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2006 - American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Pages: 5 pages || Words: 2070 words || 
1. Kortman, Sharon. and Enz, Billie. "Creating New Visions of Professional Development and Collegial Support: A New Look at New Teacher Retention" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, Online <PDF>. 2020-01-27 <>
Publication Type: Conference Paper/Unpublished Manuscript
Abstract: New teachers are valuable yet fragile resources. Their retention depends on the quality of preparation in both pre-service and in-service. The session describes an induction program collaboration between support providers.

2004 - American Sociological Association Pages: 29 pages || Words: 7919 words || 
2. Carty, Victoria. "New Social Movements and the Struggle for Workers' rights in the Global North: The Victory Against New Era in Western New York" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association, Hilton San Francisco & Renaissance Parc 55 Hotel, San Francisco, CA,, Aug 14, 2004 Online <.PDF>. 2020-01-27 <>
Publication Type: Conference Paper/Unpublished Manuscript
Review Method: Peer Reviewed
Abstract: This manuscript analyzes emerging forms of resistance to corporate-driven global capitalism. It explores some of the unique strategies and organizing tools activists are employing to enhance network-building and information sharing across local, national, and international levels. By undertaking an in-depth analysis of a successful worker strike against the New Era Corporation in upstate New York, this research sheds light on how the struggle for workers’ rights is interconnected across the global North and South.
To carry out this research I interviewed the leader of the local union and the area director of the national union that represented the workers, as well as the directors of key NGOs and community groups that worked in solidarity with the Derby plant labor force. Internal documents and memos were made available to me by the area director of the national union. An exploration into the tactics used in the struggle, strategies for coordination and networking, and the motivation for the participants involved gives us a better understanding of how New Social Movements (NSMs) operate.

The literature on new social movements (NSMs) provides a way to examine how power dynamics in the contemporary global economic system can be contested at the local level. While much of the research on NSMs draws attention to the need to build solidarity among various groups, the real specifics regarding how these networks are formed and maintained is often underreported. Also, while much has been written on transnational struggles to support workers in the apparel and footwear industries in the global South, struggles in the North have not received much attention (most likely in part because of the decreasing importance of industrial capitalism in the North). This research, therefore, attempts to go beyond previous studies by focusing on workers in the global North, and investigating in greater detail the dynamics of grassroots organizing around the issue of global capitalism.

2010 - Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies Pages: unavailable || Words: 8943 words || 
3. Green-Pedersen, Christoffer. "New Issues, New Cleavages, and New Parties" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Seventeenth International Conference of the Council for European Studies, Grand Plaza, Montreal, Canada, Online <APPLICATION/PDF>. 2020-01-27 <>
Publication Type: Conference Paper/Unpublished Manuscript
Abstract: Party research has been slow to address one key aspect of contemporary party politics in Western Europe, namely changes in its competitive structure. This is a question of both format – what are the dimensions structuring party competition? – and substance - what are the policy issues parties compete about? The aim of this paper is to push this debate further by suggesting a theoretical framework for understanding the realtion between format and sunstance of West European party competition. The starting point for this framework is the continuing dominance of the left-right structure; in other words, a considerable stability in the format of West European party competition. Thus the key theoretical challenge is to explain why some issues are politicized within a stable format, while others are not. The key element in this alternative approach is the incentives for politicization which different issues offer for mainstream opposition parties. The approach is illustrated empirically by data on the development of party competition in Denmark over the past decade.

2017 - ICA's 67th Annual Conference Words: 84 words || 
4. Vega Montiel, Medley Aimee. "The Gender Dimension on New Media, New Territories, and New Discourses" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the ICA's 67th Annual Conference, Hilton San Diego Bayfront, San Diego, USA, <Not Available>. 2020-01-27 <>
Publication Type: Session Paper
Abstract: Societies all over the world are being challenged by dramatic cultural and political changes. New media and new forms of communication are being created, together with a new geopolitical organization and new notions of territory. It is true this is an opportunity for new movements and social dynamics to emerge, but at the same time, for social inequalities to be exacerbated. In line with the 2017 IAMCR Conference theme, the goal of this presentation is to analyze the gender dimension of these new dynamics.

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