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2015 - American Society of Criminology – 71st Annual Meeting Words: 194 words || 
1. Guay, Stéphane., Boyer, Richard. and Marchand, André. "Evaluation of a Training Program to Prevent and Manage Patients’ Violence in a Mental Health Institute: A Pretest–Posttest Intervention Study" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Criminology – 71st Annual Meeting, Washington Hilton, Washington, DC, <Not Available>. 2019-08-22 <>
Publication Type: Individual Paper
Abstract: Introduction: Workplace violence may lead to serious consequences for victims, organizations and society. Most workplace violence prevention programs aim to train staff to better recognize and safely manage at-risk situations. The present study was designed to assess the effects of the Omega training program on employees’ psychological distress, perception of risk and fear, and exposure to violence, and to explore potential differences in changes associated with participants’ characteristics.

Methods: This training program was offered to 105 employees in a psychiatric hospital in Montreal, Canada. Eighty-nine of them accepted to participate (40 women). Participants were asked to complete the same questionnaire at three points in time: before the training, after a short period (i.e., M=109 days) and at follow-up (i.e., M=441 days). Paired sample t-tests, one-way analyses of variance, and Cohen’s d effect sizes were calculated.

Results: Results demonstrated statistically significant improvements in short-term and follow-up post-test scores of psychological distress, perception of risk, and fear of being assaulted. Results indicated a decrease in perceived levels of exposure to violence at both short-term and follow-up time points.

Conclusion: Further research is needed to understand how to improve the effectiveness of the program, especially among participants resistant to change.

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