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2011 - American Studies Association Annual Meeting Words: 305 words || 
1. Cruz, Ariane. "Reparations, Redress, and Revenge in Interracial Pornography" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Studies Association Annual Meeting, Hilton Baltimore, Baltimore, MD, <Not Available>. 2020-02-25 <>
Publication Type: Internal Paper
Abstract: This paper explores narratives of reparation, redress, and revenge in hetero black/white interracial contemporary American pornography. I argue that interracial (IR) pornography is a critical site from which to consider not just questions of national, racial intimacy (sexual and otherwise), and/or socio-historical conditions of black/white racial groups, but the shifting, referential, and mutually constitutive constructions of blackness and whiteness. Focusing on the representation of black women across media (film, video, and internet), I read interracial pornography as a dynamic stage for performances of interracial desire and anxiety that illuminate the ambivalent mutability of hierarchies of race and racialized sexual desire. I am interested in the ways IR porn functions to challenge and transgress racial boundaries, but also serves as a reification of the color line, inscribed bodily. Interrogating the black female’s exclusion from current IR porn and inclusion in what the adult entertainment industry terms “reverse interracial,” I reveal how interracial pornography becomes a fecund site to interrogate pornography's simultaneous rejection of the black female and its contradictory making of her as always already pornographic. This paper considers current BDSM Internet porn as an especially productive platform for understanding how violence and aggression for black female performers in porn becomes not just a vehicle of pleasure but also a mode of accessing and contesting racialized and gendered power. Eroticizing the miscegenation taboo, performances of black/white sex in IR pornography become recitals of hyper-racialized identities (hyper white and hyper black) scripted by explicit and latent narratives of racial reparations, redress, and revenge. Sections of this talk may include: Blends: Racial Amalgamation in The Stag Genre, The Darkside of Video: Let me Tell Ya Bout Black Chicks, Reciting and Resuscitating the Miscegenation Taboo: Hyperracialized, Gendered Identities in Today’s Interracial Internet Pornography, and Working it Out: Black Women in BDSM Internet Porn.

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