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2012 - AWP Annual Conference Pages: unavailable || Words: 287 words || 
1. Martinez Alpizar, David., Yu, Chen-Hui., Amezquita, Christina., Nehman, Nathalie., Cortina Swanson, Xochitl. and Luciana, Lagana`. "Demographics and Computer-Related Factors Predicting Computer Self-Efficacy among Ethnically Diverse Older Adults." Paper presented at the annual meeting of the AWP Annual Conference, Palm Springs Hilton, Palm Springs, CA, Mar 08, 2012 Online <PDF>. 2019-08-19 <>
Publication Type: POSTER
Review Method: Peer Reviewed
Abstract: A hierarchical multiple regression tested hypothesized predictors of computer self-efficacy in a community-dwelling sample of ethnically diverse older adults. Step 1 found gender and income accounted for over 9% of variance, while step 2 results indicated that having previous experience accounted for about 16% of variance in computer self-efficacy.

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