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2014 - RSA Annual Meeting Words: 150 words || 
1. Proshina, Maria. "Linguistic Game in “Les propos des bienyvres” in Rabelais’s Gargantua" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the RSA Annual Meeting, New York, NY, Hilton New York, <Not Available>. 2020-01-26 <>
Publication Type: Panel Paper
Abstract: When they drink, the “bienyvres” speak of wine in ambiguous terms, to the point where their speech becomes barely understandable. This unusual dialogue calls to mind the orchestral model of communication, each character adding to the dialogue rather than instigating or terminating it. Indeed, in Rabelais’s Gargantua, language is not reduced to the mere linear transmission of a message, but it takes the form of linguistic communion between the guests. The language loses its referential function and becomes a linguistic game. The characters’ speech is structured around analogies essentially drawn from idioms and similar sounding words that allow for puns, which in turn highlight the tension between the linguistic codes represented by unchangeable forms and the liberty taken by the author, who chooses to orient words in the directions he wishes. Thus, the linguistic game is more than just a game: it feeds into the metalinguistic reflections of the reader.

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