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2009 - American Psychology - Law Society Words: 95 words || 
1. Mordell, Sarah., Viljoen, Jodi. and Roesch, Ronald. "Defining psychosocial maturity: A risk factor for offending and aggression in adolescents and young adults" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychology - Law Society, TBA, San Antonio, TX, Mar 04, 2009 <Not Available>. 2019-06-26 <>
Publication Type: Conference Paper/Unpublished Manuscript
Review Method: Peer Reviewed
Abstract: This longitudinal study tested a model of psychosocial maturity (PM) to determine whether there were age differences consistent with a process of maturity, whether the factors in the model comprised a unitary construct, and whether the model prospectively predicted offending and aggression. PM, offending, and aggression measures were administered to 276 high school and university students over a three to four month period. The study confirmed theoretical assumptions about PM and found that PM predicted future offending and aggression. These findings emphasize the need for further research on the implications of developmental immaturity for culpability.

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