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2011 - 35th Annual National Council for Black Studies Words: 383 words || 
1. Cruz, Ariane. "Interrogating Interracial Pornography" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the 35th Annual National Council for Black Studies, The Westin, Cincinnati, OH, Mar 16, 2011 <Not Available>. 2020-02-25 <>
Publication Type: Individual Presentation
Review Method: Peer Reviewed
Abstract: Interrogating Interracial Pornography
Following the salient heed of historian Kevin Mumford that sex across the color line is always more than just sex and “always extraordinary,” this paper argues that contemporary American interracial pornography is a critical site from which to consider not just questions of national racial intimacy (sexual and otherwise), and/or socio-historical conditions of black/white racial groups, but the shifting, referential, and mutually constitutive constructions of blackness and whiteness. Beginning in the stag genre in the 1930s and moving chronologically throughout the history and media of pornography, this paper interrogates hardcore, heterosexual, black/white interracial (IR) American pornography. Black/white IR porn carries with it more than mere symbolic baggage born from the ambivalent, complex history of American miscegenation, but an ongoing, evolving socio-political commentary of the construction, boundaries and maintenance of the racial categories and national identities of black and white. Interracial pornography elicits vital questions of racial hybridity and their fixity, the authenticity of race, the desires, fears, and anxieties surrounding black and white sexuality and their crossings, as well as the gendered politics of all of this. Eroticizing of the taboo of miscegenation, performances of black/white sex in contemporary American pornography often become recitals of hyper-racialized identities—hyper white and hyper black—firmly rooted within the language of stereotypes. These highly stereotypical, over-excessive, and amplified racialized performances of sex across the color line speak to national hierarchies of desire and power. This essay first provides a brief socio historical contextualization of American miscegenation and its tenaciously enduring progeny, the miscegenation taboo. This background serves to map the landscape of sexual vice that ambiguously transgressed this taboo and grounded early black/white interracial pornography, as coetaneous forms of commercial interracial sexual intimacy. I reveal how performances of black/white sex are always coded by gender as much as by the constructions of the fixed, hyper-racialized, polar identities of black and white that interracial pornography is deeply invested in. Sections of this essay may include: Miscegenation: A Socio-Historical Glimpse, Mapping the Racialized Landscape of Black/White Commercialized Sex: The Rhetoric of White Slavery and Vice Interzones, Blends: Racial Amalgamation in The Stag Genre, The Darkside of Video: Let me Tell Ya Bout Black Chicks, Reciting and Resuscitating the Miscegenation Taboo: Hyperracialized, Gendered Identities in Today’s Interracial Internet Pornography.

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