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2014 - Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting Words: 205 words || 
1. Leymon, Ann. "Fighting for a Fair Economy? An Analysis of the Organizational Response of Labor Unions to the Economic Crisis of 2008" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Marriott Downtown Waterfront, Portland, Oregon, Mar 27, 2014 <Not Available>. 2019-10-23 <>
Publication Type: Formal research paper presentation
Review Method: Peer Reviewed
Abstract: This paper examines the labor union response to economic crisis through a systematic analysis of 10 labor unions, focusing on political activity. We focus on labor unions as a type of organization that must respond strategically to the change in external conditions, in this case economic crisis, in order to preserve their role in society. Organizations can use the political opportunities created by economic crisis to advocate for policies that offer solutions to the nationwide problems and that might benefit their members. This paper extends research related to political opportunity by examining changes in the behavior of organizations that existed prior to the onset of the opportunity.
This research examines organizational characteristics and the political, organizing, and bargaining activity of 10 national labor unions. Data are analyzed using fsQCA, which maintains the integrity of the characteristics of individual cases while allow systematic analysis.
We find that the stability provided by age and federation membership, the resources of a professionalized, staff-centered union, and the change signal provided by declining membership are all important for an organization to identify the opportunity present in economic crisis and respond by increasing political activity. This suggests that stability, resources, and threat are all necessary, but one source of each is sufficient.

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