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2013 - Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Pages: unavailable || Words: 7511 words || 
1. Greenwood, Keith. and Jenkins, Joy. "Visual framing of the Syrian conflict in news and public affairs magazines" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, Renaissance Hotel, Washington DC, Aug 08, 2013 Online <PDF>. 2019-06-19 <>
Publication Type: Conference Paper/Unpublished Manuscript
Review Method: Peer Reviewed
Abstract: Research indicates international news is most often visually framed in terms of violence and disaster. Conflicts are visually framed in terms of the active participants and aftermath of battle instead of the affected bystanders or efforts at negotiating peace. An alternative frame proposed by Galtung (1986) promotes an emphasis on peaceful demonstration and negotiation instead of the usual aspects of conflict. Building on research that observed evidence of this peace framing in photographs related to conflict published international media, this research examines visual framing of the 2011-2012 Syrian conflict that arose from the Arab Spring movement in northern Africa and the Middle East. The study examines 193 photographs published in two news magazines and nine public affairs magazines to determine if visual framing differs between magazines with differing purposes and differing political/editorial orientations. The analysis affirms the dominant visual frame of conflict through images of active fighting and its victims but also notes that public affairs magazines published a higher proportion of photographs depicting peace framing. As the magazine environment becomes increasingly oriented to niche publications, the results present implications for the likelihood that a broad audience will experience similar visual framing of international news.

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