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2008 - MPSA Annual National Conference Pages: 55 pages || Words: 19674 words || 
1. Engel, Stephen. "Van Buren’s Vision: Party as Constitutional Commitment and the Logic of Presidential Authority to Interpret the Constitution" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the MPSA Annual National Conference, Palmer House Hotel, Hilton, Chicago, IL, Apr 03, 2008 Online <PDF>. 2019-12-09 <>
Publication Type: Conference Paper/Unpublished Manuscript
Abstract: Presidential relations with judicial power have often been characterized as either departmentalist or judicial supremacist. However, this dichotomy fails to recognize variation within these doctrines. Presidential assertions of authority to interpret the Constitution are contingent on changes in how presidents view the role and value of judicial power, and attention to this variation may usefully connect constitutional development with political development. By investigating how Van Buren and Lincoln interacted with judicial authority and rhetorically justified their actions, this paper argues that the strategic value of judicial power stems from a set of ideas regarding the legitimacy of opposition and of party organizing—both elements of antebellum republicanism—that changed over time, eventually giving way to pluralist assumptions by the 1860s. As opposition and political parties were legitimized through the early to mid nineteenth century, presidential relations with judicial power shifted such that assertions of presidential authority to interpret the Constitution became more attenuated over time, as judicial power could be more legitimately harnessed rather than confronted. As such, an interest in judicial authority is shown to be contingent on a set of underlying ideas regarding the legitimacy of opposition and political party organizing, and that motivation behind early attacks on judicial power does not stem from questions about the democratic legitimacy of judicial review but rather the legitimacy of opposition.

2009 - ASC Annual Meeting Pages: 2 pages || Words: 227 words || 
2. Vanderveen, Gabry. and Koetsenruijter, Willem. "Guilt and Innocence: How Dutch Media Presented the Van der Sloot/Holloway Case Visually and Verbally" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the ASC Annual Meeting, Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Philadelphia, PA, Nov 04, 2009 Online <PDF>. 2019-12-09 <>
Publication Type: Conference Paper/Unpublished Manuscript
Review Method: Peer Reviewed
Abstract: The Van der Sloot/Holloway case generated enormous media exposure in the Netherlands and the USA. This paper analyses how Dutch media presented this case, theoretically grounded on social construction, framing theory, and literature about ideal victims/offenders and offers an empirical understanding of these theoretical notions.
We used quantitative content analyses of text, television programs and photographs published in newspapers, magazines, websites and tabloids. For instance, every photograph was coded for the physical characteristics of the person depicted; whether the person was portrayed with friends, booze, parents or cigarettes; the posture and the way the person was dressed. This extensive analysis made it possible to analyse theoretical frames in an empirical, quantitative way.
The results show the far-stretching influence of one television program by crime reporter Peter R. de Vries – who filmed Van der Sloot with a hidden camera. Also, the results show the different frames constructed by the Dutch media; the different established sets of characteristics to convince the public about the guilt or innocence of the parties involved by constructing an ideal (prototypical) victim and offender.

2010 - ISPP 33rd Annual Scientific Meeting Pages: unavailable || Words: 12433 words || 
3. De Landtsheer, Christ'l. and De Vries, Philippe. "Profiling the Giants of the EU: Psychological profiles of EU President Herman van Rompuy, President of the EU Commision, Jose Barrosso, and EU Foreign Affairs Representative, Catherine Ashton." Paper presented at the annual meeting of the ISPP 33rd Annual Scientific Meeting, Mark Hopkins Hotel, San Francisco, California, USA, Jul 07, 2010 Online <APPLICATION/PDF>. 2019-12-09 <>
Publication Type: Paper (prepared oral presentation)
Review Method: Peer Reviewed
Abstract: Christ’l De Landtsheer & Philippe De Vries, Political Communication Research Unit, Antwerp University

This paper presents the results of an indirect assessment of the personality of three leading Belgian politicians at the EU level, Herman Van Rompuy (president), Karel De Gucht (commissioner) and Guy Verhofstadt (president of the liberal faction in the European Parliament). The study was conducted with the Immelman method (e.g. 1993) and from the conceptual perspective of Theodore Millon’s model of personality.

Information concerning Van Rompuy and De Gucht was collected from biographical sources and media reports and synthesized into a personality profile using the second edition of the Millon Inventory of Diagnostic Criteria (MIDC), which yields 34 normal and maladaptive personality classifications congruent with Axis II of DSM–IV.

The personality profiles yielded by the MIDC were analyzed on the basis of interpretive guidelines provided in the MIDC and Millon Index of Personality Styles manuals

The major implication of the study is that it offers an empirically based personological framework for anticipating leadership styles as chief executives by Van Rompuy, De Gucht and Verhofstadt.

2010 - North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education Pages: unavailable || Words: 4197 words || 
4. Liu, Yating., Zhang, Pingping., Brosnan, Patti. and Erchick, Diana. "Examining the Geometry Content of State Standardized Exams Using the van Hiele Model" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, Oct 28, 2010 Online <PDF>. 2019-12-09 <>
Publication Type: Brief Research Report
Review Method: Peer Reviewed
Abstract: In this work we catalogued the content of multiple-choice geometry items on the Ohio Achievement Tests for Grades 3, 5 and 8 according to the van Hiele model of development of geometric thought. Using statewide data from 1,418 students, responses on each question were analyzed to trace performance level at different grade levels. The results indicated that the majority of the items at each grade level focused on Levels 1 and 2. Student performance declined as the question level increased.

2012 - RSA Annual Meeting Words: 136 words || 
5. Hammerschmidt, Jennifer. "Rogier van der Weyden’s Carthusian Crucifixions: On the Purpose of Pain" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the RSA Annual Meeting, Grand Hyatt, Washington, DC,, <Not Available>. 2019-12-09 <>
Publication Type: Panel Paper
Abstract: My paper engages the intersection of theological thought and crucifixion imagery during the fifteenth century. Focusing on the Flemish painter Rogier van der Weyden (d. 1464), I explore how the Scheut Crucifixion (1454/1455) and the Philadelphia Crucifixion (1463/1464) helped to shape the meditational practices of the Carthusian communities for which they were made. By emphasizing the role of emotional affect in meditations on Christ’s suffering and death, Van der Weyden placed the perception of the physical world and emotional contact with the divine at the center of the comprehension of spiritual truth. To what end was Christ’s suffering - and the pain of those who suffered beside him – on display? My paper explores this question as it applies specifically to the communities of Carthusians for whom Van der Weyden’s crucifixion scenes were created.

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