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2008 - NCA 94th Annual Convention Words: 222 words || 
1. Cloud, Nicole. "Performing the Embodiment of Other: Illuminating the Self: The Role of Performing Other in the Performance Classroom" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the NCA 94th Annual Convention, TBA, San Diego, CA, <Not Available>. 2019-07-19 <>
Publication Type: Invited Paper
Abstract: A text is a site of struggle; over meaning, and over power. Performance is that very battle embodied. In the global arena of the construction, (re)production, negotiation, contestation, and co-constitution of meaning, I articulate a call for opening up as contested space the confines of the classroom through critical performance, inviting the voices of bodies from the periphery into the very centers of our institutions of knowledge assembly. Through an autoethnographic reflexive essay recounting my experience instructing an introductory-level communication course alongside my enrollment in a graduate-level performance course, I contend that in inscribing an Other onto the self through critical performance in the classroom we open up the discourse(s) of power and privilege (and thus marginality) for potential scrutiny, critique, dismantling, and emancipatory change. I argue that when students are given the lens through which to recognize and articulate their own position of privilege, and are then asked to reconcile it with the voices of those often muted, they enflesh an agency often inaccessible to them from inside the apparatus of higher education. Critical performance pedagogy exposes a path toward empowerment from within the walls of the very institutions instrumental in reifying the hegemony that organizes our lived condition. To take this path is to deconstruct the boundaries of our felt experience, and renders visible terrain we have yet to traverse.

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