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1. Khakbazan, Mohammad. "Impacts of Riparian Buffers, Forage Conversion, Crop Rotation, and Tillage on Farm Economics of South Tobacco Creek Watershed, Manitoba" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION SOCIETY, TBA, Tucson, Arizona, Jul 26, 2008 <Not Available>. 2019-03-25 <>
Publication Type: Oral Presentation
Abstract: Changes in land management and the economic impacts of four beneficial management practices (BMPs), namely riparian buffers, forage conversion, crop rotation, and tillage practices, were investigated for farms within the South Tobacco Creek watershed near Miami, Manitoba, Canada. The watershed covers an area of 75 km2 (7, 500 ha), 71% of which is under cultivation. Wheat, canola, flax, barley, and oats are the major crops in the area with noticeable increases in forage production and pasture land in recent years. Production functions for these major crops and present cost, return, and net benefit without and with these BMPs implemented were estimated and incentives that may be required for the implementation of such BMPs within that watershed were discussed.

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