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2010 - ASC Annual Meeting Words: 192 words || 
1. Burruss, George., Schafer, Joseph. and Giblin, Matthew. "Student Perceptions of Campus Safety Initiatives: Assessing Views of Critical Incident Prevention and Response" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the ASC Annual Meeting, San Francisco Marriott, San Francisco, California, Nov 16, 2010 <Not Available>. 2019-01-22 <>
Publication Type: Conference Paper/Unpublished Manuscript
Review Method: Peer Reviewed
Abstract: In the wake of the Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois school shootings various recommendations have been proffered by legislative bodies, professional associations, and public policy advocates. Though the recommendations are well-intentioned and rooted in analyses of prior school shootings and other critical events (at both the secondary and post-secondary levels), the expert advice tends to lack one critical voice. To date, very little empirical scholarship has sought to understand the perceptions and attitudes of students concerning these prevention and response initiatives. The voices of the very population schools seek to protect have largely been overlooked. This study sought to address this gap in the collective knowledge about campus safety initiatives. In this study, classes were randomly selected at six purposively picked Illinois colleges and universities that represent diverse campus environments, from large four-year public universities to a small two-year community college; from urban campuses to rural campuses. Students were surveyed on perceptions of the major campus safety initiatives being encouraged by policy advocates. This study reports the attitudes of students across five dimensions: reporting, restrictions, self efficacy, firearms, and faculty efficacy. The implications are discussed.

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