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2007 - AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CRIMINOLOGY Pages: 7 pages || Words: 1729 words || 
1. Cohen, Jeffrey. "What's Sex Gotta Do With It?: Studying and Measuring Gender in the Social Sciences." Paper presented at the annual meeting of the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CRIMINOLOGY, Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Atlanta, Georgia, Nov 14, 2007 Online <PDF>. 2019-07-24 <>
Publication Type: Conference Paper/Unpublished Manuscript
Abstract: Gender is one of the most fundamental constructs in human existence. Gender has influenced every culture, at every level of social organization, throughout history. Because of the pervasive influence and conceptual complexity of Gender as a construct, individuals have attempted to explain it from multiple perspectives (i.e., the biological, psychological, cultural, and social perspectives). Despite the recognized complexity of Gender as a construct, when each of these perspectives is offered, it tends to be presented as a complete explanation. However, each of these perspectives likely offers only a partial truth concerning the true nature of Gender. The recognition of the true but partial nature of these perspectives is essential as it indicates that each should be considered in some form when trying to address the full complexity of Gender. However, it also makes clear that none of these different aspects of Gender should be privileged above any other. This paper develops a broader and deeper conceptualization of Gender than those which have been typically applied, that honors the strengths and limitations of each of the perspectives discussed above.

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