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2014 - Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting Pages: unavailable || Words: 182 words || 
1. Abelson, Miriam. "Changing Emotions in Context: Masculinities, Race, Sexuality, and Affect in Trans Men’s Interactions" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Marriott Downtown Waterfront, Portland, Oregon, Mar 27, 2014 Online <APPLICATION/PDF>. 2019-10-23 <>
Publication Type: Formal research paper presentation
Review Method: Peer Reviewed
Abstract: Emotional control and rational thinking are hallmarks of idealized neo-liberal white heterosexual masculinities in the 21st century United States. Like many supposed gender differences, men’s lack of ability to feel and express emotions and women’s excess emotionality is popularly connected to hormonal and other bodily differences. In this paper I use in-depth interviews with 65 trans men, female to male transgender people, from the U.S West, South, and Midwest to explore how individuals’ emotions and emotional life change as they transition from living as women to living as men. While these men relied on physiological explanations for these emotional changes, such as being unable to cry due to hormone therapy, their new emotional states were clearly also shaped by their spatial and institutional contexts. Emotional expressions came more easily in particular settings while other contexts were more emotionally limiting or produced different emotional possibilities. Gender, race, and sexuality affected these contextual experiences as they shaped the range of emotions available in interactions.

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