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All Academic Research FAQ

The following questions/answers are representative of the most popular questions we have received. Additionally, help is available via the 'Help' tab at the top of the page. You can request additional information and/or make suggestions by using the suggestions and feedback form.

1. How do I access documents from the All Academic, Inc. research site?
  All available documents are freely accessible for download. Search our database at
2. Why is this document not available on the All Academic site?
  There are a variety of reasons why documents are not available for reading/downloading on the All Academic website. The most common reason is because the association distributes their documents exclusively or the documents are available in another archive.
3. How do I find documents not available on the All Academic site?
  Documents may be available from the association's website or by contacting the association directly.
4. What kind of content is available on All Academic?
  All of the content on the All Academic, Inc. website are unpublished manuscripts that are presented at conferences. We archive these documents for our clients as part of our services. All documents come to us as is. We do not edit them or have any control of their content or subjects. We also do not have the ability to retrieve any of this information should it be missing. Please read our disclaimer agreement carefully when downloading a document.
5. How can I use these documents for research?
  To be polite, it is always best to contact the author directly when using their documents for your research. All Academic, Inc. does not have access to any author's contact information so it is best to contact the association affiliated with the document directly.
6. Where can I access a list of free journals for my research?
  Visit and view the menus for resources including the list of journals to help in your research.
7. What information can I get about a paper?
  When you find a document using the search engine, an info link is located directly above the document in the search results. Using that link will take you to a static page that will give information about the document such as the author, title, conference presented at, archives the document exists in, citations, and statistical information. When talking about this document outside of the All Academic, Inc. site, it is preferred that the url you provide is the url located in the information page.
8. How do I log into my conference so I can do my work?
  You are currently on the All Academic, Inc. Research site which is different from your organization's login page for your conference. All Academic, Inc. is not able to answer questions for your organization. Our recommendation is that you go to your association's home page and seek help from the support staff there.

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