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2008 - NCA 94th Annual Convention Pages: 44 pages || Words: 2095 words || 
1. Adams, Thomas. "'Signed, Sealed, Delivered': George W. Bush, the Presidential Signing Statement, and the Strategic Functions of Ambiguity" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the NCA 94th Annual Convention, TBA, San Diego, CA, Nov 20, 2008 Online <PDF>. 2019-12-13 <>
Publication Type: Conference Paper/Unpublished Manuscript
Abstract: The President�s use of signing statements is examined rhetorically. Three levels of ambiguous communication are identified and explored: Imposed Ambiguity, Multiple-Message Ambiguity, and Symbolic Ambiguity. All of the current discussion of ambiguity has focused on only the first variety. The findings of this thesis point to the intentional use of ambiguity by the Bush Administration in its signing statements and open the door for other forms of communicative inquiry.

2007 - The 58th Annual Meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt Words: 133 words || 
2. Tiradritti, Francesco. "A Cylinder Seal with the name of Peribsen inside the cartouche" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the The 58th Annual Meeting of the American Research Center in Egypt, Wyndham Toledo Hotel, Toledo, Ohio, Apr 20, 2007 <Not Available>. 2019-12-13 <>
Publication Type: Abstract Proposal
Abstract: In 1997 the Civiche Raccolte Archeologiche of Milan acquired a lot of antiquities from the Egyptian collection of the Studio Biblico Francescano of Jerusalem. Among the other items there was a cylinder seal engraved with the name of the 2nd Dynasty king Peribsen. It is one of the earlier (if not the earliest) attestations of the writing peculiar an Egyptian sovereign name inside a cartouche. The study of the Peribsen’s cylinder seal involved a full reconsideration of hi reign and, broadly speaking, of the last part of the 2nd Dynasty. The paper proposes an interpretation and reappraisal of that period under the light of an analysis of all available documents from a propagandistic point of view. Under this perspective the most common interpretation of Peribsen as a Sethian usurper appears no longer sustainable.

2008 - International Congress for Conservation Biology Words: 205 words || 
3. Baker, Jason. "VARIATION IN THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN OFFSPRING SIZE AND SURVIVAL PROVIDES INSIGHT INTO CAUSES OF MORTALITY IN HAWAIIAN MONK SEALS" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the International Congress for Conservation Biology, Convention Center, Chattanooga, TN, Jul 10, 2008 <Not Available>. 2019-12-13 <>
Publication Type: Abstract
Abstract: The reasons why wildlife populations decline in abundance are often unknown; thus, research focuses on attributing relative support to various explanatory hypotheses. Here it is hypothesized that variation in the relationship between offspring size and survival in a population should provide insight into causes of mortality; for example, size-dependent and size-independent mortality will affect the shape of the size-survival curve differentially. This hypothesis is examined using weaning girth measurements and subsequent survival outcomes for Hawaiian monk seal pups, a species which is currently declining in abundance as a result of low juvenile survival. The overall relationship (all years combined) between monk seal girth and survival traces a sigmoid curve, with no asymptote attained within the size range of pups measured. Comparing size-survival curves during years with high, medium, and low first-year survival suggests that an intensification of size-dependent mortality, probably related to food limitation, is commonly associated with poor cohort survival. A notable exception at one colony indicates that size-independent mortality, probably a result of a known high incidence of shark predation, is associated with high juvenile mortality. Analyzing variability in the relationship between body size and survival can be a powerful tool for evaluating sources of mortality and, ultimately, aid in diagnosing population declines.

2010 - Southern Political Science Association Pages: 1 pages || Words: 278 words || 
4. Cullison, Courtney. "Signed, Sealed and Delivered: Mail in the Contemporary Congress" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Southern Political Science Association, Crowne Plaza Hotel Ravinia, Atlanta, Georgia, Jan 06, 2010 Online <APPLICATION/PDF>. 2019-12-13 <>
Publication Type: Conference Paper/Unpublished Manuscript
Review Method: Peer Reviewed
Abstract: Congressional mail handling practices have received little scholarly attention since the 1980s, though Congress and the policy environment have changed considerably in the last two decades. Technological advances have percolated through Congress and the policy community, and we know that interest groups have adapted these technologies as tools to generate “grassroots” lobbying campaigns. But the congressional reception of these campaigns has received comparatively little attention.

Lobbying firms that specialize in generating grassroots (or activated) communications claim they are simply giving voice to previously held opinions, connecting constituents to their representatives. But do congressional offices see it this way? A recent news story may give representatives reason to be somewhat skeptical of activated communications. It was recently discovered that five letters sent to Rep. Tom Perriello, supposedly from minority organizations in his district, were actually forgeries sent by a Washington based lobbying firm. Do incidents of this nature taint all activated communications, leading congressional offices to perceive them as somehow less than legitimate?

This paper briefly examines the evolution of congressional mail, especially volume and processing capabilities, then moves to a more in-depth look at mail handling in the contemporary Congress. Analysis of data from the Congressional Management Foundation indicate that offices are at least somewhat skeptical of activated communications, and this skepticism may have contributed to a predominate focus on efficiency in processing (rather than consideration of content). This focus on efficiency manifests itself in form letters and the building of databases that can later be used for promotional communications.

2015 - RSA Annual Meeting Words: 130 words || 
5. Cipollaro, Costanza. "The Franciscan Frescoes in the Kalender Djami in Istanbul: The Pictorial Seal of an Interreligious, Political, and Cultural Dialogue" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the RSA Annual Meeting, Humboldt University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany, <Not Available>. 2019-12-13 <>
Publication Type: Panel Paper
Abstract: My proposal aims to examine the fresco cycle dedicated to St. Francis Life, painted in the crypt of Kalender Djami in Istanbul: an artwork bloomed thanks to a synergy absolutely unique of unequalled patrons with a workshop led by an anonymous monastic painter, an alliance which acted as a catalyst in a very early stage of Franciscan spirituality and gave visible expression to the religious energy of the young and rising Order of Friars Minor, around the year 1237. Compared to studies published on the subject until now, my intent is to present a new hypothesis on the patron’s figure, on the one part, and on the role of the friar master who performed and participated actively in the design of the iconographic program of the cycle, on the other.

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