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2003 - International Communication Association Pages: 21 pages || Words: 6244 words || 
1. Correa, Andres. "Borderland Selves: Rethinking Identity in Contemporary Global/Local Articulations" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Communication Association, Marriott Hotel, San Diego, CA, May 27, 2003 Online <.PDF>. 2019-09-23 <>
Publication Type: Conference Paper/Unpublished Manuscript
Review Method: Peer Reviewed
Abstract: This paper explores some theoretical openings that can contribute to a rethinking of identity and the global/local nexus beyond the binary restrictions imposed by pervasive modernist presuppositions in contemporary globalization theory. It attempts to offer alternative paths to the binary logic underpinning much of the present theorizing of global/local relations and identity formation. In this context, I suggest three interrelated logics: relationality and singularity, mutual implication and incommensurability, contingency and embodiment. I argue that it is within the continuous oscillation and mutual specification between the global (the universal) and the local (the particular) where the process of identity formation (individual or collective) becomes intelligible and possible to be reimagined. Identity emerges more as a field of relationality than as an essence; no longer a metaphysical or fixed reality (autonomously created or imposed from the outside) but a dynamic process defined simultaneously by the possibilities and constraints present in the field of relations that constitute, contingently, our sense and practice of “being”, which, as I argue, is always (and should be more properly understood as) a becoming. From this perspective, I am interested in looking at the interface between the global and the local, the relational space where identity is articulated and mobilized, and also in exploring some implications of this process for thinking in new possibilities of theoretical and political practice.

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