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2014 - Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting Words: 107 words || 
1. Musick, David. and Musick, Kristine G. "Using Social Science Theory and Methodology to Investigate an Eleven-Year-Old Prison Murder" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Marriott Downtown Waterfront, Portland, Oregon, Mar 27, 2014 <Not Available>. 2019-10-20 <>
Publication Type: Formal research paper presentation
Review Method: Peer Reviewed
Abstract: This paper is about using social science theory and methodology to investigate a “real world” prison murder, eleven years after it was committed. The murder was committed in a for-profit prison. The defendant was charged with having committed capital murder, was subsequently convicted, and was sentenced to death by lethal injection. The first author was retained as a “prison expert” to work on a large defense team preparing to appeal both the murder conviction and the death sentence. His assignment was to reinvestigate the murder. He did so, using social science theory as a guide and social science methodology as his tools.

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