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2011 - 55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society Words: 224 words || 
1. Orkodashvili, Mariam. "Uncertainties, elite circles, and particularistic access to higher education: Corrupting and constraining academe" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the 55th Annual Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society, Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, <Not Available>. 2019-09-24 <>
Publication Type: Panel Paper
Abstract: Background

Lack of regulation, and loosened rules makes it easy for academics to manipulate with the quality of end product and create particularistic treatment of students from different socioeconomic classes.


The paper addresses the issues of elite manipulations with resources and power that engender corrupt practices in higher education. Through the examples of corrupt practices at higher education institutions in different regions of the world, the present paper investigates how elite closed circles create basis for particularistic access to higher education institutions.

Theoretical / conceptual framework

The Nouveau Riche classes, that get hold of access to major resources, information and decision-making power, form cartels and appear in charge of resource allocation, power distribution and regulation setting processes. Higher education sector appears most affected and vulnerable to illegalities and manipulations.

The empirical case studies of access processes and procedures to universities are analyzed in order to illustrate the illegal workings of elite cartels that hinder access to higher education for socioeconomically disadvantaged students.


The paper concludes that since any corrupt action involves at least two sides - bribe-taker and bribe-giver / violator and law-abiding person – the logic (rationality), intuition and morality of the side that bears more costs could be directed against the logic, intuition and morality of the opposing side to increase public awareness, decrease corruption and open access to higher education for socioeconomically disadvantaged classes.

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