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2018 - ICA's 68th Annual Conference Pages: unavailable || Words: unavailable || 
1. Dahmen, Nicole., Thier, Kathryn. and Walth, Brent. "Visual Solutions: Testing the Effects of Exposure to Problem-Based Versus Solutions-Based Photojournalism" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the ICA's 68th Annual Conference, Hilton Prague, Prague, Czech Republic, May 22, 2018 Online <APPLICATION/PDF>. 2019-08-18 <>
Publication Type: Extended Abstract
Review Method: Peer Reviewed
Abstract: This extended abstract presents an overview of research in progress. The study is a 2x3 experimental design to test for effects of problem-based versus solutions-based photojournalism, drawing on theory and literature from the fields of visual communication and constructive journalism. The literature has been reviewed and researchers are in the process of finalizing the experimental design. A grant has been secured to fund the project, and data collection and analysis will be complete by late winter 2018.

2009 - UCEA Annual Convention Pages: unavailable || Words: 5007 words || 
2. Young, Tamara. "Surviving the Soup: Using Kingdon’s Multiple Streams Model to Explain Why Some Solutions are Given Serious Attention and Other Solutions are Neglected" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the UCEA Annual Convention, Anaheim Marriott, Anaheim, California, Nov 19, 2009 Online <PDF>. 2019-08-18 <>
Publication Type: Conference Paper/Unpublished Manuscript
Review Method: Peer Reviewed
Abstract: This study used Kingdon’s Streams Model to explain why some policy proposals are seriously considered while other solutions are neglected. Interviews with 119 reading policy actors suggest that solutions that recombine familiar elements of previously generated alternatives, indicate support from empirical research, enjoy the support of a high ranking official, redress inequity, or confer benefits to other groups beyond the target were likely to make it to the short list.

2014 - Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference Words: 250 words || 
3. Lewin, Keith. and Zeitlyn, Benjamin. "Private for Profit Secondary Schools in Malawi: A Solution to a Problem or a Problem for Solution?" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference, Sheraton Centre Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, <Not Available>. 2019-08-18 <>
Publication Type: Panel Paper
Abstract: Over the last decade there has been a growing interest in the role that for-profit private providers of educational services can play in enhancing access to education. There is a vibrant debate between those who see privatisation of educational services as a way to overcome failures by the State to universalise access to education and those who argue that fee paying for profit schools can never reach children in households below the poverty line. This research focuses on how private schools have developed in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in Africa with some of the lowest enrolment rates. It is based on 15 case study schools, a survey of 1000 students at private schools, data from the Ministry of Education and interviews with key informants. The findings suggest that for profit secondary schools complement public provision but are only accessible to richer households. Though some schools are “lower price” none are within reach of households outside the top income quintile. In many of the case study schools, teacher and student turnover was high and facilities and learning materials were inadequate. Private schools can be very profitable because teachers’ salaries are well below those in government schools and investment in infrastructure is limited. On the evidence available, the sector seems unlikely to increase in quality and size without subsidy, and is unlikely to extend its reach to children from poorer households who will continue to be excluded from secondary school. Other solutions to expanding access to secondary school are needed.

2012 - North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education Pages: unavailable || Words: 1869 words || 
4. Reinholz, Daniel. "Becoming a Mathematical Authority: The Solution Lies in the Solution" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education, Radisson Hotel, Kalamazoo, MI, Nov 01, 2012 Online <APPLICATION/PDF>. 2019-08-18 <>
Publication Type: Brief Research Report
Review Method: Peer Reviewed
Abstract: This paper focuses on the development of three skills underlying mathematical authority: (1) explanation, (2) justification, and (3) assessment. An intervention was designed to help students develop these skills through explicit engagement with assessment in the classroom. Preliminary results from this ongoing study indicate that students had improved meta-level understandings of solutions, which supported greater levels of explanation in their solutions of problems.

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