District
 Murakami, Elizabeth., Kearney, W.. and Bunch, Kriesti.

Leadership Competence for Equitable Schools
 Weiler, Jess.

Leadership Distribution and Data Use Within Urban High School Career Academies
 Malin, Joel. and Hackmann, Donald.

Leadership Practices of A Redeployed Principal Living On the Edge
 XIE, Cathy.

Leadership Practices of A Redeployed Principal: School Culture as a Mediator on Student Outcomes
 XIE, Cathy.

Leadership for Social Justice and Equity in a High-Need Secondary School in Central America - Belize
 Chisolm, Lorenda.

Leadership for Technology Integration: Systems of Practice
 Dexter, Sara. and Richardson, Jayson.

Leadership for human growth and freedom: building on what has been learnt from research, practice and critiques of distributed leadership
 Woods, Philip. and Roberts, Amanda.

Leadership support to uplift teacher and student voices that transform learning.
 Gutierrez, Kathrine. and Pankhurst, Sherri.

Leadership that promotes student voice and leadership: The story of one principal
 Hammonds, Hattie. and Kato, Lionel.

Leadership-Focused Coaching: An Uplifting Approach for Supporting Aspiring Leaders
 Gray, Julie.

Leading Culture Change through the Restorative Practices Program and Promoting Leadership Efficacy
 Mundy, Joyce., Sabina, Lou. and Colwell, Chris.

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Madrinas: Social Catalysts Uplifting DACAmented Students
 Wyttenbach, Melodie.

Making a Difference: A Pedagogy of Care in Doctoral Studies
 Niño, Juan., Garza, Encarnacion., Rodríguez, Mariela., Carillo, Ruben., Guzman, Maricela., Hernandez, Leonor., Martinez II, Onesimo., Miranda, Roxanne., Ramos, Denisse., Reinhardt, Becky. and Salinas, Dora Elia.

Measuring Student Engagement through the Framework of Educational Caring
 Johnson, Jason., Ryu, Jisu. and Walls, Jeff.

Measuring Students’ Perspectives: Implications for Principals in Leading Racially Diverse Schools
 Luevanos, Elisabeth.

Measuring Teacher Ownership, Knowledge, and Leadership
 Cervantes, Laura. and Del Razo, Jaime.

Mentoring Aspiring Principals: A Vehicle for Transformative Learning
 Bickmore, Dana.

Methods of Agility: Politics of Education and Leadership Preparation
 Brewer, Curtis.

Middle School Principal Leadership and Effectiveness
 Esper, Maricarmen.

Minority Faculty Recruitment, Hiring, and Retention in an Independent School: An Action Research Study
 Scheer, Jason.

Model Change Agents: Teaching Students to be Powerful in Teacher-led Schools
 Kemper, Sara.

Moving past the sit and get: Preparing every leader to increase student achievement for every student
 Holden-Flynn, Tenika.

Moving toward Enhancing Equity While Problematizing Policy: 2030 Saudi Educational Reform
 Mukhtar, Ahmed.

My Brother’s Keeper: Analyzing Principals’ Logics of Instructional Leadership to Address Chronic Absenteeism
 Childs, Joshua. and Martinez Jr, Eligio.

My Children, My Choice: Mothers Advocating for Charter Schools and School Choice for Their Children’s Education
 Druery, Donna.


Navigating White Racial Identity in Schools: A School Leader’s Challenge
 Schwartzer, Jessica.

Neighbours on different paths - on trust and policymaking within education in Finland and Sweden
 Salo, Petri., Sandén, Torbjorn. and Svedberg, Lars.

New Horizons in the Visual Display of Educational Administration Research Findings

New Teacher Induction Programs
 Silver, Lori., Schwartzer, Jessica. and Bauer, Scott.

Non-Profits as a Proxy for Non-Instructional Capacity
 Gilzene, Alounso.


On Democracy and Social Justice Leadership South of the Border
 Torrez, Andrez. and Slater, Robert.

On Remaining Neutral or Taking a Stand: Leadership for Supporting Immigrant Students in Uncertain Times
 Jaffe-Walter, Reva. and Miranda, Chandler.

Organization Reform Networks: Supporting Change and Equity
 Karnopp, Jennifer.

Organizational learning in schools undergoing reform: Teacher understanding of growth mindset during a school improvement initiative
 Joshi, Ela. and Patrick, Susan.

Organizing Districts’ Systems of Support: Using Theories of Action
 Rigby, Jessica., Forman, Stephanie., Fox, Alison. and Kazemi, Elham.

Organizing With and Against Policy: Crafting Coherence Across Institutional Logics
 Whiteman, Rodney.

Out-of-School Learning: Creating Space for Students’ Perspectives
 Felber-Smith, Abigail.


P-20 Mentoring Partnerships: Using Leadership Development to Empower the Next Generation
 Buenaño, Andrea., Gonzalez, Cheryl. and Ohlson, Matthew.

Parental Education Savings Accounts: Will They Enhance Education in Our Nation?
 McCarthy, Martha.

Parents' and Teachers’ Perceptions of Transitional Kindergarten as a Policy Initiative: A Critical Policy Analysis
 Mayer, Anysia., Fong, Laura. and Nunez-Pineda, Janet.

Paying Teachers for Performance in Three Michigan School Districts
 Quinn, Daniel.

Pecuniary and Non-pecuniary Effects on Teacher Turnover Intention: Evidence from the TALIS-US 2013
 Qin, Lixia.

Pecuniary and Non-pecuniary Effects on Teacher Turnover Intentions: Evidence from the TALIS-US 2013
 Qin, Lixia.

Perceptions of distributed leadership: a look at power and authority on school based ILTs
 Dreeszen, Erin.

Perspectives of Students, Teachers, and Leaders Regarding the Early College High School Experience
 Stier, Matthew. and Locke, Leslie.

Photovoices of Urban Educational Leadership Students Abroad
 Ingle, W.. and Johnson, Detra.

Piloting Restorative Justice Practices in Middle School: “Giving Students Equal Voice”
 Karanxha, Zorka., Dickerson, Sean. and Bailey, Michael.

Planning Parenthood: Deficit-based Constructions of Family Engagement in School District Strategic Plans
 Williams, Noel., Clement, Davis. and Horrell, Leah.

Planning for Principal Succession: A Case Study of Two Central Florida Districts
 Sabina, Lou. and Colwell, Chris.

Policies and Practices Supporting LGBTQ Students in Indiana’s Middle Schools
 Boyland, Lori., Kirkeby, Kim. and Boyland, Margaret.

Policy Actor Interpretations of Youth Marginality: A Feminist Critical Policy Analysis of State Trafficking Legislation
 Lemke, Melinda.

Policy Brief on Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Academic Achievement of African American Students
 Stewart, Whitney., Santos, Amanda. and Johnson, Detra.

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Qeqs Qwapmi: Indigenous Candidates Calling for Transformational Praxis in Teacher Preparation
 Munson, Michael., Carte, Jordan., Many Hides, Aspen. and Tailfeathers, Adriane.


Racialized Experiences of School Leadership: Unpacking How Students of Color and White Students Experience Leadership
 Sheth, Manali. and Salisbury, Jason.

Racially Conscious Discipline Culture and Climate Improvement: A Leadership Model for Rethinking Discipline Reform
 Irby, Decoteau. and Swanson, Jason.

Racing Parent-School Relationships: Where We Are and Where We Can Go
 Chong, Seenae.

Raising Student Voice in Education Policy: A Case Study of Prichard Committee’s Student Voice Team
 Holquist, Samantha.

Re-Examining No-Excuses Charter Disciplinary Practices: Lessons for School Leaders
 Golann, Joanne. and Torres, Chris.

Reconceptualizing Edu-Leadership for the 21st Century: A Comparative Inquiry of ‘Sociotechnical Imaginaries’
 Chang, Ethan.

Redefining On-Time Graduation and College Readiness for Traditionally Marginalized High School Students
 Miranda, Chandler. and Gray-Nicolas, Nakia.

Reframing School Improvement Processes to Redesign School Improvement Practices
 Barrera, Diana., Carpenter, Blaine., Ridgeway, Cristina. and Luis, Shannon.

Reimagining School Leadership and Student Voice: A Sociocultural Perspectives Model for Science Curriculum and Pedagogy
 Nkrumah, Tara.

Reimagining the Discourse: Media Representation of Women Superintendents in Urban Public Schools
 Cullington, Lisa.

Relations of Cultural Values (Collectivism and Individualism) to Principals’ and Teachers’ Accountability: A Six-country Study
 Rosenblatt, Zehava., Wubbels, Theo., Arato, Nora., Booyse, Johan., Phielix, Chris. and Beek, Joris.

Remembering "Heaven’s Track Star": The web of community violence, student voice, and resilience #LLT
 McLaughlin-Jones, Susan., Cowans, Berneda., Raglin, Teosh. and Berryman, Shana.

Resisting Discourses of Sexism in Education
 Cordova, Amanda.

Resisting and Disrupting White Supremacist Politics: From White Educational Policy toward Black Political Empowerment
 Aguayo, David., Baxley, Gwendolyn., Clement, Davis., Beachum, Floyd. and Smith, Phillip.

Responses to Accountability: Locus of Control and Organizational Capacity in Schools
 Kim, Taeyeon. and Yun, John.

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Salir adelante: Quechua students’ aspirations and the complexity of culturally responsive curriculum
 Levitan, Joseph.

School Administrators’ Self-Concept and Expectations for Students’ Educational Success
 Liang, Grace. and Liou, Daniel.

School Climate in Prekindergarten, Collaboration, and the Child-Parent Center Program
 Smerillo, Nicole.

School Leaders Supporting School Counselors to Implement Comprehensive School Counseling Programs
 Quick, Marilynn., Geesa, Rachel., Boyland, Lori., Lowery, Kendra. and Mayes, Renae.

School Leaders as Advocates for Queer Youth: Agenda Setting from an Episteme of the Gut
 O\'Malley, Michael.

School funding models and student NAEP performance
 Drake, Thomas.

School leaders’ data-driven decision making and student achievement: An exploratory analysis
 Camburn, Eric., Sebastian, Jimmy. and Lee, Changhee.

School-Community Connections in the Rural Context: Exploring Administrators’ Family Engagement Practices in Successful Rural Schools
 Henry, Wesley.

Seeking Courage in Divided Schools and Divisive, Unjust Times: A Counterstory
 Rodela, Katherine.

Self-Fulfilling prophecy of STEM: How High School Leadership Predicts student STEM Occupations
 Fox, Lauren. and Bowers, Alex.

Sensemaking HB5 Graduation Paths and College/Career Readiness: Seniors and Counselors Mediate their Success
 Clark, Donna.

Shaping Identity: A Critical Analysis of Black Students’ Experiences in Independent Private Schools
 Evans, Tina.

Sharing Their Wor[l]ds: Appreciating Student’s Voices in Youth Leadership Development
 McNae, Rachel.

Short-cycle School Improvement Planning as a Change Lever
 VanGronigen, Bryan. and Meyers, Coby.

Short-cycle School Improvement Planning as a Change Lever (GSS)
 VanGronigen, Bryan. and Meyers, Coby.

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Taking Up Culturally-Responsive Leadership
 Jones, Mary. and Dallavis, Christian.

Teacher Commitment to Poor Students: Ethic of Service and Self-interest in the Face of Adversity
 Ordenes, Miguel.

Teacher De-professionalization and Demoralization as Unintended Outcomes of No Child Left Behind Implementation
 Wronowski, Meredith.

Teacher Efficacy for Mentoring Pre-Service Candidates in a Professional Development School
 Thomas, Xernona.

Teacher Engagement as a Construct in Staffing Low-Performing Schools
 Johnson, Detra., Shuck, Brad., Rose, Kevin., Immekus, Jason., Carpenter, Bradley. and Lewis-Durham, Tiffanie.

Teacher Hiring and Fit within a Diverse District
 Perrone, Frank. and Eddy Spicer, David.

Teacher Leaders as Policy Actors: Implication for Teacher Voice and School
 Hedges, Samantha.

Teacher Learning and Organizational Learning in a Master Teacher Program
 Brazer, David.

Teacher Perceived School Leadership Processes and Student Engagement: A Multilevel SEM Approach
 Xia, Jiangang. and Tuliao, Minerva.

Teacher Self Actualization of Cultural Proficiency in an Urban School Setting
 McGee, Isaiah.

Teacher Sensemaking in the Detracked High School Classroom
 Holder, Shannon.

Teacher-Student Relationships from the Voices of Minority Students
 Crose, Amanda., Lamb, Courtney. and Cieminski, Amie.

Teaching Politics in Education to School Leaders
 Lindle, Janie.

Teaching education leadership students to move from moral thinking to moral doing
 Pijanowski, John.

Teaching, Leadership, and Learning with Dignity
 Abu Khalid, Hasna. and Hollingsworth, Mary.

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UCEA Program Center Session: A Comparative National Study of Department Chair Stress 1991-2016
 Gmelch, Walter., Ward, Kelly. and Roberts, Drew.

Understanding district context and the support of struggling schools
 Anderson, Erin., Budhwani, Sajjid. and Ansah, Alexander.

Understanding interactions in schools as complex, evolving, loosely linking systems (CELLS) using a school principal’s student advocacy interactions
 Hawkins, Melissa. and James, Christopher.

Understanding the Minority Voice in a Pluralistic School System: The Case of Islamic Schools
 Bourkiza, mounir., Barakat, Maysaa. and Shatara, Leila.

Understanding the Role of Local Education Departments in School Improvement: A Multiple Case Study in China
 Wei, Feng. and Ni, Yongmei.

Union Representatives’ Stories: From Leading the Classroom to Leading a District
 Magaditsch, Holly.

Uplifting Leadership to Support Strategic Plan Implementation
 Wilbur, Sharon., Dean, Sharon., Hyder, Stephanie. and Peters, Brandy.

Uplifting P–12 Student Interest in Fractured Times: Ethical Learning and Leading Within Principal Preparation
 Mullen, Carol.

Uplifting Student Voice Through Collaborative District Strategic Planning
 Wilbur, Sharon., Dean, Sharon. and Hyder, Stephanie.

Urban Principal Turnover and Student Achievement
 Beckett, Lorna.

Using Data to Inform Instruction….or Pass the Test? A Study of One School’s Data Use
 Roegman, Rachel., Kenney, Rachael., Maeda, Yukiko. and Johns, Gary.

Using Linkage Theory to Tackle The Student Voice Organizational Improvement Paradox
 Brasof, Marc.

Using Participatory Photography to Understand Student Concepts of Place and Space
 Atwood, Erin.

Using a Network Analytical Approach to Connect the Conceptualizations in Educational Leadership Research and Neuroscience
 Wang, Yinying.


Value Added to Students Success – Roles of Assistant Principals
 Sun, Anna.

Values, power, and complexity theory: Policy lessons learned from Virginia’s decisions on Common Core Standards
 Scribner, Jay., Rhett, Angela. and Sanzo, Karen.

Vibrant Schools: measuring our highest aspirations for our students
 Tschannen-Moran, Megan. and Clement, Davis.

Vice Principals Leading Learning Through a Generative Dialogue Process
 Mombourquette, Carmen. and Adams, Pamela.

Victors and Voices in the State Education Policymaking Process: The Case of Teacher Evaluation Policy
 White, Rachel.

Visualizing the Career Pathways of Educators with Principal Certification

Voices from the Academy: Evaluating a New Faculty Mentoring Program at a Research 1 Institution
 Paufler, Noelle., Brackett, David. and Kim, Soo Jeong.

Voices from the Trenches: Experience of Military Veterans that Impact Student Success
 Sanchez, David.

Voluntary Integration Plans and Definition of Diversity: School District Policies and Practice
 Anderson, Jeremy., Taylor, Kendra. and Frankenberg, Erica.


Wage Differentials and Principal Turnover
 Pendola, Andrew.

Walking in Two Worlds: Education Institutions as Modern Day Boarding Schools
 Pyawasay, Sasanehsaeh.

What Are We Training Educational Leaders For? A Cross-System Analysis of School Principals’ Activities
 Wiseman, Alexander.

What Counts as the Politics of Education for School Leaders?
 Scribner, Samantha.

What Information Do Principals Consider When Evaluating Teachers?
 Reid, David.

What Jihad? Muslim Voices on Educational Leadership in the United States
 Ezzani, Miriam. and King, Kelley.

What Really Matters Students’ Math Achievement: A study on techniques for handling multicollinearity
 JI, Melissa., Chen, Siqi. and Sutedjo, Armanto.

What Type of Leadership are We Promoting?: Understanding the Values Underlying Principal Evaluation Standards
 Sam, Cecile. and Mitani, Hajime.

What are we restoring?” Black teachers on restorative discipline
 Lustick, Hilary.

What is Diverse Enough? How “Intentionally Diverse” Charter Schools Recruit and Retain Students
 Wilson, Terri. and Jabbar, Huriya.

Where Innovation is Suspicious: An Emergent Model for Boosting Rural Principal Capacity for Equity Leadership
 Bussey, Leslie.

Where is the Love? Exploring Love Narratives of Families of Black Middle School Children
 Lewis, Natalie.

Who Mentors Me? A Case Study of Egypt Undergraduate Students
 AbdelRahman, Nahed. and Khalifa, Mohamed.

Who leads STEM schools? An investigation of the instructional backgrounds of high school principals
 Snodgrass rangel, Virginia.

Whole District Transformation: Leading Change for Sustainability
 Uline, Cynthia. and Kensler, Lisa.

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Ya basta! (Up)lifting Student Voices through Community Advocacy and Engagement at a Reconstituted Urban School
 Pazey, Barbara.

Yes, Virginia, There is Democracy: A Critical Ethnographic Case Study on Voice, Democracy, and Childhood
 Hill, Alicia.

Your Eyes Are Beautiful: Profiles Of 21st Century Afghan Women Leaders
 Reilly, Elizabeth.

Youth Voice in a Rural Cradle-to-Career Network
 Zuckerman, Sarah. and McAtee, Jennifer.
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